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Five weeks into my Invisalign experience, I...

Five weeks into my Invisalign experience, I currently have mixed feelings. I wore traditional braces for almost 3 years as a teenager (I'm now 54) and as many others have said, retainers were not used past the first year (mine broke anyway and I didn't have the money to buy a new set--I was in college by that time).
So, my front 4 upper teeth and 1 bottom tooth began to shift. In pictures, if I turn a certain way, my teeth will look somewhat straight as long as it's not a close-up picture. I have several older friends who said that their teeth continued to shift as they got older. I didn't want that, so I thought if I straightened them again and kept using the nightly retainer, then it would help me in the long run.

PRO: PRICE-- I knew I didn't want braces again, so after much research, I decided to give Invisalign a try. I checked out 3 local orthos and had a consult with each. Price was not really a factor, but as it turned out, I did go with the ortho that was the least expensive. He gave several discounts that put him under the other 2--and his location was closer. Total cost: $3,500--cash up front (in order to get all the discounts). This was actually cheaper than regular braces

CON: "BUTTONS"-- I knew I was going to get 5 "buttons" on my teeth, as he called them, but didn't realize they would be "horns" as I call them. They're ok when the trays are in, but they bother the side of my mouth when the trays are out.

PRO & CON: I have to wear each tray for 3 weeks because I am taking Miacalcin (not like Fosamax, but it's for my bones). He felt that taking this medication and using Invisalign would be ok and at some point I may switch to only 2 weeks. I'm still waiting to see if I can get through the entire treatment and not have any major problems. The Pro part to this is, by the end of the 2nd week, the trays pop off fairly easy.

PRO: RESULTS-- One thing that may work in my favor, I'm not looking for "perfection." I'm hoping to get my teeth "close to perfect" and based on the video/pictures he showed me, the end result (if I get there) I would be VERY happy with.

CON: Jaw joint pain--2 weeks into wearing them, I began to experience joint pain in my right jaw. I've spoken with the ortho, but he feels it will go away in time. 3 weeks later, I still have it (I can't open my mouth to eat a sandwich, hotdog or hamburger without discomfort). I have one more week on these trays and thought I would see if it goes away when I switch to the 3rd set. It appears I'm not alone with this problems.

CON: NO EATING OR DRINKING--and they mean NONE other than water. I love a drawn out coffee in the morning and a diet coke in the afternoon. I guess I thought I could drink through a straw and it would be ok--it isn't. My lifestyle is changing but fortunately my husband is understanding. I feel I am adjusting better now than I was the first week.

PRO: Adjustments-- Only my front teeth need adjusting. My back teeth apparently bite fine, so they are not supposed to need moving. Although I can feel pressure on some of the side teeth at times. Even still, it will be at least a year until I'm done with the initial plan/program.

PRO: TEETH CLEANING--I was meticulous about keeping my teeth clean before Invisalign, so this isn't a problem for me...other than I never flossed THREE times or more a day...only once.

Some thoughts:
1. Give it time if you are new. It does get better, or perhaps you just fall into a schedule/rut after awhile.
2. Keep your teeth CLEAN. When they say brush and floss after every drink or meal (ok, I don't floss after having a slimfast or diet coke, but I do brush), they mean it. You do not want straight, ROTTEN teeth, right?
3. Put your new trays in at night (or after dinner) and take two motrin/aleve/tylenol, whatever you take for discomfort. In the morning, they will be easier to take out, your teeth will have had 8-10-12 hours to "adjust" to the new trays, and you will have slept through most of the initial discomfort of using a new tray.
4. Take some pictures. I am amazed at what I see already, although it is VERY minor. I probably wouldn't have been able to notice it if I didn't have digital pictures side-by-side to look at.

HELP: I would appreciate any thoughts on how others handle going out to eat. We go out to eat with others a LOT. I wait to take the trays out until I'm at the restaurant (bathroom), but I often can't put them back in until I am home and that can be 2 hours later. Some tips would be appreciated.
Also, what has been the outcome of anyone who experienced jaw joint pain? Did you have to discontinue Invisalign, did it go away eventually, what are you doing, etc?

I'll check back every couple days. Hopefully I can encourage someone...I know I've been encouragedby some of the postings on this sight. -- Heather

Done...well almost

I've been done with my bottom teeth since the end of January. I can finally go about 5-6 hours without the trays. If I go much longer, I feel more "tightness" than I'd like. But having them out for even a few hours feels like freedom!!

The top trays will be done next week. I'll still have to wear them full-time for about another 3-4 months (like the bottom trays). But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

The only down side is a little black triangle between my front 2 teeth; not always noticeable, but I know it's there. However, this was my decision. I opted out of any IPR (for reasons too difficult to explain in written word). However, at my age (55) I'm not looking for perfection...just a nice smile with straight teeth. AND I GOT THAT!! Yes. I am very happy. I'll try to post a before and after photo in the next couple of days.

Oh, my jaw pain...completely gone about halfway through treatment. Apparently with the realignment of my teeth, it put my jaw back where it should be.

I am now thrilled that I began this journey. At times I thought it would never end, but after almost a year (10 months now), I wonder where the time went.

Love the end result

I've been done with the lower trays since January. I have my final lower retainer but not sure I like the material/feel. I was considering IPR and refinements for the uppers but I've changed my mind. I'm not looking for perfection and with overly sensitive teeth, I don't want to tempt fate. I have 18 months to change my mind. I've been done with the top since May and can go without wearing the tray for about 3 hours. The bottom trays I leave out now for 12-14 hours.

Finally done!

Thought I would make it official...I am done with my treatment and have been wearing the retainers only at night for awhile now. So many people, close friends and strangers, have commented on how happy I seem/look. I know I smile more now...and probably a bigger smile, since I'm happy to show off my straight teeth. According to my ortho, they're not 'perfect' -- but for me they are since I really don't want to have my teeth filed anymore. And I saw the pics and don't care for the new shape they would have to be to move onto refinements. But I have about 16 months left to change my mind.

It was a long journey but it really did go by fast.

Retainers for a lifetime

I think I'll never get past having to wear my retainers every night-I feel afraid they will go crooked again in the middle of the night. But, on the plus side, I do have a tendancy to clench/grind my teeth, so I also don't have to wear a night guard--the retainer acts as that and I find I'm not clenching or grinding my teeth like I used to. Yes, my teeth may not be "textbook perfect" or "movie star quality" but for me, at my age, I am thrilled that they are 'straight' and I have no more jaw pain or cracking/popping.
I still feel like I've "forgotten something" by not having the trays in during the day. And I find that I'm slacking off on brushing my teeth after every meal because I don't have to rush to put trays back in. I see the hygenist in another month, so I'll see if my oral health has gone downhill. Hopefully not.
I'm still amazed at how fast this time seems to have flown by. 20 months ago I felt like it would last FOREVER, and I often wanted to quit, but kept telling myself "2 more weeks." I'm glad I stayed with it.
Good luck, if you're just starting out. It will go by quickly when you look back. Trust me. And, 'happy smile-congrats' if you are almost done.
Ocala Orthodontist

So far, Dr. Montini has been nothing but great. He spent a LOT of time going over my concerns and questions. He personally called 2 weeks in to see how I was adjusting and if I had any further questions/concerns. I liked his bedside manner and his office staff /assistants were great, polite, helpful, etc.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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