38 Years Old 36FF Time to Make a Change - Ohio

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My reduction has been approved by insurance :-)...

My reduction has been approved by insurance :-) that part happened very quickly, maybe took 4 weeks. My preop is Sep 15 and my surgery is scheduled for October 14th. I have been pouring over every review I can find on this site and it has been so helpful! I wish someone would put together a standard list of items needed pre op so I can be prepared. I am extremely healthy and am not on any medications. I have only had 2 surgeries in my life, 1 being an emergency C-section that healed very quickly and I was up and around in 4 or 5 days. Not that it is the same at all but I am hoping the healing will be...... 2nd surgery was an appendectomy uuuughhhh that was worse than the C section! I am not sure what size I would like to be I am 5'6 and have a medium build. Not brave enough to post pics yet but maybe soon!? I am tired of men and (woman)staring at my chest ....it is hurtful and so embarrassing just today a professional in my industry could not even make eye contact with me and I dress conservatively and wear 3 shirts 2 tank tops to try to hide them.... I got to my car and sobbed I was so hurt..... I think it is time!

Surgery just got bumped up

My PS just called and wants to move surgery to October 7th whoa that will be here before I know it!

Feeling brave posting pics

Here are a few pics

Tomorrow is the day

Feeling nervous...I cannot believe that tomorrow is the the day! I will be getting things together today and praying for a good nights sleep!


So this is what I have and. I think I am ready

Hospital bound

Here I go....

6 Days Post Op

So it has been really uneventful, not really painful and I am healing well!!! Let me suggest BRomelein!!!! I have an LPN with me from the day of the surgery and she is still here and she has taken excellent care of me, so I guess I should tell you that she is my sister too :-) things that I would say #1 stay out of the shower! This leads to all kinds of wound issues. Have someone with you for at least the first several days, have food per made and house cleaned. Get some seriously comfy Jammie's to wear. Walmart has very affordable button up the front styles! The first nite is the scariest and worst maybe day 4 is the worst for swelling. I have no tape and am derma bonded (superglued) I think I,look pretty good right is a bit boxy but I am so pleased that I did this!! Also keep,the surgical bra on mine have great shape because my sister won't let me take it off.....that's all for now love &healing


Dr. O'Neill is absolutely AMAZING!!! I am so pleased with the results! I could not have asked for a more professional, accurate surgeon!!!!

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