Breast Reduction on the way **38DDDD/E** - scheduled for Sept.19th

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I finally had my consultation I've been waiting...

I finally had my consultation I've been waiting for this consultation for 2 months I drove 1hr and 35mins to make this appt. I arrived on time at 10:45 am, my appt was at 11:00 am I arrived early to filled out a few of the papers medical history blah blah blah. I was escorted back to see the infamous Gregory Park. He was very pleasant and nice went over my medical history examined my breast, all this time i thought i was a DD only to discover I'm a DDDD/E per MD even more of a reason to go forth with the surgery. He explained everything to me which i thought was good he answered every question I had made me feel very comfortable. I told him after my long months of research i feel very confident in him his before and after photos are unmatched by any other surgeon i've seen and i've researched alot! I'm so excited 10/2/14 seems sooo far away being my birthday is the 5th what a great birthday present to myself! ive paid my deposit and the balance has to be paid by 09/17/14! so i just have to play the waiting game ladies! whoo hoo soon to be apart of the ibtc :-) Ill keep you guys posted as the time draws nearer~Besos

Soon to be no MORE!

Just a few pics of my before!

More before pics

Surgery Date changed

My ps called and they had to change my surgery day to October the 3rd simply because surgery center was booked on my initial date. I also requested if I could have lipo on the sides of my boobs and of course for 700.00 more which I was surprised thought it would've been more! I rather get it all done I would hate to have perky breast but then be distracted by side boob fat ???? ! So I'm scheduled for 7:30 am but I have to be there at 6:30 am ! My bf and I are gonna stay in Oceanside for 4 days at marriott since my drains won't come out till Monday I'd rather be close to my ps in case something goes wrong! So I'm just on the count down now 70 days remaining *sigh*

Not a good day!

Hi ladies I'm just feeling so overwhelmed I know my surgery date is approaching nonetheless I'm having more and more shoulder pain last nite it was so bad I couldn't sleep took Tylenol with some relief! I'm just over this already trying to get ready for the gym and I almost broke down its as tho they are growing everyday :-( I'm so depressed today! Two months seems so far away! Don't mean to be on here whining but I just needed to vent! Thanks for listening ladies ????

BREAKING news!!!

Ok my ladies I happened to call my ps office it was not answer I decided not to leave a message. To my surprise the office calls me back and it my PS yes he called me back I explained to him that I was having my pre-op on the 17th of Sept. And wanted to know if I could move my date up since everything will be paid on the 17th of sept. He was very nice and was willing to call the the surgery center to see if the 19th of Sept. Was available! He called me back and said I have exciting news the date is available we was on the phone for awhile he asked me was I staying in Oceanside after surgery and suggested where I should stay which was helpful so I will be canceling my room at he marriot and stay at he 6 motel he said it's walking distance to his office and it would save me a lot of money. I was planning on staying in Oceanside for a 6 days just in case something happened but he said will be fine that he would see me Saturday and then come back for drains to be removed monday! He was so nice and informative I was rushed he went into detail regarding the diff incisions and everything!
Now I'm super excited I'm 4weeks away I really need to get prepared now! So I'll be 2 weeks post-op on my bday 10-05 that's better! It's really happening I don't know what to buy I don't wanna buy things I will not really use! I need some help ladies.

I bought supplies

I went and picked up supplies thanks to esotericahalo for helping me out with that :-) ! I only bought one bra cause I'm not sure on what size I will be, it took me forever to decide on this one bra my poor exhusband/boyfriend is thee best so patient and helpful ** we were married and now dating again** I need another blog on that :)
I chose a 36 the 38 fit to perfectly so I'm hoping this will suffice! Purchased everything from walmart except the pillow snatched that at target! Well if I missed something's let me know ladies!

Having a moment with the girls :-)

All alone!!!

I'm 10 days away from my surgery and I'm hit with this this dilemma ... The bf who was going to be with me through out my procedure has since bailed on me he can't be there or I should say doesn't want too he has his reasons and that's ok ! My opinion he's insecure and as the date is approaching he's being so unsupportive saying this surgery will change me .... Uh yes NOMORE back pain ugly shoulder indentions etc!
I've asked 2 friends who are not available and my mom has obligations as well I have to stay two days in Oceanside the commute is to far for a lot of back in forth driving! I don't know what to do they said I have to have someone drive me after and be with me 24 hrs after I can't be left alone! I'm so frustrated rt now all this is happening rt at the end it's overwhelming I've been searching recovery houses out there in Oceanside and found none! The ex/bf I'm glad he showed his colors I only want positive and positive energy around me ! I'm completely stuck! Don't know what to do only 9 days to figure it out :-( I'm suppose to be excited at this moment and all I feel is frustration I slept only 1 hour last night trying to figure this out! Oh well it is what it is!

1 more week! Ahhhhh!

This day next week I will be on the other side yay! My bras came from Veronique I love there post surgical garments I bought 2 blk and champagne.
I called my ps and inquired about abdomen lipo since and I'm getting side boob lipo figured I might as well kill as many stones as I possibly can! Lol I'm waiting for a quote on that. But on another note the office informed me that my Dr. Is decreasing my total amount by 200.00 bucks because I'm paying cash woohoo! Owed a bal of 7700.00 but now I'll only have to pay 7500.00 I'm excited about that! Not sure what the additional lipo will be but I'll cross that bridge wen I get there so for now it's just the boobies getting done! My next post will be the morning of surgery! I'm almost there ... Ahhh the feeling :-)

I'm a nervous wreck!

My surgery is 28 hours away I'm so nervous it has all just hit me I was excited now I'm just a ball of nerves!!! Trying to distract myself not sure why I'm feeling so overwhelmed Rt now! All this thoughts and what ifs is driving me crazy I literally broke down and cried yesterday in my bedroom I didn't wanna make my family scared and emotional too! Trying to be strong im not really as excited as I was previous weeks is this normal? I'm up at almost 3 in the morning tossing and turning! My preop is at 2pm he's doing his markings and then surgery is at 7! I'll post the preop marking pictures tomorrow! Thank you to all my BR ladies I appreciate all the love and support! Oh one question when does this feeling end I can just imagine the morning of surgery sigh!

Pre-op done

Can I just say I love my ps and is wife they are so adorable!! I arrived to my preop on time at 2:00 pm I changed into my robe and I love their robes so soft ... I discussed my concerns of waking up and my breast are still big and I discussed I would like to be small as small as I could be without compromising my nipple I asked him to get as close to the line as much as almost kissing it! Lol not to concerned about them being symmetrical he already has a eye for symmetry! He took pictures then did all my markings I'm happy with everything he said he could take approximately 6 lbs off that's a lot of boob! Just talking with him and his wife really calmed my nerves! The excitement has returned ...yay! I have to be at the surgery center at 7am but he said they will take me to surgery at 830 but he won't start until 9a have to allow anesthesia to kick in surgery should be 4 hrs because of the side boob lipo! I'll have drains until Monday but won't get to see the girls until Saturday morning at 9 at my post op appt! He also gave 2oz of skin medica scar recovery gel with centelline but not to use until 2 weeks after and wants me to get the silicone nipple petals. I'm on Percocet , promethazine (nausea) , levofloxacin (antibiotic ) . So tomorrow is the day!!!!he asked me to be gentle with bathing the girls tonite to preserve the markings. Last night with the girls ima send them out with a bang time to turn-up! ;-) ciao !

Wrong info! Sorry!

Sorry typo!!! 3 lbs total he could remove easily said approx. 700 gms each breast or more! Not 6lbs sorry my error!

Recovery gel

Today's the day

I slept good woke up thirsty however but didn't break dr orders nothing after MN! I showered good made sure I shaved everything not sure when I would feel comfortable to do again! I'm here at the surgery center in my lil rm watching tv with warm blankets waiting to see the anesthesiologist! Not to nervous had prayer this morning with my family I know I'm covered by the blood! Amen!
So now I'm just waiting next time I post I will finally be on the other side woohoo! Thanks for all the well wishes smooches!


Just wanted to show some pics of rt now really groggy I'll give more of update later .... Pics keep being rejected :( ima keep trying just got back to hotel I had to stay longer cause my HEART RATE! Was way high 120 and oxygen level was way low at room air 88 needed to be 94-100 gave meds to bring hr down took awhile they told me to took deep breaths continuously finally upon leaving it was 94 at rm air and hr was 92! Pain level about 4/10 just really achy in the middle of my chest more than anything else ... Car ride home was not fun but thanks to the pillow! Can't wait to see him tomorrow the ace wrap is not really telling me much but I do feel lighter he removed 1029 n 1069 total tissue with lipo he said 3.5/4 lbs I think well I'll keep trying to upload pics ! Live you guys and thanks again for well wishes!

New boobs

Quick question

Has anyone experience swelling in they arms and hand! I have swelling in my left arm and Hand it feels tingly too just curious to know if others had this happen

I'm so happy

I had to try on one tank I've had this since forever the before was taken yesterday and the after well I'm truly at awe I love them and it's just been 12 hrs lol shopping spree in my future real soon!

The reveal!!!

I love them not much else to say about them I'm extremely happy even my ps got emotional during the unveiling I love him and his wife such beautiful ppl!

Play time

I've been playing with the girls trying on clothes that didn't properly fit and now they do it's a feeling to surreal wake me am I dreaming!!!

Post op day 4

My recovery so far has been ok really sore I finished my 5 antibiotics which is good, I've been resting a lot in the recliner still tend to walk bent over I have to remind myself I don't have the extra weight and to pull up! My drains are a pain last night I thought they were pretty much done draining and all of a sudden my friend was helping me with my bra I feel this pain in my left boob I touched my side and blood was coming out of the drain site and the left tube started to fill with dark red blood quickly! My left boob started to swelling it freaked me out so I called my ps last night he wants me to come in today at 1030a he instructed me to put on a bra that has some compression... I can tell my left boob isn't soft as before and it's bigger than righty I hope nothing is going on really bad! Other than that I've been just itchy all over and sore not much of an appetite drinking a lot of water. Had my first shower sat and I'll have another one this morning... For now I'm gonna bathe every other day until I feel better it really exhausts me! I'll have more after I see my ps today.

Follow-up appt

I saw my ps today everything is fine with my breasts, no hematoma both breast are soft and healing great! I could've gotten my right drain tube removed today but I decided to let it remain until my left one is ready to be removed! Ps stated that I could've popped a stitch near a blood vessel and that's where all the blood was pulling from but everything is good I just have to keep the drainage tube a little longer! I also got my pathology report back everything is a ok my breast were made up of mostly fat tissue stead of fibrous tissue which is good so the chances of them growing back is slim to none! Today was a great day did some shopping although it's to early to tell but I tried on a couple of bras for fun and I fit 36B cup amazing! This has truly given me the boost and motivation to take better care of myself the possibilities are endless I'm so in love with my reflection I'm finally comfortable in my own skin!

Short recovery video

One week post op

Well well I'm one week post op time really flies it seemed like I was just anxious about having one more week to go and now I'm one week post-op!
I must say my recovery has been a breeze no real bruising no drainage from my incisions nothing really now these drains are a hotmess I get them removed today I'm excited about that :-)! My only issue is the bloating not as bad as couple of days ago but o where I wana be neither ! My bowels are great , my appetite still not 100% still drinking a lot of water! Not much to report other than the girls are taking shape the are soooo soft but firm and
bouncey lol I love them! Still can't beleive they are mines I check often throughout the day to make sure they are still there!!! Lol I'm serious!!! Still in the recliner I find that it's most comfortable for me! Oh and still sore on my sides where the lipo was but no bruising at all guess I'm not a bruiser was surprised about not having the Frankenstein boobs but I'm not complaining either! Well that's all for now I'll update soon!


Drains removed

Got drains removed very uncomfortable feeling but what a difference on how I feel awesome have to keep bra on for 24hrs for compression! It's all down hill from here happy Friday my BR family!

Video shoot!

I received a call from my ps last week asking me if I would consider doing a video for his business I was so shocked and happy! I was one of three selected! when I tell you I couldn't of chose no better ps I truly mean it! He is an amazing ps his personality is so warm and inviting he still calls me to check on me his staff is amazing also I love them so much!
So I arrived at 11am and the two other women was there they had a nice layout of food for us just really nice we were all so nervous the other ladies were friendly I enjoy going to his office! The videographer arrived went over a few things and we started to tape I was second in line I was so nervous but I did it in one take its something about haveing a camera up in your face makes you nervous and lost for words nonetheless he made me comfortable and I spoke from my heart! It's a one minute video that we'll be edited So we Shall how my part came out! I'm just honored to have been selected!
On a different note the girls are doing great my tape is still intact I'm 17 days post op ps said just let it fall of when it wants too! Seems like it doesn't lol! I noticed a small bruise on my left breast above the tape ps said everything is ok it's just a bruise not to worry everything looks good! I'm sleeping on my sides now so maybe thats what caused it! I'm mainly sore first thing in the morning but fades shortly there after! They're soft just a couple hard spots where the lipo was on the sides and a little along the incision but I can push them together and slightly grab them with no pain! I love my new girls so much... I guess that's it for now my ps did me proud! My family says if you flash us one more time we gone pump your breast full of fat in your sleep!! Lol I died! I'll write again soon! xoxoxo

4 weeks update

Over all everything is good I'm back to my usual activities .. Started scar therapy twice a day! I'm still sore in the mornings! My incisions look good to me for 4 weeks post op! They are tender still wen I massage them! Not quite sure my size I ordered 38B bras some fit and others are too big so I'm in A cups too depending on the bra! But nothing over a B cup! I'm so happy just hoping I regain sensation in my rt nipple but if not I'm a lefty nipple anyways alls have been so im glad I have sensation there! So everything is good! Too my ladies going forth good luck and to my ladies on the other side happy healing and shopping :-) ... Smooches xoxoxo

Can't believe it's been almost 3 yrs

All I can say is I love my boobs I'm a 36 A cup and couldn't be happier ???? They weren't at first but I've lost 56 lbs so they are small and I love it ????????????
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