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I am have a breast lift with saline implants on...

I am have a breast lift with saline implants on the day before Thanksgiving. Dr. James Rogers is my surgeon. I am so excited to have my girls back up where they belong! All of your stories have been very helpful to me so far so I figured I should share my story for the ones coming up behind me. Tit for tat, lol. I will post before pictures soon.

7 days to surgery!!!

I have my final consult in the morning. Guess it is about time to post my before picture... ugh

It is done!

Went in at 7:15 this morning. He did Naturelle saline, 600cc each. Pain was at its worst so far when getting home but was not crazy. Muscles just sore. Had phenergan suppository and 2 percocets and woke with no pain. Took another Percocet at 4 hours and the second one two hours after that. Icing now. I have been out of bed twice for just a few minutes and notice it aches a little when I first stand but nothing that I can't deal with. Pretty much just tired from the drugs. The bra isn't pretty but not as bad as I thought.

Post op Day 1 lift and implant 49yo

The pain is mostly tolerable and I am staying on top of the pain meds. Had my first shower and that really helped relax the muscles. Good grief they look misshapen!!! But I am laughing at it because I knew to expect this from you guys sharing your experiences and I really appreciate that!!!

Shrek boobies!!!

Again - thank goodness you ladies posted updates from every stage and not just the pretty ones!!! My surgery was Wed morning and this morning they look like something out of a Tim Burton film!!! Very sore muscles and they feel hot and belly is bloated. Time for more ice.

49yo, 650cc under muscle saline and a lift - 4 days post

I am pretty much just needing the aleve right now but am holding on the the security blanket of the Percocets for bedtime. They feel heavy and tight. And now I have this weird gurgle I can feel in my left breast. Like bubbles popping or something. I am able to get in and out of bed and chairs fairly easily. I am posting pictures. As you can see, they are still very frankenboob. I have named them Shrek and Quasimodo. I know from all of the skimming I am doing that this too shall pass. Thanks to all who posted before me!!! This sight has been the biggest help!!

Blue day

I cried today. I know that is a thing everyone has mentioned, I just didn't see it coming. I am just tired of the discomfort and tired of being confined In This damned bra and confined In This damned house. This pressure on my chest is so damned uncomfortable. Wah wah wah.

7 days ago I was in surgery

Morning boob still exists but not near as intense. Muscles still cramping up on the regular but I can handle it. Did a load of laundry on my own with no problem. As you can see from the pictures, they are still a long way from being dropped and fluffed by I think they are looking a little lower. I still need the bottom pole to be filled out. Time and patience... but the bruising is much better!


I just tried on my bathing suit top and it made me really happy.

1 week check up good

I got the okay to stop wearing the surgical bra at night but still to wear during the day. Dr. Rogers says no massage yet. He and nurse say incisions and bruising look great though still a lot of swelling under arms. I got the clearance to go back to work on Monday though still no real lifting - my nursing bag is okay to carry as is less than 10 lbs. I go back again next Thursday afternoon. They took off some of the loose steristrips and replaced with clean ones. Things feel heavy and tight but no real pain. I feel very run down today though. I am not sure if it just being up and about or if I may be coming down with something. I started oscillococcinum and zicam just in case. Picked up a couple of cute little bralettes at Target as a treat. Happy healing!
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