37 5'6" 170 38b-28-40 800 cc Sil. Mod+

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My BA surgery w/ small lift is next week! I Feel...

My BA surgery w/ small lift is next week! I Feel so overwhelmed by all the flood of info out there!! I'am a small B 38b-28-40 and want proportion. I'm "still" trying to decide between Sientra 695cc & Mentor 800cc I prefer Sientra cohesiveness, reputation but the sizer looked just right on my frame snd I want something more noticeable.
The nurse recommended mentor due to me liking larger size but I also want long lasting implant but I'm also nervous because I've read it is better to have a internal bra w/ larger inplants which my PS did not mention and he did not seem concerned about me wanting larger size? He is very reputable, my friends and their cousins have gone to him and people from out of state come here all the time for surgery but I'm having second thoughts on my surgery.

Tomorrow Morning I will finally decide between Sientra 695cc or Mentor800cc :-/

So I have a appt. at 9:30 am w/ my PS to go over some questions I still have and to finally pick a size and brand of implant.
As of right now I think I'm leaning towards the bigger Mentor 800cc although I really like the Sientra cohesiveness. :-/
I have read too many times how everyone has "boob greed" after surgery. So I guess it's better to Go big! or what's the point? Lol

Wish Looks

Still haven't decided on what implant!! :-/

I just left my Appt. w/ surgeon. I told him my dilemma, Sientra 695cc or Mentor 800cc?!
He said if I was his relative he would recommend the Sientra to me. I loved them too the first time I came in for my consultation.
I asked my Ps if he could order Sientra in 800cc because I seen that a surgeon on here posted an answer that it was possible to order bigger. The office said they would call their representative and hopefully let me know.
Meanwhile I tried on a Mentor 700cc sizer because the office didn't have sny Sientra in the size this was closest. The width was 16.6cm. Projection 5.0
I really liked how I looked w/ the side boob.
The Sientra 695cc would be 15.1cm w/ 5.5 projection which is a little less wide thAn Mentor (which means less side boob) but more full, projection wise. :-/
I think I'm going to go home and pray for an answer.

Pics of 700cc sil. Mod. sizer..closest to Sientra implant.

I'm a little embarrassed to post these pics since I'm in process of trying to lose weight from having my kids. My daughter is 17, my son is 13. During pregnancy i went from 135-190 w/ my daughter and from 150-195 w/ my son. I was traumatized to say the least w/ the after effects of the pregnancies on my body.
I really want a MM (I also want a tummy tuck) but since I'm paying cash I'll have to wait a little bit and I want to lose weight so my stomach will be tight after surgery. I'm hoping my BA will give me a confidence boost to want to get back into shape. Fingers crossed! And maybe someone could find my info useful since it was very for hard for me to find many women with my stats.

Call from PS office

Darn! Cannot Custom order sientra In bigger size!
695cc is largest availAble here in US.
Well, I gave it a try. :-/

Mentor 800 cc it is!

Well after many many many hours researching on the Internet, youtube etc. I FINALLY (for Reals this time) lol called my PS office and decided on the Mentor 800 cc. The nurse said she agreed it was the best for me judging by my wants and pics that I brought with me. I really hope I love the results and implant because I really had my heart set on the Sientra if only it was larger. :-/. Knowing my luck the FDA will allow them right after my surgery lol

Where are all the 800 cc silicone mod+ Under muscle women at ??

I've had the hardest time finding other women online with my stats and implant choice! therefore it made it so hard for me to relate to anyone's journey. Maybe my little posts can help someone out there. ;)

Preparing preparing! Only 3 days til my surgery!!

I've been nesting all week. Deep cleaning, making sure all my bedding and linens are clean. I'm a little Nervous about getting an infection. It seems like I've been reading about quite a few women getting infections on here.
Since finger nails carry a lot of bacteria I'm going to take my acrylic nails off because I don't want to get an infection on my wounds while putting lotion, creams etc.
im also going to finish buying all the things I will need for my recovery.

Should I tell?

As of right now, no one knows about my upcoming surgery only my husband.
I don't want to tell my parents because they will have a heart attack! my dad is from Mexico and is waaaay old school he doesn't agree on these things. My mom is over exaggerative and gets upset if I only bring up the subject of plastic surgery. Lol
I'm debating to tell my kids also because I don't know if they'll think differently of me and honestly I'm I feel a little guilty about spending this amount of money on myself when I think I could probably buy me the brand new shiney Red washer and dryer that ive been wanting or save the money for my daughter who will be graduating from hight school next year or or so many other things....it has taken me so long to make this decision and
I'm a very private person in general and dont know if I want everyone to know about something that is a very personal decision for me.
Pretty much no one Agrees on this not even my husband. He was almost crying because he did not want me to do this. He says he hates fake breasts and that I'm going to be just like everyone else now. So really I do not have any emotional support from anyone.
Although my husband does not agree with this he will support me and I know he will take good care of me after my surgery. He has already taken all next week off of work.

Mixed emotions...

So My BA is tomorrow. Im just waiting for the PS office to call And give me My time and let me know My blood test is ok.
I just Barely went friday evening at almost 6:00 pm to take the blood test and they close at 6 lol
Yes im a late person i always fo everything late. Hopefully Everythings good.
Im having such mixed emotions right now. My husband woke UP this morning asking me if im really going to go through with the surgery? He's worried about My health and recovery. He has literally Been having nightmares about it.
Im also worried but more about that im not going to be happy with the results. Im very picky and i analyze everyone and everything in My life. Pretty much it takes a lot to satisfy me. Everything has to be perfect. I know i will be scrutinizing every little detail.
Ive Been praying and praying that it all goes well.
Also im worried that the 800 cc will not be big enough. my only other option would be to go bigger with saline which i do not want.
I am also part if a forum called just breast implants and it seems there are quite a lot of women who have 700cc and up who are way smaller than me! And they complain that its not that big ON them. And i met another (similar stats as me) that just had BA w/ 700cc who feels disappointed with her size.
I hope this is worth it! :-/

Its on!!

I received the call! Everything looks good!
My appt. Is tomorrow morning at 9:00am!
I dont think reality has set in yet.

My wish look only bigger!!

Not really feeling my breasteses.

So it's been about a year and a half post op for me and I feel it's time for my final verdict on my procedure.

I'm not happy with my results at all. The profile, the placement, the scarring is horrible!
I have mentor 800 cc silicone mod+ placed under muscle.

Let's start with The profile: it's way to wide in this size (800cc). I think this profile looks better in anything under 400-500cc ?
Or someone with wider Ribcage because I'm pretty narrow and these implants stick way out over the width of my ribs. they get in the way of the my arm movements. I also hate how they look while laying down as They fall to the sides of my armpits.
The dr. Was pushing for this particular profile as its his favorite and I was scared to get that melon look so I went with it. :-/

I went with "under the muscle" because being ignorant, I assumed it meant completely under, therefore ( less noticeable implants) I thought it meant being held or completely supported and concealed by the muscle. Well not true! Depending on what type of bra I wear, my breasts still looks "enhanced" and especially in a push up bra. Also while being nude and lying down they look unnatural, weird. Not to mention if i move my chest or arm muscle in any sort of way, the breasts spread and look sorta disfigured and distorted.

The doctor: I went to this particular PS because a friend of mine and her cousin went to him as well. I didn't take into consideration that they had different body types, breasts etc. they both got smaller implants than me and they also got saline.
I was just glad they didn't have any complications and seemed happy with their results.
During my procedure he admitted that he tore my left side incision while placing my implant, you can see where he cut it, it's a clean line and where it actually tore, it's jagged. the scar extends out about 5 or 6 inches! (I still get a little Pain in that área).
Plus, The incisions are really wide and the skin looks thin, particularly under My right breast, you can see the rippling of the implant through the incision!
I'll post pics soon.

He also did a little crescent lift around my arreolas . The left incision looks bad, it is lumpy and crooked ( I have to flatten it out with my finger) while the right incision looks good, it is straight and flat. Hardly visible.

I'm sure Dr. Ralston is great surgeon, he's board certified, professional and pretty popular around here and surrounding area but I feel he doesn't have much experience in the larger sized implants. Especially being here in Utah the people are pretty conservative.

He did not meet my needs and my post op outcome is slightly botched therefore I cannot recommend him especially for the larger sized implants.

Dr. Ralston is a well respected plastic surgeon around Utah and surrounding areas and he is professional. But I feel he does not have enough experience in performing breast augmentations with large sized implants. He did not meet my needs or my expectations. Im not happy with my outcome and feel slightly botched due to his obvious lack of expertise in the larger sized implants particularly 800 cc silicone. therefore I cannot recommend him for this.

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