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I always HATED my lips. My top lip was wayyy...

I always HATED my lips. My top lip was wayyy smaller than my bottom and the space between lips and nose was too long. It showed my bottom teeth only. I couldn't leave the house without lip liner to over line my lips and make them appear slightly bigger. When I was little it didn't matter much because my nose was super tiny but as you get older your nose grows and so mine did. It made my face look unproportional. So fast forward i started researching lip procedures and came upon the lip lift! After doing extensive research I came upon pictures of patients done by Dr. Rodriguez in MD. I was impressed with all the pictures I saw by him so I booked a virtual consultation. I live out of state btw. We spoke and he was very nice, asked me why and what I wanted. It all went great. Then I booked my appointment with his people once I was ready. Well I finally had it done yesterday! I went in the day before for the in person consultation where he measures the distance of the lip and how much you want to take off. He asked me to show him how I wanted my lip to look, then he measured. He also took some before pics . We spoke some more, and he's so calm and collected. I put my trust in him. I think he really knows his stuff. I left feeling assured. The following day I was nervous. I took the medication they prescribed to calm my nerves. Let me tell you-the anaesthesia shots hurt! Then it was a weird sensation after where my top lip felt super low, on my tongue. It was a strange feeling! after that I didn't feel anything. No pain just pressure, tugging etc. like I knew he was doing it but I didn't feel it. He also told me when he would begin.
The procedure took about less than an hr I believe. Afterwards I was all swollen! I wasn't in pain afterwards at all, still numb till about a few hours later. my nose, lips, cheeks and face was all swollen and is right now. I will insert pics below. It is only the day after for me so I am in a lot of pain.

Result pictures-right after

Hey guys, sorry I never finished it, and I will keep updating. Dr. Rodriguez is the only doctor I trusted to do this and touch my face. I've seen some horror pictures and was very very scared. It is the face after all. I'm loving the results right now but it's all about how I heal and how it looks in a Few months. I put unsure right now because you don't get the full results until later, as you know. I was also scared because I had a very prominent cuspids bow(very m shaped top lip) so I was scared about it being more m of he lifted it but as of right now it seems to look good. He lifted more towards the Center and I believe brought me to a 1.0. I was a 1.5. I wanted the very bottom of my top teeth to show but let's see because my teeth are short. Here are pics of me right after surgery. I hated my side profile and I can tell it has made it look SO much better. But yes I am VERY swollen right now. The day after was horrible for me and the worst. I couldn't eat cause of the medications , I was nauseous, couldn't sleep. My whole face hurt! My cheeks, forehead. Nose , lips, had a huge headache. But everyone reacts differently. You have to take a lot of pills so it doesn't get infected and for pain, so you have to eat but that was hard for me. I will update again, today is day 3 so I will add more pics as it heals. Thanks :) If you are scared of doing it don't be. Go to him, he knows his stuff. I also drove in from out of state, it was 3 hrs driving for me l. I went with a relative so they drove after the surgery and I left the next day. Btw my nose looks huge but it is just super swollen. I love my nostrils and that is something I spoke to him about, it was a big concern to me that they don't look different after. They look the same right now, just very swollen.

Day 3

Just wanted to show you. I got really bad, big bruises under my top lip. You can see the black and blues, so once that goes away in sure my lip won't be as big. (I'm loving the plumping effect) haha just not thaaat big I guess. They did ask me if I bruise easily and I never realized so keep that in mind, if you do. It feels weird touching it with my tongue. Today-on day 3 my swelling has subsided a little bit, though I am still swollen. I think the anti swell medication they prescribed and antibiotics are helping. Like I said, I'm trying to avoid the pain medication, as it makes me nauseas if I don't eat well so I'm in a bit of pain around my lips and nose. I have to wait I think another day to take Motrin. I also can't eat certain foods, no bending over too much. The sleeping part is the worst lart. It also feels so good when I apply a bag of frozen peas on it for a little bit.

Days 3,4 and 5

Swelling continues to go down and I'm not in pain as much. I don't really need the pain meds and I didn't even like them because they made me nauseous. The hardest part for me is sleeping. I sleep flat, I like a flat pillow so I woke up today with my face and cheeks swollen because you're supposed to sleep sitting a little up. Here are some pics. The swelling on my top lip has gone down a lot and the bruises on the inside I believe went away, I don't feel, see them. I went to work and wore a mask and that was hard because people kept making me laugh and I was trying so hard not to, and it hurt. My teeth show from an angle below but not if I stare straight into the mirror. I don't mind that right now. My cheeks and jowls are swollen still and the glue, everything is still there. It stings every now and then. The bottom of my nose-nostrils still look big. Also my side profile looks soooooo much better! In so happy. I wish I could post pics. And as of right now it all looks even, in so happy with that. Because I have a very M shaped top lip I was worried about that but again, I will wait to see how i heal :) Any questions feel free to ask.


Question- does anyone know what happens if i laugh a lot? At work they keep making me laugh and i try not to and it hurts! Will it make my lip droppy? :(


UPDATE! It's now almost 2 wks. Swelling went down a ton! I think my lips are at the final result of what they are going to look like. My nose , cheeks are still a little swollen. My nostrils are almost back to normal but the tip of my nose, inside feels numb and hard. My lips have peeled A LOT, your lips get dry. I've been moisturising a lot with natural lip balm made with Shea and cocoa butter. The glue all fell off and what's left is a red mark under my nose. It been red lately because I laugh and talk a lot at work. I also tried to cover with concealer but it doesn't quite look right. At night I wash it with the antibacterial cetaphil soap bar and apply ointment and the scar cream. In the morning spf and a tiny bit of scar cream. It itches here and there, I heard that's normal. And feels really tight. It hurts to laugh. I want to kill my coworkers for making me laugh lol I have to hold my mouth. I like how my lips look now but I think I wish I had taken a few more mm off. My teeth show if you are looking at me from underneath but not from straight ahead. I still over line to make them look full because they are not naturally full( not the top lip). I'm thinking of trying fillers just for my top lip. I loved the swollen look a few days after surgery LOL. But I hate temporary things, I can't keep up with getting fillers all the time but I will look into it. I hope the scar fades over time. I'm also taking arnica Montana natural tablets for better healing. You let them dissolve under your tongue.
Lastly for anyone thinking of doing this -def do it! I'm happy I did. Wish I did it sooner. And go with your gut about how much you want taken off.

Even more recent pics

I'm trying to post them in order so bare with me :) in the mornings( like someone else mentioned) swelling is a bit more so lips look a little fuller. Then it goes away as the day goes by. My Cupid's bow is more prominent, for anyone that wanted to know. It's very point and I don't like that so I change it a little with lip liner. The space between my nose and top lip is prettier now though :) one nostril is still a little rounder than the other but they are slowly going back to normal. The tip however is still swollen and feels weird to touch. It still feels sorta numb . Is that normal?

Update-on nose mostly

So since I got the lip lift I feel like my nose hasn't gone back to 100% normal. Others say it has but i know my self and it still feels off. I don't know if I have more tissue inside or what but the tip feels bigger. I hear swelling can take up to a year to go down and it's been almost 9 months. I still have a raised scar under the nose, it has gone down a lot but still there. Als my smile is not back yet but I think the scar is putting pressure on it and not letting me smile fully. Someone I spoke to said I might be allergic to dissolvable sutures, that may why my scar is raised(and I'm thinking the sutures inside may have raised tissue as well?). I will have to ask the scoot about that.
Another thing that is happening ever since the surgery. Btw these are not terrible-just things to notice if you are planning on getting the surgery. I don't know what's up with my sinuses. Since I got the surgery my nose runs a lot, i constantly feel like I have to clear my nose. When I massage the scar in a certain spot my nose runs or tickles inside. Super weird. Anyhow tons of the swelling went down and I see the final result-except for my nose tip not being back to normal. I would totally do it again to get more taken out but super afraid of changing my nose further, and the healing process is so long and dreadful. And painful!

Updated pics

Just took some pics for those that asked about my nose etc . You can slightly see the raised scar-had concealer on but rubbed some off for the pic. I'm the pics they don't show as much. They don't bother me in person much either, I just put make up. But mine did raise and I want to see if I can get laser or something done for it. I did try the scar tape but it made me itch so bad I always remove it. Also I have lipstick on, it is slightly overdrawn as I usually do. But you can get an idea of how it looks now. Will try to get some pics with nothing on my lips as well but my lips are so light in color it's hard to tell. Also my nose-do you see that tip in the middle of the nostrils? Do not know the proper name of it. Anyhow it has always gone down like that but I feel like it hasn't 'fully' gone down in swelling making it appear a tiny bit bigger(more noticeable). I don't know what else. Some days it looks fine, other days I notice it. As far as the rest of my nose it is feeling more and more like my old nose :D At first I felt like my nostrils were most visible but as I did excersizes and masaged it I think it went back to normal. Also I think the swelling made it appear that way. I also don't have my smile back 100%. The scar is putting pressure and makes it a little right still. I've included some pics with the camera angled underneath as well as straight, as well as me slightly smirking lol Also you can see with my mouth open my teeth are still covered by my top lip. I do have tiny teeth also. But right after the surgery I did have a little tooth show. I do think it did 'drop' a little and would love to get more out but the gruesome recovery is just too much for me. I also am afraid of damaging my nose as I did feel like I got a nose job after the way it felt lol Any questions feel free to ask.

He has great bedside manner. Very nice, calm, eased my nerves. He listened to what I wanted carefully and said his thoughts as well. He did explaining etc

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