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I am have a breast lift with saline implants on...

I am have a breast lift with saline implants on the day before Thanksgiving. Dr. James Rogers is my surgeon. I am so excited to have my girls back up where they belong! All of your stories have been very helpful to me so far so I figured I should share my story for the ones coming up behind me. Tit for tat, lol. I will post before pictures soon.

7 days to surgery!!!

I have my final consult in the morning. Guess it is about time to post my before picture... ugh

It is done!

Went in at 7:15 this morning. He did Naturelle saline, 600cc each. Pain was at its worst so far when getting home but was not crazy. Muscles just sore. Had phenergan suppository and 2 percocets and woke with no pain. Took another Percocet at 4 hours and the second one two hours after that. Icing now. I have been out of bed twice for just a few minutes and notice it aches a little when I first stand but nothing that I can't deal with. Pretty much just tired from the drugs. The bra isn't pretty but not as bad as I thought.

Post op Day 1 lift and implant 49yo

The pain is mostly tolerable and I am staying on top of the pain meds. Had my first shower and that really helped relax the muscles. Good grief they look misshapen!!! But I am laughing at it because I knew to expect this from you guys sharing your experiences and I really appreciate that!!!

Shrek boobies!!!

Again - thank goodness you ladies posted updates from every stage and not just the pretty ones!!! My surgery was Wed morning and this morning they look like something out of a Tim Burton film!!! Very sore muscles and they feel hot and belly is bloated. Time for more ice.

49yo, 650cc under muscle saline and a lift - 4 days post

I am pretty much just needing the aleve right now but am holding on the the security blanket of the Percocets for bedtime. They feel heavy and tight. And now I have this weird gurgle I can feel in my left breast. Like bubbles popping or something. I am able to get in and out of bed and chairs fairly easily. I am posting pictures. As you can see, they are still very frankenboob. I have named them Shrek and Quasimodo. I know from all of the skimming I am doing that this too shall pass. Thanks to all who posted before me!!! This sight has been the biggest help!!

Blue day

I cried today. I know that is a thing everyone has mentioned, I just didn't see it coming. I am just tired of the discomfort and tired of being confined In This damned bra and confined In This damned house. This pressure on my chest is so damned uncomfortable. Wah wah wah.

7 days ago I was in surgery

Morning boob still exists but not near as intense. Muscles still cramping up on the regular but I can handle it. Did a load of laundry on my own with no problem. As you can see from the pictures, they are still a long way from being dropped and fluffed by I think they are looking a little lower. I still need the bottom pole to be filled out. Time and patience... but the bruising is much better!


I just tried on my bathing suit top and it made me really happy.

1 week check up good

I got the okay to stop wearing the surgical bra at night but still to wear during the day. Dr. Rogers says no massage yet. He and nurse say incisions and bruising look great though still a lot of swelling under arms. I got the clearance to go back to work on Monday though still no real lifting - my nursing bag is okay to carry as is less than 10 lbs. I go back again next Thursday afternoon. They took off some of the loose steristrips and replaced with clean ones. Things feel heavy and tight but no real pain. I feel very run down today though. I am not sure if it just being up and about or if I may be coming down with something. I started oscillococcinum and zicam just in case. Picked up a couple of cute little bralettes at Target as a treat. Happy healing!

Surgical bra back on!!

I was given the ok by my doctor yesterday to not wear the bra at night. Nope. I was complaining for the last couple of hours to my boyfriend of some discomfort on my right breast, pain on the side and under my arm. I FINALLY thought to put my bra back on - instant relief. The bra isn't so bad after all!

Back to work tomorrow!

Casual BBQ lunch with my babe after church - feeling cute in a v neck Tshirt. My scrub tops still fit so I am good to go for work tomorrow. Feeling the "zingers" - more on my dominant side, the bad girl boob - right side.

V neck t! :)

Still healing

My boobies are tired and sore by the end of my work day. I am careful not to do lifting or pushing/pulling, but just doing my day and all of the driving involved (turning the wheel) makes me sore. Nothing I need pain meds for. Left nipple overly sensitive and right nipple still numb. I still seem to have quite a bit of swelling though I am a bit chubby and am hoping it is not just displaced fat that isn't going away until I diet more :(. The right one is more tender and swollen.

Forgot the picture

And here they are and I love them even though still have a way to go on drop and fluff.

2nd follow up

Time to start massage. Umm - ouch. And my strips are off of my incisions and I am kind skeeved out by my in incisions. Doc and nurse assured me they were looking good. I have never had any type of surgery so to see these incisions on my body is weird. And did I mention the massage does NOT feel good. Just took a pain pill which I have been off of. They said it wound eventually feel good but may be sore for first week or two of massaging twice per day.

Not a fun stage

I am really having trouble looking at my incisions. I can't believe it is bothering me so much as I work in the medical field. Clinically, I know the incisions look good, but as a woman I am really upset by seeing these wounds in my body and have a hard time touching them to apply cream. I hate the way it feels!!!

3 weeks 650cc saline with lollipop lift

Just moving right along. The massages are not as bad as the first few days were. The things that bother me are things that I know are temporary and will be changing as things heal and shift. Worried about areola color though - my natural color has not come back yet in places - they are blanched looking. I know that may get better and I have to give it time, but sometimes it can be permanent :/

Impatient !!!

I am ready for drop and fluff! If I turn just right in photos with a bra or tank on I can see what I may get to later!!!!

Dang it is hard to do boob selfies!!!

Aweolae srill have some puffiness to them. Left one really dropping and making it look bigger right one still higher and more square. Scars are still bright pink but no areas of tenderness and I know I usually have pink scars for a while until they turn white - the lily white skin! Continuing redness across lower poles but not tender or itchy - maybe just late stages from deep bruising or skin stretching?? See pic for redness.

2nd pic for today

Scar feels flat!!!!

Just noticed today that the scar under my lefty is smoothing out!! Not lumpy with collagen build up. Yay!!! More progress!!! Right is still a little lumpy. Will keep massaging scars...

Coming right along

Right breast still higher and shaped a little awkwardly - my dominant side. Aureolas - gaining a bit of color back on left but still very cadaver-ish. Really hope I don't have to do the medical tattooing. No pain, still some minimal swelling esp on right side. I am pleased with the scar healing progress. Both still have red discoloration at bottom of breasts - healing deep bruising? Skin stretching? C'mon healing!!!! But I can rock a tank top now :)


My six week check up was fine and my PS saw the redness and said just takes time. Anyone else experiencing redness this late in the game? No pain or heat to it, just red...

7 weeks post op BA 650cc naturelle saline & lollipop lift

A little more swelling and slightly tender this week. I am not sure if it is because the implants are shifting more into position or if it is because I am less protective now - sleeping on my side, no bra around the house etc. my aureolas are puffier this week. My scars are flattening and look wider as they heal, which is normal scar healing process I know. I am using scar gel and massaging daily. I am feeling pleased with the results but impatient to be through this healing process!!! I can still feel the implant move inside when I shift positions in bed sometimes and that feels creepy!! I still have redness at lower piles both breasts and right still slightly higher and more swollen.

Feeling softer - Naturelle 650cc B&A, lollipop

They feel like natural breasts now, soft yet full. By reading all of the reviews on here I was not surprised to find that I miss the high-ness of the implants now that they have actually dropped into place. But I must say they look better now naked than they did when they had not yet dropped. I can still feel the implant "slosh" sometimes and it is ICKY! The scars are not tender, still slightly raised mostly near the bottom. Some mild redness remains in the lower poles of both breast and still some swelling, right side more than left, mostly in areola and more so in the evenings. The only pain now is the little aches-zaps that show up when ever they want to. It is a sharp pain that is like a point of something or a needle stick and will last a few seconds up to minute. These zaps move around and can't be predicted. They go away pretty quickly but make me involuntarily hold my boob when it happens. Kind of inconvenient when I am working with a patient or in Line at the grocery store, lol. Areola color still not completely recovered. Really fearing I may be one of the statistics that have to get the color tattooed back in.

Lift and implant -650 cc Naturelle saline. LOVE

I am at about 3 mo that and 1 week post op. Scars still fading, zero pain and they have settled in. I have found that I prefer to wear a light stretchy cami-tank with a shelf bra as a bra. Totally worth it. Love my boobs ? there are some bra pressure lines on the pics - those aren't scars.

Lollipop lift w/650 cc saline naturelle- just over 8 months No pain and ??

I turn 50 on Monday. I am overweight. Don't let age or weight hold you back!!! I am very happy and feel more confident and beautiful!! Scars are improving monthly - doc said a year or so to fade.
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