I just love my new ladies!

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After being overweight most of my life, I made a...

After being overweight most of my life, I made a choice to get healthy. I lost 70lbs 8 years ago and have kept off 50lbs. Although I've gained some back, I feel that I'm in better shape now as I exercise 5 days a week and am much stronger. I'm 5'5" and 170lbs with a wide rib cage & a size 12/14. That being said, my girls haven't fared too well.

I did lots of research and found that one name kept coming up. Dr. Brian Brzowski. I'd heard nothing but fantastic things about him and decided to make and appointment. Everything about my consult was great! His staff, him, and even his facility. I couldn't have made a better decision. He's my guy!

I have wanted to have this (BA w/BL) done for almost 8 years. I kept telling myself to lose that 20lbs. But ya know what? Screw it! I feel great and want to do this now. I've waited long enough. My breasts are the things I'm most self conscious about. I don't like to look at myself in the mirror, let alone let my husband see them in anything more than dim lighting. I'm doing this for me and couldn't be more excited!

I've had my consultation and my Pre Op is on Friday April 12th. During consultation I decided on silicone and will be having at minimum, a lollipop lift. Possibly full anchor. I'm so looking forward to trying on sizers on Friday. I made the rice sizers and am thinking I'll be going with something around the 430-450 cc range. I'm currently a saggy 38B and hoping to be a glorious 38D after surgery. Only thing I'm a little nervous about is the scarring from the lift. Beside the obvious vitamin E and Merderma, do any of you ladies have any suggestions for aiding the healing process for scars? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I will post pics soon!

So I had my pre-op appointment yesterday and it...

So I had my pre-op appointment yesterday and it was fantastic! I cannot say enough good things about my PS and his staff. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Every aspect of my surgery was explained thoroughly, from arrival to recovery and beyond. The surgical coordinator Kelly is amazing!

I have what appears to be a larger left breast so working with silicone can be a little tricky. I tried on many sizers but couldn't quite even out. Then Kelly noticed that my left breast wasn't necessarily bigger, it just sits lower, and my right breast has more breast tissue higher on my chest, therefore creating somewhat of an illusion. We were working with a 480cc and a 510cc low profile implant with the 480 going in the "larger" breast and 510 in the "smaller". So we switched it up. That made all the difference and ta-da, even steven breasts! Super excited! Surgery in two weeks and I am so pleased with the size and shape of my upcoming breasts!

I can't believe surgery is a week away! By this...

I can't believe surgery is a week away! By this time next Friday I'll have two new BFF's! (just for clarification, I actually hate that term but it felt right for this :P)
I'm getting a little nervous and keep thinking about the what ifs. By biggest what if is what if I didn't take enough time off work? I'm actually really worried about this. I will be off for a total of 10 days, not including surgery. I am a Sales Rep, on my feet and moving all day. I have to throw freight sometimes which requires lifting. I have arranged for help with the lifting in all my stores but it's being on my feet that long worries me. I'm just worried about the sutures that will result from the BL. I don't want to "stress" anything out. All that worry aside, I'm super excited! I forgot to take pics of the sizers at my pre op but had made some of my own at home, just to gauge proportion. I'll post those soon. Made them close to, if not a little bigger than a D cup. Loved the proportion and loved the D cup at the PS's office even more! I know I made the right choice size wise. Now the waiting begins. It does trip me out a little to think that I'll wake up from the best nap ever and have new boobs. Its freakin' fantastic though! ( * Y * )

Workday is officially over and just three more...

Workday is officially over and just three more before surgery. Still feeling a little nervous though. My thoughts now are almost exclusively boob related. Everything I think about I can relate back to boobs. But who doesn't like boobs right? :) Surgery is at 11 so I'll be going in at 10 for pre op procedures. Dr. B says I'll be in surgery for at least 3 hours due to the lift. Hopefully I'll be home, and by home I mean my moms 'cause no one takes care of ya like mom, but hopefully home by 4. I'll be staying there for a couple days and then back to my house where my hubs will have a couple days off to help out too. I really can't believe it's THIS FRIDAY!

Wow. 2 days and counting. Can't believe it!

Wow. 2 days and counting. Can't believe it!

S in less than 24 hours I'll meet my new friends!...

S in less than 24 hours I'll meet my new friends! It still feels a little surreal to me but no doubt that will change when I'm sitting in a gown with an IV. My plan is to just take it easy tonight. I'll be staying at my moms tonight and for a couple days after, and was able to get the laundry done and get my bag packed last night. Found out today that my husband WILL be able to be there with me tomorrow which makes me extremely happy! With a super hectic work schedule we didn't think he'd be able too. So now I'll have two out of three people I love most with me. Very comforting. :) I've been drinking a crap ton of water today. I always drink between 80-100 oz a day but already hit that and it's not quite 5 o'clock. My plan is to drink water up until midnight. I want to be as hydrated as possible, without making myself sick of course. Also been eating light to hopefully avoid the dreaded bloat. I bought some stool softeners as well. Fingers crossed that it's not too bad. Well, I'm off the watch Ellen and try to mellow out. "Try" being the key word there. Will update asap tomorrow! SOOOOO EXCITED!!!

Well I didn't sleep real well last night. Just...

Well I didn't sleep real well last night. Just didn't ever fall into a real deep sleep. Woke up super thirsty which is especially frustrating since I drank about 150 oz of water yesterday. Damn body knows it can't have anything this morning and its pissed.

7 hours post op & doing pretty good. Ended up...

7 hours post op & doing pretty good. Ended up using the 510 cc's low profile, with lollipop lift on one side, & small anchor on the other. Dr. B said they filled in my breast very nicely. I'm wide across the boob @ 15 cm so low profiles worked great! I cannot say enough great things about my PS & his entire staff. All were very comforting & very supportive. It was as good of an experience a girl could ask for. One of the best things besides my boobies is that I've had zero nausea. I was worried about that but between the Zofran before surgery and the patch anesthesia put behind my ear, along with her amazing drug cocktail, I'm nausea free! Chest is super tight and of course it's swollen but I think they're going to look fabulous! I was too out of it today to worry about pics, but get to shower tomorrow & ill take some then.

Thanks to every single gal on this site for sharing. It helped to get me prepared and understand what I should expect. ( * Y * )

On day two post op & still doing good. Definitely...

On day two post op & still doing good. Definitely super tight & swollen this morning but getting a little better throughout the day. Stopped taking the Demerol and started on the Ibuprofen, which has helped tremendously. Was able to take a quick shower which felt amazing. The hardest part was getting the gauze & tape off. I have to say that considering its really only been a little over a day since surgery I think the girls look alright. Definitely frakenboob-esque but that's to be expected. Size wise I think they'll end up a D cup which is perfect! I can't wait to see the changes day by day. Posted a couple new pics. So exciting!

Feeling much better today! I showered and was...

Feeling much better today! I showered and was able to wash my hair by myself which was fantastic. I was also pleasantly surprised at how much healing has happened just since Saturday afternoon! Super encouraging! I've posted more pics. Still tight and a little swollen, but the bumpiness around the nipple has decreased significantly and bruising is pretty minimal. For only being 3 days out I think the girls look pretty damn good! Only going to get better and better! Still taking the Valium at night to sleep and not wake up so stiff. Also taking the Motrin 800 to help with swelling. Even the incisions look super narrow. I think I'm going to heal like a champ. I have the whole week off work and am
Looking forward to just relaxing and babying my girls. Will continue to post, post op pics later in the week! Thanks to all the fabulous ladies who tell their stories on Real Self. It really does make the healing process a little mentally easier! :)

Day 5 and I'm feeling really good! Swelling is...

Day 5 and I'm feeling really good! Swelling is diminishing, however there is still a little around the nipple from the lift. Bruising has been more prominent over the last couple days but was never that dark, beat the crap out of you kind. I had heard from many previous patients of Dr. B's and told by his staff that he is a very gentle surgeon. I have to say that I feel it's pretty obvious that that's true. My pain and swelling have been so minimal considering the procedure ( BA/BL ) and length of time ( 3 1/2 hours ) surgery was. I continue to see changes everyday and couldn't be happier with my results. With my breast width being wide at 15cm, we went with 510cc silicone low profile unders, which I'm loving. I hoped for nice, full, round, I was born with these fantastic boobies, and I'm pretty damn sure that's what I'll end up with. Bought a Bali wire free bra from Target and filled in the D cup, no problem! SWEET! Knowing that the girls are just going to get better and better is exciting and makes me so happy. Even all taped up, swollen, and bruised, I actually smiled when I'd gotten out of the shower yesterday. Something I haven't done in years! :)

I hit a week post op on Friday & am loving my new...

I hit a week post op on Friday & am loving my new girls! Bruising from the lift just gets better & better each day as does the swelling around the nipple. Post op appointment is on Thursday & I can't wait to hear what the doc says. I'm really hoping they'll clean up under the steri strips. I don't know if that's possible but I sure hope so. I let the shower hit them for a bit each time but the marker is super stubborn. My favorite is how much better I fill out my clothes. I have a thicker mid section so in order to get a good fit in thd middle, all my shirts tended to be a little loose up top. Especially button ups. Not anymore! I look so much more proportionate, & I love it! I love how the girls look in tank tops. I tried a strapless maxi dress on at Target & can actually hold it up! Going back next week to buy it. Even with a fantastic strapless bra before, I never dared wear one. Always worried I'd lose it.

I feel really good. I think I might have pulled a tendon or muscle on my left side, down by the crease but on my side. There's no swelling, bruising or lumps or bumps, it just stings a little. Just trying to not use my left arm as much and icing at night. Definitely need to ask the doc about that on Thursday. Any other ladies experience anything similar?

Added new pics of the ladies dressed. I just love them!

2 weeks post op today and couldn't be happier with...

2 weeks post op today and couldn't be happier with my results! I had my first post op appointment yesterday and all went & looks great! The girls are still sitting high but will drop in time. Starting to get what my friend calls the "pully, burnies". Weird sensations all around but nothing I hadn't expected. The one thing that is really starting to bother me is the raw feeling I have where my bra sits by my crease. Dr. B actually brought this up before I did. He suggested using some gauze in the crease so the bra doesn't rub a hole in you. I put some coconut oil on the gauze to ease the friction too. It helped tremendously! I can start non-impact cardio now too.
Hallelujah! Over all I'm feeling pretty good. I'm a little worn out as this was my first week back to work and I'm on my feet and moving all day. Girls get a little swollen but nothing an ice pack wont take care of. Also having muscle spasms between my shoulder blades which is nothing the muscle relaxer wont take care of.

I know the girls are just going to get better and better & I can't wait! Posted new pics of them without the steri strips. Scarring looks so good! Super narrow but still a little scabby. I'm overjoyed with the results so far! Thank you Dr. Brzowski!

So I have to say that I've had it with the raw...

So I have to say that I've had it with the raw feeling. Every inch of my boobs are so sensitive. I know it's from the skin stretching and constantly being in a bra but I hate it. By the end of the day I hat even walking. I'm on my feet and walking all day and i just get so sore. Getting lots and lots of stings, little pulls and burns, on and around my nipples, but looking at that as a super positive 'cause they're already regaining feeling. The ladies still feel super tight at the end of the day. This makes the raw feeling even worse. I'm not trying to be negative, I just needed to vent to gals that know what I'm feeling. I know all these feelings are normal and the ladies will feel better and better everyday. Next PO on May 23rd. Hopefully get the ok to get back to almost full activity. I miss yoga. Never thought I'd say this but I miss doing my Jillian Michaels DVD's. I love to exercise but she just kicks my ass. Can't wait to get back at it.

My lovely ladies can hold up a dress!

Just wanted to share my excitement that my lovely ladies can now hold up a tube top maxi all on their own! I would've never dared try one before with even the best push up strapless bra made. I was always afraid I'd lose it. Plus I always knew I'd just end up fussing with it to make sure it wasn't going to fall down. Not any more! My hubby even tugged on it, trying to get a show, and it didn't budge! Nice try though. :). Also happy that the "raw" feeling I've had the last couple weeks is slowly but surely starting to subside. Yay! I can honestly say that I found that more annoying than the soreness after surgery. They have also started to drop & look so natural & just fantastic! I'm just so very happy with them!

Almost 15 weeks P.O. & I love 'em!

Almost 15 weeks & I can't believe it. The ladies have settled into their new home nicely & I couldn't be happier. Scarring is slowly but surely fading & I have all feeling back in my nipples. As the ladies were settling, I was wearing a D cup. Now that they're home, I am a very full DD. I have to say I was a little shocked but still very pleased. I am very proportionate & they look & feel so natural.

There are a couple exercises that still feel weird. Nothing hurts but if my chest muscles move in a certain way I can still feel a slight shift. I know as time passes, as will that feeling but for now I just do something else.

I know summer is still here but I can't wait to wear sweaters & cardi's. These ladies look FANTASTIC in sweaters! :)

Just wanted to add these pics

Forgot to add these yesterday ;)
Ogden Plastic Surgeon

I had done a ton of research before I decided that Dr. B was my doc. From the first meeting with him & his staff I felt 100% confident that I'd made the right choice. My whole experience was fantastic! From consultation to preop, surgery and post op instruction, he and his staff are very friendly, comforting and professional. I would recommend Dr. B. to anyone without the slightest hesitation. What a great experience. Thank you to Dr. B. and your entire staff!

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