45 Years Young 2 Kids 2 Almost 3 Divorces TT, BL & Reduction and Lipo - Belgium

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I've been waiting for this since I was 20 and had...

I've been waiting for this since I was 20 and had my second child. I promised myself then that I would one day have a Tummy Tuck to repair the massacre that happened to my once immaculate and very near perfect belly.
When I was pregnant I did not show at all and every day I oiled and moisturized my belly to ward of the dreaded stretch marks. I thought I was in the clear as I only had 4 weeks to go until due date when I awoke in the morning to see the gruesome site in the mirror of my now sudden huge belly. I basically popped out over night which was just too much for my skin and I tore from my back to my front. Dark purple ugly strips which looked like I had received a flogging. Well as you can imagine I cried and cried and it took me a long time before could really face myself In the mirror.
But life goes on and I did what any Mum would do and I threw myself into being a Mum focusing on raising my daughter. I said to myself "Myr it's gonna be ok. Your goin' to find yourself a great Dr who can fix this."
Well as you can imagine life happened and every time there were more important things to use our money on and my makeover kept being but on the back burner. Now I'm 45 and my body has been longer in this state as it was whole and I realized it's now or never.
Now I wish I had of started writing my review sooner and developed my story about all the preparation I have done to get to this point. And there has been lots. So I will recap really quickly now.
I got fat. Not like morbidly obese but fat and it just crept up on me over the course of 6 months. I was a little chubby at times but otherwise I loved going to the gym and I was active. But I love food a little too much and when I injured both of my Achilles' tendons at once I could do no exercise. So too much food and not enough exercise and a dash of denial and I got fat. I was also terribly unhappy in my marriage to a man who liked to tell me I was fat even at the time when I wasn't. I guess I started believing his words and it became a reality.
Long story short I left the sorry bastard, met a guy 16 years younger, lost weight, got fit, moved to Europe, live on a boat.
Now I have saggy skin and droopy boobs and even though my boyfriend loves me and says this is my decision to have this procedure done, he fully supports me. Well he is excited too as I'm getting a body fresh up to match his amazing athletic physique.
I enjoy sports. I'm a rough and tumble kind of girl. And I mean that. I'm 45 going on 12. I still skim my knees. I still climb trees or boulders. I love hiking and roughing it and jumping off the boat into the freezing water which is something I do on a near daily basis. My boyfriend and I are very competitive and even a friendly game of table tennis gets competitive. Oh he is 6'6' and I'm 5'3. He's also a war veteran with 2 tours of duty under his belt. It's because of his strength training that my Achilles' tendons strengthened and I could walk again let alone run.
One of the things that really bothers me as I am active, is my big pendulous DD breasts which bounce here there and everywhere. It's amazing I have not lost an eye from those things whacking me in the face as I run. Believe me I wear a sports bra and I still bounce. So I am opting to have my breasts reduced I never really liked big boobs. And I know there are a lot of you Real Selfer sisters out there that are getting them made bigger. Well I'm one of them gals that is into less is more. I can't wait to go down to a C cup which was the size I was when I was 18 and before I had 2 kids. I can't wait to wear those lovely lacy bras and have perky tits that don't fall out the top. I can't wait to wear a negligee and have my breast sit in the triangles that are designed to sit on my breasts not above my breasts. I can't wait to look great naked. Ok you get the drift.
I realize I am rambling. But surgery is on Saturday morning. Yay I have a fresh team. I'm the first of the day.
My surgeon is Dr Rebin Oberoi from the Opus and Oberoi Clinics in Belgium. Now ladies I am happy and confident in my choice. I have researched him, read reviews, seen his work (before and afters). I also think he is down to earth and a decent person. He has gone out of his way to explain everything to me and to create a package to suit my budget.
Initially I had a quote for 8000 Euro but an unfortunate thing happened to my money in New Zealand where the government basically snatched my savings. Long story. Well my dreams were dashed and I said to Dr Oberoi or Rebin as I call him that I can't afford surgery now. Can I please have my deposit back. I told him what happened. He was so caring and sweet and said off course I he would refund it. I was so devastated not to have surgery I just broke down and cried and he was so kind to console me.
I came up with a plan after a few days and having salvaged a little of my money. I rang Rebin and asked him if he would leave out the lipo so I could have the surgery for 5000 Euro which was all I could afford now. Well we met in his office in Lanaken he agreed to do the surgery for 5000 Euro. I'd lost weight too and now needed less lipo anyway and my full abdominoplasty was downgraded to a Brazilian TT because that is all that I needed. But.....and here is the amazing bit ....he would still do all the lipo for me. Basically I get the lipo for free. Now Rebin does not need to do this. He is a busy man. But there is a humanitarian in him and I really believe he wants to see me look the best I can.
Now I don't have any unrealistic expectations about what he will do. I mean I'm 45 not 18 right? But I have seen what he can do and well I have good health and a good posture and blessed with a balanced physique and I know he is excited to turn this caterpillar into a butterfly. I mean that is important. It's also risky for a surgeon to end up with a patient who is a dismorph. I think that is how you spell it. By the way that is someone who can never be pleased no matter how good the job. These people will always see themselves as deformed or not good enough and will often blame the surgeon. I mean if your getting on a bit in years and your not really exercising and you don't watch what you eat and you carry yourself around like a sack of spuds. You can't expect to look like a super model. Well dismorphs are like that. They expect to look like Elle McPherson, Claudia Schiffer or Heidi Klum but really should be happy to see themselves as an improved version of themselves.
Ok I will fill you in tomorrow about my preparations so far as it's 1am and I need some sleep now. I've been at this for some time now. And I will post pics up for you.

Day before surgery

Well we moved to Vlaadingen onto a bigger boat for my recovery. But internet really sux. So I am standing by the open door to write this and it's raining. Aaah the things I do.
Well I'm super excited and I can barely eat. I just pick here and there. We had a very early dinner at 3 pm because we skipped lunch. So I'm done eating now and only had a grapefruit to boost my vitamin C. That is so important right now as it will give my immune system a power charge.
My boyfriend is being super sweet and we had one of those deep and meaningful talks about if I didn't make it. Naaaah fat chance that will happen. I'm not getting off that easy my girlfriend scoffs. Yeah too right I'm not finished with my a Earth mission just yet. Well by tomorrow the time I should be back on the boat. With less skin.
I asked my boyfriend what e should do with the cut off bit and I apologies well in advance because he has the sickest humor in the world. Well he reacons it would be nice oiled with some Rosemary and sea salt, just like yummy pork loin.
My stomach turned and I gag. And he says " What? It's a cheap meal, we don't have to by meat for that night? What's wrong with that? ....
Well you can just imagine that scenario and I was do revolted I forgot feeling nervous. I love my Roobear even though he is a sicko. This proves it.
Well I got my Arnica drops which I have been taking 3 days pre op and I have been cleansing my blood with a cleansing and flushing tea for the past 2 months. I bought some laxatives and took some so I am properly cleaned out before I go into theatre. I have prepped the bed and the couch and set things up in the bathroom. I'm sure I have missed something.
I stocked up on food and shakes and pain killers. I bought pads cause guess what I'm going to get my period in a couple of days and that just really sux for timing but I hope I at least get 3 days after surgery before it comes.
We spring cleaned the boat a couple of days ago so everything is sparkling. Ok I'm set for bed. I will say my prayers and meditate and give all my worries to God and his Angels. I'll catch you on the flat side.

One hour to go

Here at the Hoff Clinic. I'm about to be drawn up. Money has all been paid up. And all I have to do is breathe. This is it people. The time has come.

Some more before pics

Surgery and after

Dr Rebin Oberoi is drawing me up and the other pics are straight after surgery in recovery.

During surgery

Well I say I am so glad I have these pics because I am so blown up and swollen today that I'm bigger than before surgery and it's disheartening. My tits feel huge and tight. But that's novo dear when you see what happened to them.


I'm so swollen

Help is there anyone out there that can talk to me about swelling? How much is normal? At this rate I have DDD breast not the large C I wanted
The good news is I slept in my bed last night. I can bend and stand straight. Apart from feeling beaten up all over and so sore I can do most things slowly. I get tired fast.

I forgot to mention...

My implants are 245ml. I had D cup and wanted a lift with a reduction to a C cup. Bu I think I have more. Is it normal to swell 2 extra cup sizes?

Unwrapping day,

Well today I took the bandages off. Ladies this stuff is obviously made by NASA for space travel cause if does not want to budge and my skin is so sensitive I have to get it off. I am already forming blisters. So I had a trick to soak the bandages in coconut oil. It just melts the adhesive whilst soothing my inflamed skin. Win Win. It then peals off gently. It's important to take your time to breathe and stay relaxed whilst doing it. My partner was there for moral support and he is a real sweetheart holding stuff and fetching things. Angel.
I slept well last night. In bed using pillows as props I can lie pretty much flat. It's my boobs that bother me the most. I awoke bathed in sweat but I felt much better. I turned a corner. Yesterday was my private hell day. Today I'm feeling 100% better. My swelling is going down as I use manual lymphatic drainage techniques on my major lymph ducts. I am also using therapeutic massage techniques to soften any lumps and bumps. Because I know how far I can take it I'm my best therapist. Thank God I'm a professional and know how to do this stuff. My healing is so sped up.
I also studied homeopathy and am using remedies in the order that I personally need it. For pain relief I smoke gunja which is totally legal here in Holland. I don't use it any other day but for pain relief. I don't get sick from it like from Voltaren or Panadoland it does not thin. Y blood like Ibrofen does. Neither does it toxify and ruin my liver like the three afore mentioned pain killers. But I have not had to smoke today as I have hardly ant pain anymore. I just get a little tired and quickly. I take naps during the day but I pretty much do most things now. I. Even cooking dinner tonight. My partner is helping but it's my signature dish and so I have to make it. Lol.
Ladies I just want to say how good it feels to do poopies. You know everything works and when your swollen anyway it's a relief not to be constipated. Get yourselves some tea and tablets to get things moving. Don't muck around there is no need to be uncomfortable.

Pics of my unwrapping

Ortilax 3 tabs at night will see you right.

A brand new scar

Blisters on my skin from the bandages.

I'm sick of my binder

It's hot. I'm grouchy. I want to be fit and well and fast forward 6 weeks. I miss running, playing table tennis and swimming. I miss wrestling with my boyfriend and generally rough housing it with him.
I try to contain myself and not look too much in the mirror and have faith everything will anchor into place where it should be and the swelling will go.
My boobs are a little better but still big. I'm terrified of them. I handle them with kid gloves. When I shower I'm terrified my nipples will fall off. They won't off course. But they look something like out of a Frankenstein movie.
I walked to the market today. My boyfriend pushed the wheelchair just In case I needed to stop and rest. I managed to walk there and shop without getting jostled once. I admit it was a bit scary at one point with so many Syrian ladies all around me vying for veges all at once and I thought I got to get away from here. The last thing I want is to get elbowed in the boob. I made it out in one piece and managed to walk back to the boat without needing the wheelchair. When I got back I was starving. I felt like I'd done 2 hours at the gym. I lay down forge rest of the afternoon and napped and watched a movie.

Frankenstein Boobs

Tits sell sore...

Hi, sorry I have taken my time posting. Internet sux here. I'm standing on the pier to receive. I went for a swim in the ocean yesterday and it was cooling and healing. I almost felt normal. My sutures are a bit aggravated from the dissolvable stitches which my body tries to expel and so they are inflamed an getting pussy. I have cut the worst ones and pulled the stitches out and what a relief I tell you. I use my heated and fooled rocks on my sutures and on the swollen bits and this kills infection and acts as a cardiovascular pump to pump away swelling. So far the swelling is down by 70% on my body but my tits are still huge and refuse to shrink. I'm consented as I am bigger than what I started as and I went in to get smaller and lifted. The breast shape is great and I can't complain about that but the size is not what I want. But it's only been a week and early days yet. But on the other hand if you see the progress I am making everywhere else with the therapy practice I apply it is concerning that they still are so big. I'm going to call the surgeon tomorrow. In the meantime I keep applying colloidal silver, massaging, lymph pumping and using thermo and cryotherapy. If they don't go down I will request smaller implants and a breast revision.
Dr Rebin Oberoi

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