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Just had Total FX,which is a combination of deep...

just had Total FX,which is a combination of deep and active fx for different facial areas
I am 64 years old, assorted wrinkles just making me look tired and old all the time
forehead area, upper lip, upper cheeks, crows feet etc.... no problems with discolaration or acne scars, just basic sun exposure catching up
I was very worried going into this regrding pain and ultimate out come...
arrived at doc about 1:45 pm, took 2 5mg valium and 2 hydrocodene-acteminiphen
Doc was extremly caring and patient encourage me to ask questions and concerns
He took pics and then covered my face with anithestic numbing creme
after about 45 minutes, time to start ,he inserted discs directly into my eyes, which I have not seen on any reviews here so was a surprise, felt strange but not uncomfortable and it was normal to see flashes of light occasionally he said
Felt like hot intense pin pricks all over ... Different areas of my face were more sensitive
Flinched a few times from pain, but it was all brief spurts
Whole face probably took just under an hour I think
Asst. was cooling areas with ice paks as doc was proceeding and also for a few minutes when done
There was some very minimal bleeding in a couple of areas, but that stopped right away
Skin Medica Restorative Ointment was then applied, and I was given a kit of products to use and instructions.
At home, I continued icing, re apply creme, no shower or face wash till this am
Felt like a bad windburn and face looks all red like one
Slept ok with slight headache, but no pain meds need so far
Face is swollen , along with eylids, but no trouble at all wearing glasses or keeping eyes open... Dont plan on going out any time soon.
So its less then 24 hours and the jury is still out.. Will continue to post
Right now I am feeling better then I thought I would be at this point
Dont lock for pics from me, as I will not post any here, but will follow up my experiance

2 full days

2 days gone by....used ice paks yesterday and today to help with swelling and pain eye area most puffy and sore looking.headaches on and off
Face still quite red with brown spots..who is that girl in the mirror!?

4th full day....

started to peal yesterday and more today... face still very tight, itchy and keep getting headaches every blotchy face with brown spots all over.... most of puffy gone.....

7 days and doc followup

peeling is almost finished, hardly any tightness and no swelling
doc says I am doing fine... a few red dots on my nose he says are from broken cappellries and will heal... skin color a little pinker then normal for me, but much better then I thought would be after one week
wrinkles are mostly still there, Doc say it will probably be 3 months before I see definate results, as collegen will start buliding up...but I am hoping it will be before then!
I think my crows feet may look slightly better and some wrinkls on cheeks,no change to forehead lines so far...
I should be ready to go out and face the world by Saturday, if not tomorrow
advised to continue with mild skin cleanser and skin medica recovery, once full peeling done
next follow up with doc in one month
still no answer for was it worth it...............

one day at a time

still waiting for any results after having this procedure, 1/09
will follow up after doc appt, next week
so far nothing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

not happy

as promised... my one month follow up
I do not see any differance whatsoever... doc says it will show in another 2 months!
nothing to report, I just dont see anything different at all, from what I looked like before the $$$$ procedure.............all wrinkles still there and they do not look any less or softer!!

will follow up again if anything changes......


7 weeks .... nothing to report very dissapointed in this.....


dear real self...

you keep asking me to update..... sorry.... nothing has changed................................................................

6 months not worth it

I am very disappointed in having had this procedure
Hardly see any differance or improvement
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