My Present to Myself. Too Young on the Inside to Be Looking Like Old on the Outside. Asheville, NC

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Day 2. Dr. Harley was awesome and so is his staff....

Day 2. Dr. Harley was awesome and so is his staff. I've never felt more at ease in a plastic surgeons office before until yesterday until it was time for Dr. H to walk me into his surgical room. From then on out it was a pretty easy ride. I returned home this morning after seeing him for my follow up visit and everything looks great. To be honest the only negatives is having to sleep upright with that horrible contraption of a wrap, its pretty tight, but its taken off the next morning, what a relief. And also the swelling and tightness. But all will be better after icing the next several days. So glad I found this site and Dr. Harley and especially another woman who had it done, she gave me great advice and made me feel good about proceeding to have it done.

My BL Journey

Things are good so far. Go back this friday to Asheville to get my stitches out. Its day 5 and I took a shower finally. No pain at all, the biggest thing is the swelling and numbness on my earlobes and behind my ear lower neck. Sleeping is a pain, very hard to sleep almost upright, so during the day I'm catching up since night time isn't happening. My husband is amazed how awesome it looks right now, but hoping its awesome even more when the swelling eases up. If anyone needs some questions answered, feel free to email me.

Just another better before pic!

1week and 2 week pics

1 week post, took selfie while I'm driving to Dr. Harleys for stitch removal and 2 week post, trying to smile.
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

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