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I am a 5'5 130 lb mother of one. My breasts pre...

I am a 5'5 130 lb mother of one. My breasts pre pregnancy were very perky and a small 34B. Post pregnancy, they are still a 34B but continue to lose volume as I lose weight. I have always wanted big boobs and I just so happened to be married to a "boob guy". I have fantasized about having a breast augmentation since I was 19 and I have finally been given an opportunity to make it happen! My consultation is scheduled for December 29. I for sure want to go under the muscle and would like silicone. I am, however, incredibly nervous about choosing an implant size. I know for sure I want big boobs and a high profile, but I also do not want to look cartoonish. The ball park figure (in my mind) of cc's I am picturing for my implants are between 500-600. Of course, I won't know what I want until I try on the sizers, but judging from all of the lovely reviews I have seen on this site I feel that that is the size that *might* give me my desired look. I will be sure to take lots of photos of my desired look to my PS and see what he thinks. I truly feel that I will want to go to 600 given they look good on my body, but I am terrified of either going too big OR too small. Oh, the struggle! Here are some dream boobs! I have been stalking instagram and tumblr for boob inspiration photos all month! I look at so many boobs daily! Haha!

Two Weeks is Too Far Away and Boob Dreams Have Begun!

Well my initial consultation was set for December 29th. I'm so eager and excited that I just called to move it up to next week! December 17th! I just want to get this show on the road although I won't be scheduling the surgery til February most likely. I'm dying to try on those sizers and to finally get an idea of what I will look like with boobs!
Also, I have heard that people often have dreams about surgery a few weeks before going into it. Although I am a few months away, I had a dream about my surgery going wrong! In my dream I woke up and one boob was high and square as many immediate post op breasts look, while my other boob was hanging extremely low with no implant in it! Ahh how terrible! Surely that won't happen haha. I hope I can start having positive dreams about the augmentation instead! I will update next week after my consultation. Can't wait!

Question: I did think high profile was a sure thing for me, but am now wondering if moderate would be better? I am pretty sure the photos of my dream boobs would better identify with HP, but how did you ladies go about choosing profile and implant texture? Thanks in advance for your input!


I have been thinking long and hard about recovery. While I have not yet spoken to my PS (but i plan to) about limitations on lifting and driving, I am genuinely stressed out trying to find a way to make it work. I have an 8 month old 17 lb daughter and i am a sahm, therefore she is primarily in my care. I also have taken on a new responsibility of driving my young brother to and from his school daily, which is about ten minutes from my house. I can probably take a week off from doing that, and also might be able to stay with a relative for a week to help me with my baby while my husband is at work, but I'm truly scared that wont be enough time to recover and resume normal activities. Luckily I do have two months at least to plan for this. Do any of you ladies have any suggestions or experiences with this type of situation they would be able to share with me? I can't imagine not picking up my baby for longer than a week. Any input appreciated!

Had My Consultation Today.....

My consultation was today! I felt really comfortable with the surgeon and his nurse. I had tons of questions and I feel like they were adequately answered. However, I still have a few issues to hash out on my own. My doctor recommended placing the implants subfascial as opposed to submuscular. I asked him why and he said with the sub muscular you have more risks for possible complications. He explained the increased risk for rupture as well as bottoming out because the pecs are always squeezing the implants while expelling and pushing the implants downward. He explained that the subfascial would be less painful and an easy recovery and that I have enough breast tissue to pull it off. I do respect his professional recommendations. He made sure to let me know that I still have the freedom to choose whichever implant placement I want. He also let me know that it will be more difficult during surgery and for recovery to place a larger implant under the muscle. I did go in to the appointment set on sub muscular, but since hearing this I have done my own research on realself.com to see what other doctors are saying about subfascial. I have read good and bad things about it and will be thinking in depth about it for a little while.
I have chosen the cohesive silicone gel implant. It felt incredibly realistic! I loved how soft and flexible the implant was. The silicone was okay, but I could definitely feel the difference.
Now...on to size! I showed the nurse photos of the look I wanted since I didn't really know how to describe the "size" I want to be. They recommended that I choose an implant no smaller than 500 cc's to achieve this look with my breasts. I tried on the 500's, the 550's, and also a 661(what a strange number) just to put it all in to perspective. The 661 looked very large. I loved the look the 550's gave me! the 500's looked nearly identical though. Of course I will choose the larger because I don't want to feel boob greed. Since I've been home, I have reconsidered whether they will look smaller once in my body and am now contemplating whether I would be better suited with 600's. Of course I don't want to look to large. I am unsure whether they will loose much of the size since I am considering subfascial placement. If I decide to go under the muscle, I will most likely choose 600 cc since the size will be compressed. My husband loved the way the implants looked! While I do think the 550's look like they will be the perfect size, I am still so worried they won't look exactly the same in my body. That is why I am considering the 600's. I am kicking myself for not trying them on now! How much of a difference does 50 cc's make in implants? I chose high profile for my implant style. I love the projection of these--its perfect! I also wan to make sure to have width also.

I would love to hear from you ladies about how you decided over the muscle vs. under, and how you decided between 550 and 600. I appreciate the input I've gotten so far!

P.S. I have successfully arranged for extra help with my baby for my recovery!

Still Conflicted on Size...

I am still thinking long and hard about implant size. I know I definitely want to look like my wish pictures. I'm just so conflicted about which size to choose. I won't go back for pre op until february. What do you ladies think about my picture wearing the 550cc sizers? As I have mentioned, I am considering those and also 600cc's. I do not have a photo of me wearing them. I like the 550 but I would love an objective opinion. Do yo believe they are too small or too big to achieve my wish? I have consulted with my PS and they only said that they recommend no less than 500cc to achieve my desired look. I have also decided on subfascial placement after researching on my own. How do you think I look with my 550 cc's? Thank all of you wonderful ladies for your comments thus far. I am so thankful this website exists. What a wonderful place to learn from each other's experiences!
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