Never Thought I'd Do It - Cosmetic Surgery?? **10.5 Months PO**

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Date has been set! I met with two surgeons on...

Date has been set! I met with two surgeons on Tuesday, August 6, 2013. I had an appointment set with a third, but canceled after talking with two. Each Dr. said pretty much the same thing, but it was the approach that was different between the two. I brought a list of questions to ask each one. It came down to who made me feel comfortable, who didn't try to sell me on extra stuff, and who took the time to explain the process COMPLETELY. And that is Dr. Todd Pollock. Let me tell you about myself before I dive into my review. I’m a 39 year old wife and mother, 5’2 and 175lbs, size 10. I wear a size 10 at my weight because I lift heavy weights, jog, do Insanity, P90X and whatever else I can think of to mix it up. I have not been consistent with this lately and have been creeping up on the scale in the last 6 months. I plan on tightening all this back up and hope to lose about 10-15 lbs before my surgery. I want the Dr.’s work to be worthwhile. On my consultation day, I was in Dr. Pollock’s office for almost 2 hours. The office staff was VERY nice, but not overly friendly like it was fake. Just very nice. Then the doctor came in and did a visual examination, told me what procedure I should do, and told me procedures that I did NOT need. Afterwards, he took me to his office and he spent over ONE HOUR with me using a presentation that he goes through showing the process from beginning to end. His presentation answered all my questions. I went to the second Dr. and I was in and out in 30 minutes. (I'm sure you can understand why I went with Dr. Pollock). He had a LOT of people in and out in his practice. And it is BEAUTIFUL. More like a surgery center with a spa attached. Honestly, the 2nd one was very nice and personable, and experienced. He just came off as a quick salesman to me. I talked with him in the examination room with his coordinator, and she did not leave when he started explaining the procedure. She'd answer for him in some instances. He didn't take me to his office to get more details, so it felt like I was rushed. He also told me to add more procedures to get the most change. He told me I didn't need to lose weight before the procedure, he'd take care of that on the day. Of course, it was a lot more money and over my budget. Now not losing weight is fine with some people, but not me. I'd rather do things the healthy way as much as I can, THEN let the doctor take care of the rest that I can't. And I’ll be honest, if I had went to him first instead of my Dr., I would have been fine with him. But once that standard is set high, you can’t step down from it. I just wanted someone who didn't seem like he's so busy that he can't take the time to talk to me. And I want him to take the time with me on the big day, no rushing to get to the next one. That’s why I took the recommendation from other Realselfers to go to more than one consultation. I knew my decision by that evening, but I decided to sleep on it (calm down) and make my decision the next morning. When I called the office on my way in to work that Wednesday morning to set the appointment, I told them my name. The woman who answered the phone said "Oh you were in here yesterday right?". I KNOW the other office would not have remembered because they are so big. That means something to me. They gave me to the coordinator because I asked for her because she was so nice and personable. We were talking like we knew each other a while, that's how comfortable it was. I'm highly impressed with him and his office staff.

I just realized I left out the most important part...

I just realized I left out the most important part, and that is what procedure I’m doing. I’m getting a full TT with muscle repair. As I said before, I never thought I’d actually go through with this procedure. For years, I’ve always joked “If I had the money, I’d be laying on the table!”. I’ve said it so much over years I need to get a T-Shirt with that saying. I always thought of it as a joke, but as I’ve advanced in my career as a Technical Writer, I realized that it really is a possibility now, financially. For the last 2 years, a friend of mine has been talking about getting a tummy tuck. She was supposed to start visiting some doctors after she did some research. I told her to let me know how it went and what to do, then I might start looking into it myself. Well, once I got the idea in my head that I can actually get it done, I beat her to the punch and started my own research in June of this year, then set up some consultations. I specifically looked for doctors that performed the drainless tummy tuck. I saw that as the highest complaints of tummy tuckers on here.

I’m turning 40 in June of 2014, and what perfect timing than to give myself a great birthday present. I’ll be halfway through my recovery by then and looking great. My motto is I want to be fit, fine, and 40! My husband is supportive of my decision, although he told me I look fine just the way I am. What a perfect thing to say.

I can’t wait until my pre-op visit. Now that I’ve made my decision and paid my deposit of $250, all I have to do now is be obsessed with this site and exercise. So while I wait, I’ll share my weight loss journey on here once a month. I need something to hold me accountable, so I appreciate everyone’s support. I’m getting back to jogging most days of the week and doing weight class at the gym 3 days a week. I love to jog outside and hate the treadmill, so when it gets dark early this winter, I’ll switch back to my home workouts in the morning before work. I’ll be trying Sean T’s T25 for my cardio, in addition to the class at night. Wish me luck with this weight loss ladies. I want my abs to pop out by the time the Dr. is done with me!


I started back exercising on Monday. I’m 39 years old, 5’2 and currently at 178 pounds, and a size 10. My jeans are starting to get really tight around my belly, which is where all of my weight goes, of course. And I have a very big booty. I love my big booty. And since I love my big booty, I know that’s going to be the focus once I get rid of this other booty in the front.

I haven’t been working out regularly for about 2 months (with very infrequent exercises) because of laziness and a little lower back pain. I have to be very careful with my lower back whenever I work out. I hurt myself twice doing Insanity with all those jumps. Now I modify and don’t leave the floor. But I’m currently walking (trying something new for back, I usually jog) and lifting weights. I walked 6 miles on Monday, weight class on Tuesday, walked 3 miles on Wednesday and weight class on Thursday.

I’m trying out the Paleo diet to really get this weight loss started. It focuses on protein and veggies, no grains, wheat, bread, etc. I cut out my daily glass of wine (whine!) and drink about a gallon of water a day. I’ll try to update my progress every few weeks.

I’ll post my before pictures this weekend. Thanks for the support!

Updated pics

Here I am in all my glory. I'm trying to get a lot of this weight off before surgery. We'll see how I do. I walked between 4-6 miles each day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Weight class this coming week.

Walking, walking and more walking

I'm down 2.6 pounds, now at 175.4 from 178. Great start! I've been walking for miles for the last 2 weeks. 7 miles one day, 5.5 miles on others. Tonight is weight class.

I called my doctor's office a few weeks ago so to see about getting my letter early with all of my information like surgery date, what to prepare for, etc. The office assistant said they usually send it a month out from the date, but they would go ahead and send now. I needed something to fawn over, this waiting is killing me! Low and behold, I have not received my letter. I guess 4 months is too early huh? Patience, my child! I guess I'll go back to focusing on this weight loss. :-)

No BBL Needed

Big Booty Judy here can't wait to get rid of this stomach so I can look good in my workout clothes. I sooo can't wait to wear a sports bra without covering it up with a t-shirt.

I love my big booty! I'm just ready to love the front of me too.


Staying Active

I'm staying active to pass the time. I don't have anything to update but exercise. Thankfully I love it. But it sure does take a lot of effort to get some fat off. I decided to ditch the scale and not measure my success by it. I just came from Body Pump at the gym and as we know muscle will add weight on before you start to see a loss. So I'll go by my clothes instead.

I completed my second 5k last Saturday. What fun! I've still been walking about 8 miles each day in the weekend and weights during the week.

While I wait for my day I enjoy reading everyone's journey ALL day long. I don't know how I'm going to get any work done perusing this site all day. But I love it! Good luck to all.

Surgery Date Confirmed

I received my letter in the mail today. So excited! I'm confirmed for surgery on December 20 and must arrive at the surgery center at 10:00am. My preop is scheduled on December 5 at 8:30. I received my letter early because I asked for it. How accommodating is that?? The nurse coordinator Tori is awesome and so sweet. She remembers my name every time I call and is always patient with my questions. That's exactly why I didn't go with a large surgical center. I love the individual attention I get from this office. I still have 2 more months to go, but it seems a little more real. I feel like I can start shopping for supplies now.

Thank you all for continuing to update your journeys. I'm addicted!

Staying On Top of Working Out

My back started getting a little sore after gym class last week, so I only walked this week. I don't want to hinder my back two months out. My back is what will really worry me after surgery more than anything else. I'm definitely getting a walker.

First Supply Purchase

I just received my first supply purchase in the mail today. I purchased 2 of the Bliss Hammocks Extra Wide Gravity Free Recliner with Pillow, Canopy and Side Tray; Color: Terracotta. Each cost $75 from Walmart. I wanted the canopy and side tray for when I transition this to the backyard for this Texas heat. I love the color since it matches my decor. :-) I'm glad I went this route instead of renting a recliner. I'll have better use for these later.

Exactly 1 month away

I’m exactly one month away from sx today. I’m very calm, but excited none the less. I’m sure I’ll get crazier as the time draws nearer but it still seems too far away to really do anything. I have my pre-op visit in 2 weeks on December 5. That, I’m sure will make it more real.

I fell off on my diet and exercise. I just can’t seem to get motivated. I still have one month to get off my lazy behind. I’ll discuss this with myself and see if I can get motivated again. I swear, when the time changes and it gets dark by 5:30, my body says “relaxxxx”.

I’ve started my second round of questions that I’ll bring to my visit. After reading so many blogs over the last 4 months (EVERY day, ALL day) I have some great questions to ask that I would not have thought of without RS. One of my top questions for Dr. Pollock is what percentage of necrosis happens in his practice. This really bothers me after following a few ladies on here from the beginning and reading of their suffering. I don’t smoke and am decidedly health, but I think I might have some circulation issues. Whenever I go to sleep, my arms immediately start tingling, no matter what position I lay. When I’m lifting weights at the gym and have the bar on the back of my neck for lunges, my arms start tingling and going to sleep. Sometimes my feet get it as well. So I’m worried.

I’ve started a list for my husband on what to expect from me during my recovery. And not just what to do around the house. I want him to know that I may get emotional and cry and ask “why did I do this to myself?”. I want him to be very sensitive to my moods - so I shall write it down for him. He’s been so patient about me being obsessive over this site. Well, most times. When he’s not getting enough attention from me, he lets me know it. But he knows how important it is to me. I told him he may have to wipe my butt. I asked if he’s okay with that. He just said “sure” and kept on going like it was no big deal. I like that and love him for it. After all, we’re most intimate with our mates so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

My 12-year old daughter will be my primary caregiver once my husband goes back to work 5 days after sx. She’s already picked her spot on the couch that she will sleep on while I’m in the hammock, so she can be readily available to help mamma. I asked her would she be comfortable wiping my butt. She said “NOPE!”. She’s going to be awesome.

This *ish is getting real!

Tomorrow at 8:30am is my preop visit. It’s finally here. I’ve been waiting for this day since my consult in August 2013. I know it’s not surgery day yet, but I feel like this is the downhill slide to the finish line once I get all my information that I need for the next two weeks until the big day.

I had a weird dream last night about the tt. I went to bed with cramps, like I had to boo boo but nothing was happening. So while I slept, my cramps manifested into my dream as soreness from having the tt. In the dream, I went to my ps for the preop visit. The next thing I know, I’m waking up from having surgery! I was pissed! I didn’t get to talk to him about what I wanted, didn’t have the actual preop visit and he didn’t take blood for tests. I was just flat when I woke up! I dreamed about how the pain would feel at the tt scar, I was walking hunched over, I dreamed of the people taking care of me – can you tell I’m on here too much, reading about everyone’s experience?? So I thank you ladies for giving me some semblance of what my recovery will be like. It’s a blessing to at least be prepared!

It’s sunny and 80 degrees today here in Dallas. Tomorrow, it will be 32 with the beginning of an ice storm. That’s Texas for you! I pray my drive in to the ps is safe and uneventful in the hellish traffic that is to come. He’s only 30 minutes away, but we don’t know how to drive in any weather but clear and sunny.


The preop visit went well today. I got a nice little booklet that explained everything from pre to post-op. There was NOTHING in there that I haven't read about on here. Once again, thanks ladies for being so thorough in your reviews. No surprises! I went next door to have my blood drawn and excitedly read my booklet while I waited, then went back to the ps office to wait for my appointment.

I met with the nurse first to sign my life away sign my paperwork, take pictures and ask her any questions. Then the doctor came in to answer any questions and to look me over again. Short and sweet.

Hydrocodone for pain with 1 refill
Phenergan for nausea with refill
Keflex for antibiotic
Robaxin for muscle relaxer with 1 refill

Surgeon's Fee: $5,200 paid with CareCredit that my husband has had for years for his dental work. 1 year interest free.
Anethesia: $780 paid cash
Surgery Center: $1400 paying cash on day of surgery

My booklet does not discuss compression garments, only the binder. I forgot to ask, so I assume I'm on my own with the compression garment. I'm debating on if I will wait until afterwards to order one, or get one now.

His nurse (she didn't introduce herself, but was very nice) told me I will not have to walk hunched over since he does the Progressive Tension Sutures (PTS), which alleviates stress on the incision. Yay! So I won't bet getting a walker. My doctor does the drainless tt with his PTS so I'm so ecstatic about that. Oh, my blood pressure was a little high. I have normal blood pressure, so I attribute it to my excitement of the moment. The last time I had surgery for some woman thing, the same outcome happened. Nerves!

So in conclusion, all is well, set and ready to go. Please send more prayers up for me that it continues that way in the next two weeks and that I survive this pain I'm about to inflict upon myself.

Weather was cold this morning, but no rain so I had an uneventful ride into the office. As I write, we now have freezing rain coming down and I'm sitting here in my comfy socks, thick sweatpants, with the heater on full blast and perusing RS for more informative reviews. Talk soon ladies!!

Geez Louise, 3 more days

I'm steadily getting things together. I had my annual visit today to get that out of the way. I'm super busy at work, it's 12:37am and I just completed some documentation that I'm trying to get finished before the big day. It always happens like that, when it's time to be out of the office for a while, all hell breaks loose.

Completed my grocery shopping on Sunday. Completed Christmas shopping and wrapping of all presents. I've never been done with all that this early. Amazing what fear will do to 'ya.

I'm taking Wednesday off to scrub my house again, especially the bathroom and shower. No infections, by God's grace! Cooking up a few meals for my daughter. My husband doesn't eat left overs so he's on his own with feeding himself....

He'll starve.

Thursday is my last day to work until January 6. I'm looking forward to healing, as I'll have an excuse to sit around for 2 weeks and do NOTHING. How does that feel??


Too tired to be scared

I'm so tired. I've been keeping myself busy to keep my mind from freaking out about the surgery. My house is scrubbed, dinners have been cooked for the girl, documents are complete at work. I do hair on the side and did some dreadlocks last night on top of it all. I won't be able to do her hair for a few months so I had no choice but to fit her in with all this craziness.

Dinner with the family tonight and will set up my healing space when we get home.

Daughter is scared that I'll die. I'm thinking about lying to her and telling her my surgery was cancelled. Then when her dad picks her up from school on Friday I'll be out of surgery. I don't want her to worry while she's at school.

I hope I can sleep tonight. I was wiped last night but dreamed about checking in at the Surgery Center and woke up in the middle of the night thinking...

Finally Here

I'm so happy this day is here. It's 6:19am and I'm still calm. About to take shower #2 this morning with anti-bacterial soap. Check-in at 9.


I'm in recovery. Surgery went well. Coughing from tube being in throat huts my MR. I'll update more later.


This pain on my muscle repair is hell because of coughing. I've been coughing for 4 hours now. If not for the coughing my pain would be manageable.

Just got home and settled in my gravity free chair trying to get comfortable with this cough. Cough drops are not working. Just have to wait for the tickle in my throat to go away.

Will update more later.

Day of Surgery

I got to the surgery center at 8:30am and was checked in and paid by 9:00am. Surgery was supposed to be at 10:30 but I think they started on me about 9:30 since I got there early.

Blood pressure was still a little higher than normal due to nervousness. The anesthetist gave me happy juice through my IV while they rolled me to the room. I don't remember anything after that.

Woke up about 12:30pm in recovery, coughing up phlem. I've been coughing ever since. If not for the coughing, I'd feel ok.

Got home around 4pm (I have a car with a sports package, it was a horrible ride home, felt every bump) and tried the zero gravity chair. I didn't like it so I set up everything on my sectional. So much better laying in the corner with my feet propped up on pillows and several behind my back and head. I would have loved a lift chair. I took a sepository for nautiousness that wouldn't quite go away. No way was I going to vomit with this mr already hurting from coughing. I ate crackers on the way home from my little care package I had in the car. Thank God. Forgot to add my cough drops to it, but I had a bag of them at home.

I slept off and on all night which was great. I've been eating Greek yogurt with a little raw honey, vanilla Muscle Milk protein shake and crackers. I drank some hot tea at the hospital for the cough and had hubby run out and buy me some more for home. Added honey to that too. Eased the tickle in my throat a little. Throat is dry today.

Pain today: I can feel my stomach wall sewed down to my insides. I feel the mr. The pain wasn't too bad yesterday due to pain medicine he injected before closing me up. I can feel it more today.

No drains ladies! I can almost stand up straight but am walking with a slight hunch until I talk to the dr to make sure it's ok. I can't take my conpression garment off until my appt. so I don't know what's under there and not gonna touch it. I'm scared, lol.

My 12 year old is the best caregiver I've ever had. Men don't have enough compassion for our pain but my little girl (I say little, she's 5'7) more than makes up for it. Hubby picked up some things for me, made me tea, asked if I was ok. Slept on the couch with me but he's 6'4 and kept bumping my supplies in the box on the couch so he went back to the bedroom. Baby girl slept on the floor in the office next to me to be close as well. They surrounded me with their love and care. My daughter cried at the hospital when she saw me and said she's so overjoyed I'm alive. She said they were tears of joy. My husband got a really bad migraine while we were waiting to be checked in. He was quiet all morning on the way there. He was scared inside. I worried the migraine onto him.

All is well, staying on top of my pain meds every 4 hours and drinking lots of water. Went to pee every hour when I got home. Took some MOMS today to get my bowels moving. I didn't have a BM the day before or since and now I'm just gassy.

I hope everyone is healing well. I'm looking forward to the upswing and continue to pray for a problem-free recovery.

Granny Panties

OMG, thank you RS sisters for the granny pantie tip. I'm so comfortable!

Sore Throat

I now have a sore throat from all the coughing. It hurts to swallow. No fever accompanies it so I attribute it to the cough.

I had a rough night last night. I was feeling nautious from taking all the medicine so I tried to switch to Tylenol PM so I could sleep. That's still not strong enough and I woke up in pain when it was time for my next dose of hydrocodone.

I'm wasn't too hungry yesterday and munched on fruit, protein shake and chicken stock. So I better up my food intake today so I can stay on my medicine without getting suck. Hubby is making me an egg with dry toast.

My stomach is so sore from all the coughing. This pain is hell.

Oh yeah

I had a BM last night. My fiasco began with having the urge to throw up. When I was standing over the toilet I felt like I had to boo boo. It was trying to come out on both ends at the same time. So I settled my stomach fist then took a dolcolax suppository. Went to lay down and wait for it to kick in. Woke up an hour later and had to run to make it to the toilet. No pushing necessary and was a nice release. Now I have more gas today.

I'm prepared for all these ups and downs thanks to all the wonderful women on this board who shared their specific experiences. There's no way I could have went in blind.

First Shower

I had my first shower today. It wore me out. My husband washed my backside and made sure I didn't pass out in the shower.

I saw my scar for the first time. Well, covered in tape that is. My stomach is very hard. I'll take some pictures later. I was anxious to get my binder back on after my shower.

My husband went and got me some extra strength Mucinex cough which has a pain reliever and cough suppressant. I took that instead of the hydrocodone. I'm afraid to overdose on too much medicine. That worked well and I was able to sleep. The next dose of medicine was hydrocodone at 6am then extra strength Tylenol at 10am. I think I'll stop the drugs and switch between Tylenol and Mucinex. This phlem needs to go! Day 3 is feeling much better thank God.


Took my binder off for a hot second. I'm scared to keep it off.


So uncomfortable

This pain is hell. Tired of coughing.


I made it to the other side of the pain! Thank you Lord!

Post op day 5 and I'm feeling fine. No more coughing as of day 4. I layed down the other night and said a ferverent prayer that He take the tickle and cough away. I can deal with the other pain. I woke up yesterday to no coughing! Was just able to clear my throat if needed.

I've been resting as much as I can. I take walks around the house and to the bathroom and kitchen. I had to get on my knees and lay my stomach on the couch the last couple of days to ease the soreness when I coughed. I think I'm done with that.

I'm off of narcotics as of yesterday after one last morning hydrocodone. Only taking Tylenol PM at night and extra strength Tylenol during the day now.

I've been having regular BMs without the use of stool softeners for about 2 days now. I tell you, if it had not been for the coughing, this recovery would have been a walk in the park for me. Instead it was hell. I read some QA about coughing and messing up the muscle repair. Some of the answers really scared me. Yes it can mess it up. That's when I had to call on The Lord, lol. He heard me.

I have a slight waterbed effect on my left side with swelling. Hopefully it will absorb itself and will not need asperating. I see my doctor tomorrow for my first follow up visit. I'll take more pictures then.

Merry Christmas RS!

First Postoperative Visit

Met with doc today. Says everything is coming along well. I got my stitches removed from my belly button, and the tape taken off my incision. It looks great! Thin already, so I hope it heals that way. I go back in two weeks to start scar therapy.

He busted a huge fluid filled bump right above my incision from the medical tape used after surgery. Didn't feel a thing, I'm so numb.

I'm very swollen, my shape is non-existent right now. He did a little lipo on my stomach so I'm very bruised on the sides. My mons is full of swelling and looks like our lovely Ken doll.

All of this is exactly what I expected (except for me getting a little sick and coughing, didn't see that one coming). I read this site from sun up to sun down for 4 months straight. I went in with great and realistic expectations so I haven't had any emotional side effects yet. I pray they don't come, I'm a really sensitive person wrapped in strength. :-)

Doc told me to start being more mobile. He doesn't provide a compression garment outside of the binder so I have to find some of my own. I have some spanks but they roll down under the bra so I want something else. I'll check that out this weekend.

I'm very happy so far! I can't wait to see how I look once my swelling goes down and my curves reappear.

1 Week Postop

I made it to one week post op yesterday without major incident thank God. Now I'm just in swell hell. I feel trapped in my own body, I can't gat away from it. Not from swelling, tightness, uncomfortableness, tiredness. But it's all good! I know the outcome will be so worth it.

I had my first full exersion out the house today with the hubby. We went to lunch and then shopping for about 45 minutes in the store. I was ready to rest when I got home and have been doing that all day. It was nice to get out for a couple of hours.

Now I have the daunting task of finding a compression garment. Thanks for the advice ladies. Now you made it hard for me which one to choose. They all look great! So researching I'm a'going, trying to figure out what I want for my body. I'd love the panty one but my butt is too big for some of those and they ride up and give me a bite. I want to be completely comfortable as one can be whose being stuffed like a roll of sausage. So I'm looking into the thigh or mid-thigh. Front hooks for better compression or side hooks and zipper for better comfort? So many choices!! I'm definitely getting one with straps. But that's the only definite I have right now.

I'm looking forward to my next level of healing for week two. Hopefully that means standing up straight. I'm still hunched, but no back pain whatsoever. I'm amazed as I have chronic lower back pain anyway. This binder is probably helping.

I hope all my last week in December girls are healing just as well. Keep the patience and positive attitude and we'll get through this!

More updates

I'm already feeling the "electric currents" running through my stomach. It jumps out at me while I'm laying down.

I'm off all meds except for times when I'm a little sore at night from being active during the day. Then I'll take 1 oxy or 2 extra strength tylenols.

Still sleeping on the couch at night and laying in my chair during the day.

I'm stay hot, when I'm usually always cold. It's why I'm still in the couch, it's cooler in the living room than the bedroom. I haven't tried the bed yet, I probably would be okay. May try in a couple of days.

I finished my period 2 days before my surgery on the 20th. I'm not supposed to start again until after January 6, but I have a little spotting already on my tissue when I wipe. I read some people will start their period early, I guess due to the trauma on the body. I hope I don't I was really happy that I timed my period not to start until after I had a chance to start healing a little.


About 2 days ago I woke up in the middle of a full stretch. I had to stop myself before I went any further. I also do deep leg stretches in my sleep too. That feels okay.

It's amazing that everything I've read is exactly what is happening. I'm a researcher by nature. I gobble up any information on subjects that interests me. If you're in the beginning of your tt journey, do your research so you can be as prepared as you can be. I'm not worried about a thing at this point. I'm taking in everything as par for the course, and want to verify that yes, all theses things happen.

I wear my binder all day as tight as comfortable. When I take it off to shower I feel so tight, like my insides want to bust out. I think I feel extra tight due to the stitching going down my stomach wall.

These pics are right out of the shower. I rubbed some coconut oil on my stomach and massaged a little, avoiding my scar. Doc said don't put anything on the scar yet.

I'm Flat Ya'll!

I'm so happy. I'm flat!! In the pics I have on high wasted Spanx panties and a Spanx-like too over it. I wore this last night instead of my compression garment. It felt weird at first without the extra compression, but I just laid in my chair and relaxed. I slept in this as well and was comfortable all night. I won't go out the house without extra compression though.

I ordered my new compression garment from Veronique and should be here tomorrow. I'll update how I like it.

I'm standing up straight until I get tired, them it's back to hunching. I'm driving, making short trips to the store and out to eat. I can't eat a full meal which is great. I get so full. But that's when I get tired, I feel like I'm bloated instead of full. After dinner last night we went to the store and I was exhausted. I came home and got right in my chair for the rest of the night.

My swelling is slowly going down. My binder doesn't fit as well as I shrink so I can't wait for my new garment to get here.

I want to lose about 30 pounds and can't wait until I can get back to exercising.

Happy New Year!! We're going to look great!

Fast Delivery

Ordered this on Tuesday and received today early a.m. I can't wait to try it on. I hope I got the right size.

Today I can cough without any pain as long as it's not very deep. Sneezing still hurts.

I can get off the couch very easily from laying down. I think I'll try the bed this weekend. I miss sleeping with my husband. We spoon all night and he's missing laying against this badonka donk.

I'm only walking upright abou 80%.

My swelling is down but not gone. The day of surgery I was 185. Today I'm 176.7. So I'm down 8.3 lbs. I don't know how much the doc took off, he didn't have my surgery report at my last visit.

Tomorrow makes two weeks!

I love it

It fits like a glove. I got this at Thank you solesister for the tip!

The compression is right in front of the stomach. There's no zippers or hooks. It slides on over the hips. Not easily I might add! But it only took about 2 minutes to get it all adjusted. The crotch has an opening and seems very wide. The leg grippings are very comfortable, I'm surprised by that. Most others I have are very uncomfortable on my thighs.

I got just the right size. I think I'm in love with this thing already.

I'm Surprised

I'm so surprised that I can get in my preop jeans already. I guess I never realized that the size I was buying was to really accommodate my stomach and not just my booty and thighs. Pants feel fine around the waste especially because of this wonderful compression garment that I'm in love with already. The pants fit the same just more comfortable around my waste now.

2 Weeks Post Op

Things I Can Do 2 Weeks Post Op:

Stand up straight 90% (now that I'm wearing the stage 2 medical grade garment)


Get off the couch from laying down using my stomach muscles

Raise my legs up on the couch using my stomach muscles


Sleep on my back with slight body twist

Wear my preop skinny jeans with my garment

Go back to work

Things I Can't Do 2 Weeks Post Op

Sneezing still hurts

Sleep on my side

Sleep in the bed

Get up quickly from a sitting position

My swelling is down so I don't know what is weight gain from before surgery or what is still swelling. I'm not in any pain. I still get tired if I'm out and about over two hours long.

My scar still has scabs so I haven't started scar treatment yet. I'll only be using coco butter, Shea butter and extra virgin coconut oil whipped together. I'll take a picture of my scar next time I'm out of this garment. It's a bitch getting it up and down so I don't look forward to taking it off.

Sleeping in the garment last night for the first time was uncomfortable. It's very tight and was squeezing my mid-section all night. I'm giving it a few days to get used to it. Outside of bed it feels wonderful when I'm walking and sitting in my chair.

I changed my status to Worth It. I'm so happy!!

Scar pics

My skin is hella dry. I rub coconut oil all over, avoiding the scar, but it can't combat the drying effects of the compression garment.

I have stitches poking out of my scar. And the scar is very dry. I need to call my doc to see if I can rub my concoction on it. But I read it's best to wait until the scabbing is gone. I don't know. So I'll call on Monday and ask.

I wore regular panties today instead of granny panties and I'm very swollen in my hips and thighs. Looks like the sausage roll is trying to bust out of the package. :-)

My appetite is back full force and I've had no control. I'm eating like crazy and I need to stop. I eat better when I'm at work during the work week than on weekends at home. Weird. So I'm ready to get back on my healthy eating track.

It's been a lovely two weeks but I know I'm not out of the woods yet. I'll keep praying for me and for you that we continue to heal without incident.


First Day Back at Work - Got Sick

Went back to work Monday, January 6. All day felt great, no real discomfort. I was stiff when standing up after sitting but it wasn't bad. Had to walk really slow. Told some people I hurt my back if they noticed. 4pm hits and I start feeling bad. Started coughing and feeling a little achy.

Forward to day 2 at work and I went downhill very fast. Coughing, body aches, eyeball sockets hurting. I left early and went to family doctor and got tested for the flu. It came back negative! I have all the symptoms if the flu except for a fever. So doc went ahead and put me on tamiflu, steroids, and cough medicine. I felt horrible by the time I got home. I didn't sleep well at all, tossed and turned on the couch all night. I stayed home from work today and stayed doped on medicine. It's 9:30pm and I'm feeling a lot better.

This recovery thing is a loooong process. Anything can happen. I guess my immune system is low from surgery. So be careful ladies, even when you're feeling good soon after surgery, be prepared for any hurdles that may come your way. I'm just thankful my scar is healing fine so far and this sickness hasn't affected anything in regards to the surgery.

I'll update pics this Friday at my 3 week mark. Scar looks great, not too much swelling anymore. I'm down 12 pounds since surgery. Went in at 185 now I'm at 173.6. Yay!

3 weeks po

I’ve made 3 weeks post op today! And to commemorate this occasion, I’ve also started my period for the first time since the surgery. I thought I wasn’t swelling much anymore, but I tried on some underwear that I could fit before the surgery and my butt and thighs are squeezing out of them right now. So I am still swollen from the surgery. I’m also still down 11 pounds and eating clean. It’s amazing what having a tt will do to your determination.

My scar has lost all scabbing. I went in to see the nurse for scar treatment called Embrace, a new scar therapy. I didn’t like it. I was red where the silicone was laying on my skin by the time I got home from work so I took it off. I’m not spending my money on any scar therapy silicone stuff. I’m going to start my coco butter, Shea butter and extra virgin coconut oil mix this weekend. My scar will heal on its own, just like my cesarean scar did and I didn’t do anything to that.

I had no issue with returning to work in regards to my tt but I did get sick from all these mofos up here coughing and gagging. At least I stayed home when I got sick! Other than that, this has been a piece of cake. I’m not tired when I get home (now that I’m over the virus) but do notice I walk with a slight hunch by the end of the night. I have continued back in full mommy/wife mode with errands, shopping, cooking and (light) cleaning.

I can wear all of my preop dresses, and most of my preop jeans except for 3 pair. They are very formfitting, so swelling doesn’t allow that. I wore a dress yesterday (forgot the pic, sorry) and it looked hot! Flat stomach and my waist is starting to go in.

With the drainless tt, my stomach wall was sewed down to the muscle fascia. I feel it loosening somewhat, like when I lean my elbows on my knees. It feels like my skin kind of pulls away from the fascia. It’s hard to explain. But I’m still VERY tight when I stand up straight, so I’m mindful of not putting too much pressure on my scar by standing up too fast and pulling on the low scar.

I plan on starting with a slow and steady 1 mile walk this weekend and see how I do, then will go from there. I’m also going to try sleeping in my bed again this weekend. I’m ready to sleep on my side already!!

At 3 weeks:

I don’t get tired anymore from basic activity
Stand up straight 100%
Walk with purpose, up straight about 90%
Lean my elbows on my knees as I’m sitting down
Forget that I had a tt and jog across the street to avoid oncoming traffic
I can stretch pretty long and a little hard from the hips down. I love it. I miss stretching so much
Climb on top of my high bed and sit

At 3 weeks I still can’t:

Bend down to my toes without discomfort. Hubby had to cut my toenails for me
I haven’t shaved, I don’t want to bend that low. But I don’t grow much hair on my legs, so that’s par for the course during the winter for me. J
No sex. I’m on my period L
Twist left or right
Walk fast

I’ll upload more pics tonight after my shower.

Taken on 3 week po

Ok, What Is Going On??

I started having a burning sensation on my left side today. I took off my compression garment and saw that my scar is raised and red. There's a very hard bump underneath that redness. Is this a stitch trying to come out? Scarring underneath? It burns when I move.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. I'll wait until Monday to call the doc and go in if he needs to see it. I tried massaging it but that ish hurt.

Stitch Removed

So I waited an extra day before seeing the ps to see if my inflamed scar would heel. It did not.

The skin near my incision started seeping puss and blood by Sunday night. By Tuesday morning a second little pin hole opened up and started seeping as well. The seepage wasn't very much but the knot underneath was still very hard. I called this morning and explained what was going on and they told me to come right in.

The doc numbed my skin so he could touch it because it hurt. He cut me and made one long slit and took out a couple of stitches that were infected. He packed my wound with gauze and ointment cream for staph.

I'm prone to staph infections and knew this was a possibility of occurring due to the surgery. So I think it was a combination of a dissolving stitch and the knot was the staph. He didn't send a culture but gave me a prescription cream to apply to the area. I've done that in the (near) past and it clears up once treated.

To you ladies who are packing open wounds daily.....God bless you. My wound is minor and when I took that gauze out to shower it was stuck in there and hurt like hell to take out. Let's just say I didn't pack it again.

4 Weeks PO

It's been 4 weeks today since I got my body back. I'm feeling pretty normal except for the seeping hole in my side. :-(

I put ointment on it twice a day and keep it covered with gauze and paper tape. The tape is extra gentle for sensitive skin, but I'm still getting a rash where the tape is laying. I'm staying positive but it is hard some days because I was almost at the upswing of healing when this happened. I just want it to stop seeping and bleeding and close up. Ho hum.

As soon as this closes I'm going to start exercising. I don't want to aggravate the hole and keep it open.

I've Never Loved My Compression Garment More

I wanted a break from taking my compression garment off twice a day due to changing my wound dressings, so I went without it overnight last night and all day today. I wore a regular Spanx like waist high shorts. It did nothing to keep my swelling down. I was so swollen at the top of my stomach I was in a little pain from the pressure. I got home and took my shower an jump right back into my Veronique. It feels sooo good secure. I'll be in this for a few more weeks.

I had a follow up today and my wound is on the mend. It might take two weeks or more to close. He wants it to close from the inside out, so I have to pack it in there just a bit. It's a small wound so it's manageable, just irritating to deal with twice a day. But I'm still thankful this is a minor irritation.

I can start mild walking but that's it until this heals. I can't sweat too much. In two weeks when I'm 7 weeks he'll reassess. Continued healing ladies!!

I'm in Love

With my tummy!! I can only imagine how I'll feel when I get to sculpt me a new body in a few months. I want to lose about 25 pounds and add my muscle back. I won't be able to stand myself.

I'll add some pics this weekend and will also show how my wound is healing. It ain't pretty but it's getting there.

5 Week Pics w/ Wound


Day of surgery weight: 185
I didn't do any measurements right before but I think my low waist used to be 38 and my hips 47. I never measured my high waste (which is what compression garment sizes want you to use) before surgery, but 1 week after surgery it was 35.5.

January 25, 2014
Weight: 173.8
High waist: 33
Low waist: 34.5
Hips: 45

So I've lost some weight and about 2 inches overall since surgery. Very pleased and I haven't even started working out yet. I've just tightened up my diet until I can and drink 1 gallon of water a day.

6 Weeks - Swollen

I'm 6 weeks and a day. My hole closed! I'm so happy. Now can focus on just healing from the inside.

I started my cycle on Thursday, which is one week early. I'm never early, I'm on the pill. I'm the most swollen I've ever been. Even Ken Doll came back with full force. My cycle was very different this time and I attribute it to the surgery. I had bad cramps, I was very heavy and I had blood clots. This all used to be somewhat normal until I had Pollops removed 2 years ago. Last two years I've had a regular flow and no clots. Hopefully I go back to normal again.

My scar is itching like crazy. And I can't scratch that itch. I'm healing! I now have burn marks from the tape I had to use on my scar so one side is not pretty. No two piece for me this summer.

I still haven't walked. It's cold and I don't feel like being outside or going to the gym right now. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

7 Weeks - Still on Period

My healing is back to normal. My hole is completely closed although I now have new scarring from the tape and cut the doc made. My scar has been itching like crazy off and on. I guess that means I'm healing. I rub my tummy with concentrated coco butter twice a day.

I've been weaning myself off the compression garment for about 2 weeks now. I started by not wearing it to bed. It felt good to be back in my birthday suite. It was uncomfortable at first, but now at 7 weeks it's fine. I'd still wear it during the day. This week, the week of February 4 I stopped wearing it during the day at work. I swelled dramatically the first 2 days, then it eased off. I'll wear my garment if I swell too much on any particular day. Yes I'm eating salt. I know the consequences, so I balance it with 1 gallon of water a day.

As of my last post about me starting my period early, I am now on week 2 of my period!! And it's not light, it's medium. The blood clots have stopped. I guess my body doesn't like ANYTHING unnatural happening to it. The nurse said it can be due to the stress of the surgery. I'm not worried, but who wants to bleed for two weeks??!

I can sleep on my stomach, but I'm not a stomach sleeper because of lower back pain. But it doesn't hurt my tummy to do so. I can do a full body stretch, but I'm still careful with not stretching too deep in my stomach. It still feels weird. I just got clearance from the nurse to start crunches and regular exercise as before, just ease into it. Another nurse told me to wait 8 weeks. I haven't talked to the doc. I don't see him until my 3 month follow-up appointment on March 20. So I'll start slow and see how it goes!

I'm feeling fine and loving my flat tummy!!!

Back to Working Out

I made it to 8 weeks on Friday! I'm feeling great and more normal each week. I stopped wearing my compression garment completely for 2 weeks. I swell off and on but I'm flat in the morning. I'm still adjusting.

I finished my first full week of exercise since the surgery. I was actually a little scared in case I hurt something. But I took it easy. I started with Focus T25 and did the modified moves that Tania does. I wrapped myself in my post surgery binder the first 3 days then ditched it for 2. I was definitely sore in my stomach the next couple of days. So I completed my first week! I loved it. I'm going back to the gym next week along with the cardio. I'll see how that goes. I went back up in weight to 176. My appetite is fine and dandy so it was time to get back to working out.

I bought me a new Polar heart rate monitor. I love those things. It's time to get serious and get this weight off! My 40 is coming in a few months.

My scars are so dark right now. That tape really darkened my skin. I can't wait for that to fade, I hope back to nothing. I already have a high scar, now I have a large square around it!

I'll post once a month now that things are slow, hopefully with progress on the weight loss. I hope you all are preparing, healing and happy.

Oh yeah

I just stopped my cycle on Thursday, so that was a little over two weeks at once. No likey.

Healing Nicely

I'm 3.5 months in and loving the new me. I'm working out 5-6 days a week and eating clean. I'm doing T25, lifting weights and jogging. I still have 30 pounds to lose, but my main goal is tone and muscle.

I can do all exercises as I used to, although I'm not doing sit-ups but I do a lot of core work like planks and leg lifts with no problem. I've never liked sit-ups so I'm not missing it.

I met with Dr. Pollock a couple of weeks ago for my 3 month checkup. He said to wait a year to see how light my scar gets before we discuss doing a revision on my scars that ride up above my pants on my sides. I'll probably live with it though. I don't want to be cut anymore.

Good luck to all the newbies, this is a very interesting and fun journey!


I thought I'd update my stats 3 months after surgery, so that I can compare at my year mark:

Waist: 33
Lower belly: 37
Hips: 45
Weight: 178.3
Size: 10

Can you tell I'm pair shaped, lol? I'm starting to tone nicely, but I also still swell a little after working out. I'm flattest in the morning. I drink 1 gallon of water a day and that has helped stop any major swelling.

Working out 5-6 days a week

Progressing nicely. 3rd and final month of T25.

Swell with working out

Just thought I'd share some pics with some clothes on for once. I'm really flat in the morning, but after I work out I still swell. It's not a lot and doesn't last all day, but I do still swell 5 months later. My scar gets really thick.

I have feeling coming back all over. It still feels weird when I brush my belly up against something, but it's the feeling coming back. My belly button area has feeling, but not right above my scar. It's the last place to come back.

I'm still eating clean, but my weekends are hard. I like to relax with some beer or wine and that's not helping the fat loss. But I'm almost 40 and just happy I look good in this body I have right now. I'm thankful and will not be critical of myself. I'll focus on weight traing with some cardio and keep it moving.

6 Months on June 20

These shits are from 5.5 months but I thought I'd give a quick update. I'll post some actual 6 month pics next week, hopefully with a better camera.

I'm doing bodyweight exercises, sprinting, jump rope and medicine ball workouts. Whatever I can mix it up with! I'm building good muscle and hopefully soon I can see progress on fat loss.

I'm eating clean with a couple a cheats on the weekend. I'm getting better at limiting how many cheats though. :-)

My scar is itching but healing nicely. The square tape burn has lightened considerably, almost gone. Scar is still very dark. I apply concentrated coco butter 2 x's a day every day.

I have feeling in my belly underneath the skin a lot and on the skin a little more each week. I have no issues doing planks or ab work. No crunches, I hate those.

All is wonderfully well! I'll update again next week. Happy healing everyone!

P.S. I love the new realself update!! I can upload several photos at once rather than individually. Great job realself!


Now if we can only EDIT our posts, that would be great too realself. I know your working on it. :-)

That is supposed to be *shots not *shits. ??

Half a year gone already

I made 6 months post surgery on June 20. I turned 40 on June 25. I'm loving this body of mine. I'm consistently working out and eating clean (during the week). Still have a ways to go, but I'm not giving up and know that it takes time. I have a little bit of definition coming in on my stomach. Once the fat is gone, I'll have a 6 pack! Thank you Dr. Pollock!! I'm obsessed with workout clothes, especially now that I can wear my sports bra without covering it up with a t-shirt. I buy more workout clothes than regular clothes right now.

It seems my scars on the side are going down slightly as I lose some fat on my love handles. I hope by the 1 year mark they will be below my belt line. My scar is in the very dark stage now. Still loving how low it is in the front. I'm still using concentrated coco butter two times a day, every day.

It still feels weird to touch my belly. I have feeling below the skin, but not on the skin. It's weird to feel it. I've been wearing high wasted jeans and belly baring shirts. I love it!!! I feel young and hot. I turn myself on. Literally.

Scar on sides is lowering

I'm working out, building muscle, eating clean. As I lose the fat, my scars on the side that rode up above the waist of my pants is finally lowering. I can wear workout pants without covering it all up with a shirt. Although, they still have to be high-wasted but I'm good with that.

I finally incorporated HIIT training to my workouts after fighting it for years. I've always liked steady-state cardio. It's easy! But HIIT is really hard but so rewarding. I'm finally burning this fat covering my muscles! My love handles are going down, and the scar with it. Feeling is coming back in my stomach and I still swell after working out but not that bad. I'm very pleased and happy with the results of my tummy tuck.

8 months PO

HIIT, bodyweight exercise, Paleo, eat clean, intermittent fasting - oh my!!

Program almost done

Finishing up week 5 of a 6 Week Body Weight program (mixed with other programs, so stretched to 9 weeks). It's really shaping me all over, including my abs. Eat clean.

10 months gone

Time is flying by. Only 2 more months until my 1 year anniversary. I can do everything normal, no pain. Stomach still numb, with a little bit of feeling. I'm wondering will it always feel like this?

Still working out hard, 4-5 days a week. Will continue with my fitness goals. So happy I did this. No regrets.


My scar is very dark right now and will probably remain this way for a while. No fading scars on this skin. I don't care about the color of the scar, just that the scar still shows above my pants. High wasted jeans and workout pants are now my friends.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pollock was very patient in answering my questions and showing me his presentation. He's one of the leading doctors using the drainless tummy tuck so I have every confidence in him. *Update: Dr. Pollock's staff is wonderful. Everyone is so sweet and pleasant, from the receptionist, to his nurse Casey, and especially Dr. Pollock himself. Whenever I have a problem all I have to do is call and they tell me to come right in. Nurse Casey is who I see every time and she's patient with answering my questions and getting me ready for the doc. I never have to wait long and they know me by face. I recommend this office 100%.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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