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I have had 2 kids, one is turning a year old this...

I have had 2 kids, one is turning a year old this month and one will turn 5 in March. They both did a number on my tummy! I have stretchmarks all over my stomach and of course have the loose skin and the bulge that just won't go away no matter how much I try. I have always had a little bit of a bulge in my tummy area, so I have been looking at a TT for quite a while, and finally I have all the children I want and am willing to do it. After reading a lot of the posts on this website I am way more informed than just looking around the internet like I had been for a couple years! I'm soo glad I found this website! :) I am getting a little nervous now that the date is actually set, but I believe it'll so be worth it in the end! :) I'll post pics when it gets closer to time to go in!

Well now only 4 more days until surgery! :) I'm no...

Well now only 4 more days until surgery! :) I'm no longer as nervous, now I'm getting excited! Finally going to do this for myself. I have been reading many posts on here and they help with so many questions. I am thankful I found this site when I did, so that I could use the tips given! Thank you to everyone who has posted on this website, it is such a useful tool! I will post pictures of before and after, once I get my surgery, probably a couple days after. I am making some soups that I can freeze, and some chili, and easy meals for my husband to make, so that I don't have to worry about that! :) Can't wait for the day to get here, so I can have the new me!

Just wanted to keep ya'll up to date on me! :) I...

Just wanted to keep ya'll up to date on me! :) I am doing really good now, pain is very manageable now. I finally got a shower last night and that made me feel so wonderful! I went and seen my doc again yesterday too, he said that he still thinks I'm going to have excellent results, but there is an area that he was a little worried about, in the middle the discoloration above the cut, but he said it looks ok, because there is still blood flow to it. I go back again on Saturday. It doesn't look quite like I thought it would, but the doc says it's going to look great once it heals. I uploaded my before and after that I have right now, and will keep uploading as I heal. I don't want to say if it is worth it right now or not, I will wait and see how my results are a little farther down the road.

WooHoo!! I am drain free!!! :) Doc took out my...

WooHoo!! I am drain free!!! :) Doc took out my drains today, saying that I am healing up really well and doing great! :) I am so excited that the drains were taken out, cause I wasn't expecting to get them out today, but I did! :) Plus, it's so surprising how great you feel after they are removed. But you still have to realize you are healing and can't do anything still. I am only 8 days post op, but after the drains came out I feel so great! Other than that, i am going stir crazy!! I have been watching movies, playing around on the net, and reading some books. But I am ready to be able to get up and actually do stuff, but know that I still have to wait! Just wanted to let everyone know how I'm doing!! Thanks for everything everyone too! :)

Just updating with some photos. This is 11 days...

Just updating with some photos. This is 11 days post-op. I do have to say, I'm already loving the figure that I now have! :)

Just wanted to update, I went and seen the doc...

Just wanted to update, I went and seen the doc again yesterday. Everything looks good, except there is one spot that I'm going to lose some skin, just because of blood flow, nothing that my doc did. But I'm standing up pretty straight now and don't take anything for the pain anymore, haven't for quite a few days, so that's good. My doc said that I should let the incision air out for like an hour or two a day, so I don't wear the binder for like an hour a day. It feels weird to not wear it though. My doc also said that in like 2 weeks I won't need to wear the binder anymore, I figure I'll probably buy some spandex to wear for a little longer. :) I'm a little worried about that area of skin loss, but doc says that it'll wind up ok, so I believe it will be, cause I chose him cause I trust him. Well, I don't go in to see the doc again for 2 weeks, unless I get worried about that area, then the doc said I can call him and come in that same day. :) But I'm feeling excellent and just ready for the swelling to be done.

I'm 3 weeks post op now. Just wanted to update my...

I'm 3 weeks post op now. Just wanted to update my pics. the black spot is skin necrosis, but it is already getting better, but I'm not happy about it, cause it'll take longer to heal, but oh well. Just one of those things. Still pretty happy with my results, but I'm ready for the swelling to go away! :)

Well went to the doc yesterday! I am now 4 weeks...

Well went to the doc yesterday! I am now 4 weeks post-op and feeling great! ;) Still have the area of skin necrosis, but it'll heal up eventually and the doc said that if I don't like the scar in 6 months, then they can do a scar revision right there in his office! :) Still really happy with my results, the doc says he thinks that it's going to be one of his best tummy tucks, when it's done healing! :) So excited about that. I no longer have to wear the binder either! Yah!! :) It was starting to get really uncomfortable, so it's gone now! ;) I uploaded some new pics so ya'll could see! Hope everyone out there is doing good, and healing up good or getting excited about their TT! ;)

Dr. Laverson is wonderful, his office staff are great. They are all very professional and friendly. He sat and held my hand while they were getting me to sleep right before the surgery. he is great to talk to and every time that I have needed to talk to him I have been able to get in touch with him for questions.

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