Scar Revision After Breast Reduction/Lift

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So I go in for my scar revision on my right breast...

So I go in for my scar revision on my right breast after a serious wound that developed just two weeks after breast reduction/lift surgery. (see earlier posts) Its been one year since my breast reduction/lift. I really didn't want this scar revision but I almost feel forced to do so because its ugly and very tender/sensitive. I'm hoping by going through with this that the discomfort will be gone and so will that ugly mess of a scar.

Day one post op

I would say the worst part of the procedure was all the injections I had to receive in my breast to numb it. After that I didn't feel a thing. The whole procedure took about 45min. This was all done in my plastic surgeons office. I was given pain meds but I do have a high threshold for pain so I never needed any pain meds just took tylenol for the first 12 hours and that was it! I was told to just take it easy the first few days. I go back on the 3rd day post op and have the stari-strips changed (this is for added protection to keep stitches secure so I don't have another mishap) I have yet to see what my incision looks like or how many stitches I have. Im just praying for a perfect outcome! I will keep posting my progress.


I was very nervous to do this scar revision as I stated in my pre op post, and now seeing how much better it looks and the sensitivity/tenderness is all gone, I couldn't be more thrilled over doing it!!
It wasn't even painful after the fact of the revision. I did bruise and have a little swelling and stayed bruised for many weeks as you can see by the pictures, but all in all easier the the breast reduction!
The last picture shown is 12 weeks post op! DONE! AND VERY HAPPY!
Please feel free to ask me any questions! If you are in this situation I recommend doing the scar revision.

6 Months after Scar Revision

Scar is now looking more faded, and there is no pain what so ever! DONE!! and VERY HAPPY!

6 month picture after scar revision

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