35 Year Old Male in the UK Finally Taking the Leap Towards a More Confident Smile

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I plan to get my overbite corrected as well as...

I plan to get my overbite corrected as well as some overcrowded teeth on my lower jaw. Once all the work has been completed I will also be replacing my two crowms with ones that are more asthetically pleasing, not the NHS ones that I still nhave to this day. I have just begun the process and got my molds taken yesterday. It's weird procedure but not at all unpleasant. My dentist has told me that I pose a unique challenge as my jaw is very slim but he is excited by that and will get back to me with some options over the coming weeks. I have to be honest I am very nervous as my teeth are always something I am conscious of, but I know this is going to be worth it. I have been given initial estimates of between 6-9 months of treatment, which I felt was quite short, but means that I will have that smile I have been waiting for sooner. I will try to post some pictures up here as soon as I can.

Assessment has arrived

I have had my assessment back, felt like it has taken ages, but my dentist did have a 3 weeks holiday since my pictures were taken initially. I have added the before and after and wondered what people think? There is a definite change that I can see and regrading my two front teeth, which are NHS crowns, I plan to replace these with more aesthetically pleasing models.

I have also asked my dentist to speak to me and discuss number of aligners etc. as that was missing from his email.

Some more pictures and videos

Some more pictures and videos

First Few Days With Trays 1 of 14

After spending over an hour in the dentists chair getting aligners fitted and teeth shaved I can finally start to wear my first set of trays. The dentist has done all the shavings now on six of my teeth so that it does not have to be done each visit.

I have had a dull ache on my gums for the past 12 hours and finally ate something of substance and found that it hurt quite a lot eating. Has anyone got any ideas on the types of food that would be best?

Apart from all that I have found it relatively straight forward to take the trays out and put them back in again.

End of the First Week

I have had my first tray in for just over a week now and I am happy things are moving along as expected. The dull ache I had for the first few days had gone now and I have started to get used to having these in.

My daily routine seems to be very organised and consists of me keeping a spare toothbrush and toothpaste on me at all times. It can be challenging going into a bathroom to brush my teeth, but I am getting used to it already. I have not found the need to but any solutions to keep the aligners clean. With cold water and a good toothbrush I am able to clean them after each meal. I have also not noticed any yellowing or anything that other people have reported.

I only have 6 more days then I am onto tray two. These will be then changed every 10 days so a little shorted and also bringing my completion time down by 8 weeks. Only 19 weeks to go :)
Dr. Vishal Patel

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