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I'm 26 years old, 32a (barely), 5' 2.5" and weight...

I'm 26 years old, 32a (barely), 5' 2.5" and weight about 107. I've always hated buying bras for myself because I feel like I'm buying training bras, one because there really is no point for me to buy one (definetly not supporting anything) and two it's embarrassing that my bra size is in the child's department also. And to top off my lovely itty bitty self, I have a birds chest which makes me feel more uncomfortable about myself. I've always wanted implants for as long as I can remember and has progressed since I've gotten older. I'm tired of shirts not fitting right, fighting with bathing suit tops to look somewhat "ok", and finding a bra with decent padding. I've taken the plunge and signe up for care credit and have my first consultation tomorrow and my actual surgey date on 11/25/2013 (te turkey isn't the only thing getting stuffed that week ;) )I've decided with silicone, which is what the dr recommended. I feel like I don't want to get my hopes up to high cause I've been dreaming about this for so long and don't want to be jinxed! I can't wait to flaunt my new look though haha

8 days away

I only have 8 days till my BA!!!! I can't wait till I can feel confident in my clothes! I'm not feeling nervous just yet, just any! Wanted to put a picture up of me in a triangle bathing suit top that I adore but feel so uncomfortable in. No padding, and will most certainly put an after pic up with the same top :)


Last day of having small boobies!

Well tomorrow is the big day! I didn't start feeling anxious till about an hour ago. I can't believe it's really happening! I hope I have everything prepared. I will try to update tomorrow

And I have ta-ta's!!

I'm out and doing alright. It's pretty exciting to look down and see boobies! I got 325cc :)

Evening update

So today has not been bad pain wise, I started taking my Percocet within a 3 hour range but spaced it to 4 hours and then took an extra right before bed to help me sleep. I was surprised about how much I could move around. I dozed off a few times earlier today and about to hit the hay here real soon. I am starting to feel more pressure now, so I'm trying not to move. And I had slight nausea, but did not last shortly. I bought one of those "chair pillows" (not quite sure of the actual name) and I feel like that is such a saver for keeping me propped up and for sleeping. I couldn't tell you how many times I've been on this website today just reading everyone else's progress...absolutely love this site :)

1 day post-op

Love my twins

Sorry it's been a while for an update. I love my new ta-ta's! I feel so confident with them, my body feels complete :) Most of my clothes still fit, or should I say fit better. I really haven't had much pain in this process. I think my monthly cramps hurt worse. Yesterday I had my 1 week post op, he took the steri strips off and and removed the sutures. He said everything looked pretty good but I was still a little swollen. I can start massaging now and use silicone scar cream on my incisions. I think the worst part of this is how sensitive my nipples are, but as long as I wear the granny bra it's not that bad. All in all I'm pretty happy with these guys :)

10 days post op pics :)

Ocala Plastic Surgeon

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