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I am really excited to see the final outcome. They...

I am really excited to see the final outcome. They still sit really high. One is higher than the other. But I am only 23 days in. I have wanted them done since I was young because I think GOD forgot to give them to me.

I just cant wait till they look like they are supposed too. I went from a small B to now a small D. I have 550cc in my left implant and 500 in my right. I think that is why they left one still seems so high.

But I am hopeful they will both be even soon. I am excited, but like everybody else, nervous that they wont come out right. But I am re-assured that everything is going great and I just need to give it more time for them to fall into there normal place, cause they are pretty much coming off my colar bone right now. But hey, until they look good when I have my shirt off, they still look amazing with a shirt on.

That's what I thoigy amd my doc told new not...

That's what I thoigy amd my doc told new not yoassage
9 months later my left breast was extremely high compared to Nyssa left and he dropped it
It looks a lot better but my rigjt one is about a half cup smaller. I've told my social and he said it Was a good job for being a mormal quote housewife
but I just turned 30 a coupke weeks ago.and there is.a huge.difference. I think they would have been more even but one is 550 mentor silicone and the other 500 cc I was teased thriugh school. and I already spent 4,700.dollars and thsts a ton to me. I'm even a little self cobciuos cause they look so different. My lufe has been not the.greatest and thesr increase my self esteem. But they look so different
I'm single and young and want tp have wonderful breasts I don't Knievel wgat to do. Pleasr help me, I spent almist 5 k on my surgery and wanted them to look better. I love my doc, I need help. I'm not vain,.I just want the self esteem high again. Any help I would.appreciate more than you know, thank you
He told me tgey were goid.for housewife bteasts but I'm not wife. I've wanted my boobs done.since I was a fully matured teen and just a couple years ago I got my wish but they don't look like each.other. I hope I don't sound like a baby. It was jusy a lot if money and need help
Thank you

Ogden Plastic Surgeon

He is very personable and experienced. He made me feel really comfortable, and spent time with me discussing things. He has done over 20,000 implants, and that is one of the reasons that I chose him. I just barely had suregery, and I am hopeful they will look beautiful soon. His staff was very nice and helpful. And the doctor very understanding and reassuring.

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