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I am a mother to a wonderful 6-year old and have...

I am a mother to a wonderful 6-year old and have been contemplating BA since I was a teenager. After nursing for a year, I went from a 34A to a 34AA. I think because I started out small, and only grew to about a 34B while nursing, my boobs remain fairly perky. I have a strong build, and a prominent butt, so it'd be nice to be more proportional. I do appreciate and love my small boobs (makes certain things, like running, easier!) but bigger boobs would make me feel super confident naked and in anything with a plunging neckline.

The aesthetic I'm aiming for is one that has a natural slope, not a lot of fullness at the upper pole, but with lots of fullness at the lower pole. I described to my PS that I just want to have moderately large boobs that look like they belong to a healthy 32yo. I'm pretty set on getting anatomic implants over the muscle. I know it's not conventional here in the US, but after discussing it with my PS, I feel it's the right decision. I do crossfit 5-6 times a week, and explosive upper body movements are the norm. We don't just do strict pull-ups (i.e., from a dead hang), but we also do kipping/swinging pull-ups that are very dynamic and require flexibility as well as strength. We also do a lot of olympic lifting movements (cleans, snatches). I think if I were still a gym rat doing strict pull-ups, pushups, bench presses, I'd go with under the muscle. But with crossfit, I think over is better.

Right now I'm trying to decide between 270cc tall, moderate plus mentor memory shape implants or 305cc. I feel the 305cc might be too large, especially because I'm going over the muscle. Curious to know what you ladies/gentlemen think! Initially I was debating between the 250cc and 275cc sizers, and my PS told me to go for the larger size. Now I'm wondering if I should go up to the 305cc implants (I initially thought the 300cc sizers were too big). I don't want to go any bigger because my breast width is 12.5cm. The 270cc implants are 11cm wide, and the 305cc implants are 11.5cm wide. My PS said that implants that are at least 1cm narrower than the breast will look most natural, hence 305cc being the upper limit for me personally.

Still deciding on a surgery date, and only 90% sure I'll end up doing this before the end of the year. I think I'm just feeling guilty about it. Also, my bf prefers that I not have surgery: "I prefer natural" and "You should be happy with the way you are now" and "You don't need it." Honestly, I think he probably has Pamela Anderson in mind when he thinks implants, and doesn't realize that implants can look quite natural. In fact, he's probably ogled lots of women who have implants! :-) He's definitely a boob guy, so I can't see how he'd be unhappy after the surgery. Regardless, he acknowledges that it's ultimately my decision. Perhaps I should bring him to my pre-op appointment?

If I end up doing the surgery, it'll likely be in 3-4 months.

Over or Under

Now I'm not sure whether to go over or under. :-/ Overs are not common here in the US but apparently they are more common in EU. Anyone have thoughts on this? I don't plan on going big... but after looking at reviews, in worried I'll regret not going very big. I will say that I don't want to be any more than a full C because of how active I am. But if I end up with a full B I might be very unhappy. Argh.
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