Latisse is Giving Me Gorgeous Lashes and Filling in Brows! - Ohio, OH

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I ordered name brand Latisse at the beginning of...

I ordered name brand Latisse at the beginning of June in 2016, so I have been using it for about 9 weeks. It says on most reviews that it takes around 12-16 weeks for results to show but I saw significant results in only 7 weeks, which was really exciting. My lashes continue to grow!

I initially bought name brand Latisse, which was $88 (pricey!) and it ran out in only a month. It was a 3mL bottle. I read some reviews on the Careprost, which is the generic of the Latisse, so I ordered that, and it was only about $30, and the company sent me a free bottle of Royal Lashes, which has Bimatoprost in it as well (the ingredient that makes you lashes grow). I have been using that, and it seems to be working well. I also am using it on my eye brows to fill in spots I have over plucked.

I put one drop in the lid of the bottle and use a thin eyeliner bottle and apply to my eyelids, as close to my lash line as possible without getting in my eyes. I do get it in my eyes sometimes, and it makes them a little irritated, itchy, I would compare it to getting a little makeup in your eye. The only side effect I have experienced is slight eye irritation and watering and blood shot eyes if I over use the product (there have been days I have used the product morning and night...not a great idea...I looked like I smoked pot, haha).

There are horror stories online-I do not believe them. I have not gotten any skin discoloration or eye discoloration. I have light blue eyes and light skin. This product has been wonderful! My boyfriend has given me many compliments, he even asked if I was wearing fake eyelashes!

3 month update...

My lashes are still growing strong! My mom complimented them last weekend! She said she had started using Latisse in the past but stopped (no reason, that's just how she works). My left eye lashes are significantly fuller than my right eyelashes, but I know they will even out in time. I still have not been using the product long enough to have achieved "full results". I love the product, I don't have any side effects from it, I use it most nights.

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