Explant to Regain My Health

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It all started in 2004 when I was 20 years old. I...

It all started in 2004 when I was 20 years old. I had my first set of saline Implants under the muscle. I was an A cup and thought I'd be stuck with small breasts forever. I was happy with them for the first several years and never thought about them being a health risk, even though I was diagnosed with being Hypothyroid in 2010 and taxed Adrenals. I've been on medication ever since. I still suffered cold hands, feet and excessive thirst and a general feeling of unwellness despite healthy eating and lifestyle.

Fast forward to 2014, two years after having a healthy baby and done with breastfeeding, I thought it was time to get a new set of implants due to my skin stretching from breastfeeding and my old implants bottoming out. I received Silicone implants and an internal bra to fix the over dissected pocket from the original surgery 10 years prior. The recovery was smooth sailing and uneventful. The 2nd plastic surgeon did an amazing job and fixed all the issues I had regarding my breasts.

Now almost 2 years later, I am facing some huge health concerns since my Silicone implants and after reading symptoms that mirror mine, I have decided to explant en-bloc.
***This is no way the fault of my 2nd prior plastic surgeon who is AMAZING***

I am sharing this from the moment of realization to recovery so that I can help others with their journey, as they've helped me from theirs.

My symptoms have progressively gotten worse over the past 2 months. I've noticed extremely dry skin all over, dry eyes in the morning, dry throat and mouth no matter how much I drink, I still experience cold hands and feet and dry skin which is as worse as ever this past year, my fatigue has been crushing lately as well as my joints popping and aching, I wake up very stiff and in pain all over and have shallow breathing. I have no zest for life and I am experiencing a forgetfulness of how to spell words correctly lately. I forget "what I was just about to do" numerous times throughout the day. This has been crippling for me since a year after I've had the silicone implants. I was also diagnosed with the beginnings of PCOS with insulin resistance last year, after giving birth to a very healthy boy full term 2 years prior with no help.

I have been eating gmo free and organic for years, as well as going mostly vegan this passed year. I also don't use any lotion, shampoos or makeup that has chemicals. Per blood tests I am not deficient in vitamins or nutrients.

I have recently been out of work due to severe pain in my left hip while sitting and shooting pains down my leg. Orthopedist found a herniated disc in my lower back and arthritis in my neck. Around the same time I have recently developed a sharp pain deep within my left breast that radiates to my armpit. In the last week the pain has progressed down my left arm to my fingertips. The pain is worse at night when I lie down. I can't get comfortable no matter what with burning, tingling and numbness throughout. I now have popping of all joints when I move. I still have taxed Adrenals and I have been hypersensitive to sound for some time.

I'm trying to cope with all of this while trying to take care of my almost 3 year old toddler. I can barely take care of myself! I can't wait to get these bags out. They are feeling so foreign to me the past few months, and I feel like my health is deteriorating at such a fast rate, it's scary. To make matters worse, none of the Doctors validate that this may be from Silicone poisoning, as I've read happens to so many women facing this issue. I feel so alone with this. I have decided to schedule explantation with Dr. Feng in Ohio.

Thanks for reading

My Salines from 2004 and new Silicones in 2014

First photo of of my old saline implants and visible problems. Photo was taken right before my new 700cc silicone implants in 2014. I had internal bra stitching as well to fix the bottoming out

Wow time is going sooo slow

36 days to go, feels like it's forever since I have nothing to occupy my time. Too sick to work and every little chore feels like I'm climbing a mountain to accomplish it. Being a mom of an almost 3 year old is exhausting because I have no life in me from feeling like a vegetable from these implants. Sometimes I worry, what if it's not the implants or I don't get better and happy again when they're out? I've been through a lot of heavy drama since the beginning of this year. Stressed to the max.. but I know it's better off for my health. Just afraid of the unknowns... I just want to feel better again physically and mentally, and most importantly, HAPPY. Anyone felt this way?
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