So Glad I Finally Had my Mommy Makeover! - Ohio, OH

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I have probably read every review for MM's on this...

I have probably read every review for MM's on this site over the past few months trying to work up the courage to go through with my surgery. So I suppose its time for my input and pictures to be added.
I'm the mom of 4 and have wanted this makeover since becoming a mom 14 years ago! I'm 5'9 and about 155 pounds. I'd like to lose a few pounds that I've put on since going back to work full time last year. I'm probably like most of you moms that desire this surgery; stretched out belly that doesn't respond to exercise and deflated breasts that don't resemble what they did before breast feeding. I recently divorced my husband and felt like I needed to finally do something for myself. My already low confidence took a major blow when my ex confessed to cheating on me. So this summer seemed like the perfect time. I had a very remorseful man that is still standing by my side to help, a mother that helps me so much with my kids and the paid time off from work waiting to be used.
I'm hoping when I'm all healed up and the results are visible, I'll be more confident and feel sexy in my own body. I don't want to hide behind push up bras and spanx anymore!

So one week ago, I had a tummy tuck with lipo of the tummy only and 475cc saline impants. My doctor didn't perform a breast lift, he said the implants alone may give me the lift I need. He did tell me I may need a lift but he prefers to do the two step process. As of 1 week PO, my breasts haven't dropped and fluffed much and they unfortunately have the snoopy deformity look. Not the look I wanted! He wants to wait awhile and see how things change, they may drop down and turn out ok after all. I love the results of the tummy tuck so far! Most of my stretch marks are gone and my stomach is so flat.

I'm surprised at how well I have felt during recovery. Don't be scared if you're apprehensive of the pain and recovery. The pain was not as bad as I expected it to be. In the first few days the incision burned, stomach muscles ached from being cinched together, the drains annoyed me were sore, my breasts were sore, I felt a lot of pressure on my chest, and my back hurt from walking bent over and hunched. I was mentally prepared for the worst and this didn't live up to me worst expectations! I stayed on top of my pain meds and had a pain pump implanted for the first 72 hours which I know helped (and probably my high tolerance for pain).
I needed a lot of help the first few days with everything. It was almost impossible getting up from the recliner, emptying my drains was even a chore and showering wouldn't of been possible on my own. I'm going to be forever grateful to my support system.
Well ladies good luck to all of you recovering or still waiting for your day!

Adding a few more pictures

I thought I'd add a couple more before pictures from the night before my mm and a few afters- at 9 days PO.
You will see my breasts have the snoopy look. The bottom of my breasts aren't filled out, they're soft and empty underneath. The implant should hopefully drop down into the pocket with the help of the strap I'm wearing 24/7. I'm holding onto hope that it all turns out or I'll get a lift in the next 6 months. I knew going into this there was a chance I would have to have it, so I'm not upset. Just not sure how I'll manage another recovery (time off work and help with kids).
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