Sick From Implants

I'm scheduled for surgery with Dr Feng in December...

I'm scheduled for surgery with Dr Feng in December and intend to give a full and honest review of my experience both physical and emotional. I could not find any reviews that give a list of all symptoms before and after so I intend to do this (over the years) in the hope of helping other women in the same situation.

I'm 50 something years of age and have had implants for 30 years. Both silicone and under the musle. I went from 34a to 34b and then to 34c.

I started getting body pains within approx 5 years of the first implants but was repeatedly told "nothing to do with the impants". Being young and nieve I believed the "doctors".

Fast forward to present day and my symptoms now comprise:

Anxiety, depression and panic attacks
Breast pain
Capsular contracture
Cognitive dysfunction (brain fog, difficulty concentrating, memory loss)
Dehydration for no reason
Dry eyes, decline in vision, vision disturbances and twitching eyes
Estrogen / progesterone imbalance prior to HRT
Fevers, night sweats, intolerant to heat (not hormonal as now on HRT)
Food intolerance and allergies
Frequent urination
Fungal infections, yeast infections, candida, sinus infections
Gastrointestinal and digestive issues
General chest discomfort shortness of breath
Hair loss, dry skin and hair
Heart palpitations, changes in normal heart rate or heart pain
Hyper adrenal symptoms
Hyper thyroid symptoms
Itchy skin
Liver and kidney dysfunction
Loss of pleasurable nipple sensation which are now painful
Loss of libido
Liver and kidney problems
Muscle pain and weakness, joint pain
Bacterial and viral infections
Numbness/tingling sensations in upper and lower limbs
Pain and or burning sensation around implant, underarm, arms and hands.
Pain in chest area and pectoral muscles
Pain in neck and shoulders
Poor sleep and insomnia
Slow clearing of common colds and flues
Slow muscle recovery after activity
Sore and aching joints
Swollen and tender lymph nodes in breast area, underarm, throat, neck, groin
Throat clearing, cough, difficulty swallowing, choking, reflux

I had to give working a couple of years ago but thankfully put enough money away over the years to keep me going.

I will be delighted if I feel even 50% better after explant :-)

Oh yes, almost forgot to mention - my husband is a boob man and he has only every known me with implants so will have that to deal with as well :-(

I am obviously angry about the corruption in this industry and how they have managed to lie and cover up the damage that silicone is doing to people and destroying lives but I am putting all my energy into improving my health and hopefully getting some sort of life back. Who knows, maybe if I get enough energy back I will take further action in any way I can to help others.
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