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I had my first of three children over 25 years ago...

I had my first of three children over 25 years ago. I have had two c-sections leaving me with a tummy I don't want anyone to see, including my husband. So, I have finally decided to go through with it on April 21. I am feeling very anxious, yet excited. I will submit a pre op picture soon.

 March 27/10 - I am very nervous.  I...

 March 27/10 - I am very nervous.  I keep asking myself if I will be any better off after the surgery.  I keep reading about all these things that can go wrong.  I also worry about what people will think of me ( spending all this money on such a vanity issue).  I also think about what my stomach will look like.  My tummy is yucky now, but I am familiar with it.  I feel like I need someone to hold my hand.  My husband has agreed with this, but I don't think really comfortable with the money part.  I have already paid the down payment, and will pay the remaining money on March 30 at my pre op.   Any advise would be appreciated.

 Well, I went for my pre op on March 31....

 Well, I went for my pre op on March 31.  After going through everything with the nurse and doctor, I believe I am ready to do this.  Anyway, there is no turning back now.  

Because we are two hours from where my surgery will be, and because I will be seen by the nurse two days post op, I am considering staying at a hotel after I am released the day after surgery so I don't have to  have my husband do another trip.  I will have my sister pick me up from the clinic and stay with me at the hotel.  Does anyone think this is or is not a good plan?

I am also trying to figure out what clothes I will need afterward.  I'd be happy to hear about other items I should pick up.



I am getting everything in order for my surgery....

I am getting everything in order for my surgery.  I have to organize people to drive me home and back to the clinic to have drains removed etc.  The pre op nurse said they almost always remove the drains in two days.  After reading that most people have their drains removed after at least one week, I'm a little concerned.  What difference could there be in the way she does the procedure that would allow this early removal?  

Also, does anyone have suggestions as to what kind of pj's I should pick up.  I'm thinking bottoms with a top with buttons as opposed to a nightgown.  Any thoughts? 

 Well, I'm ready to go.  I've...

 Well, I'm ready to go.  I've had my med  appt., filled my prescriptions, had my lab work done, and have completed all tasks that needed to be out of the way.   I have been working out and watching my food intake.  

I decided to stay in a hotel when I am released from the clinic the day after surgery.  My surgeon almost always removes the drains after 48 hours post op.  So, rather than have my husband drive me home and then back again almost right away, I have opted to stay about 7 min from the clinic.  (We live about 2 hours away)  My sister will come and stay with me for the day and night.  

My PS does not suggest vit C or any kind of supplements before surgery.  However, I can't see what harm vit C, in particular, would do.  I also have arnica/trameel drops from my naturopath, which I will take just before going into surgery, and immediately after I wake up and continuing for days to come.  Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what I should or should not take in preparation for surgery?  


 I had my surgery six days ago.  This is...

 I had my surgery six days ago.  This is the first I have felt like sitting at a computer.  My surgery went very well.  I think the surgeon was great.  The nursing staff was fantastic.   I left the clinic the day after surgery.  My husband took me to a hotel, which the clinic recommended, and my sister stayed with me there.   We got a substantial discount by booking a hotel  that the clinic recommended.  It had a full kitchen and separate bedroom, which was very handy.

You definitely need a lot of support after this surgery.  My family have been wonderful, helping me with laundry, dishes etc.  My husband has been preparing all the meals.

 I have been giving myself the Fragmin injections, which was fine.  I had been a little squeamish about that.  I had the drains taken out  48 hours after the surgery.  I know that seems unheard of, but I have to admit I was glad to have them removed.  I asked the nurse if they have a lot of people coming back to have fluid taken off, but she said no, they don't.  I am almost walking upright, but not quite.  This is my first day I will not have any Percocet, only Advil when I need it.  If I am very uncomfortable at bedtime, I will take a Percocet then, but I would like to get off it completely.  I took a picture of myself this morning, but it looks gruesome.  I have a lot of bruising on my hips and waist.  I guess this is from the lipo she did in conjunction with the tummy tuck.  My navel is kind of red looking, but I don't think it is infected.  I go for my post op on Thursday, so I'll get the lowdown then.

As far as it being worth it?  I don't know yet.  I mean this is huge.  Not only the money, but the whole ball of wax.  I am optimistic though.  I know it takes time to heal, for the swelling to subside etc.  I am looking forward to getting back in an exercise routine come summer, and I won't have to hide my tummy when I get out of the pool!

 I went for my post op today.  The...

 I went for my post op today.  The doctor says it looks beautiful.  However, she prescribed another round of antibiotics because there is some redness around the navel, which may be infected.  I have felt pretty well today, although at 4:30 pm I'm beginning to feel tight again.  I'll take some Tylenol, which should see me through until bedtime.  I think I am getting used to the binder, but I still don't like it.  Oh well, everyday gets a little better.  


It has been nine months since my surgery, and I...

It has been nine months since my surgery, and I can honestly say I am glad I did it. I mean my tummy looks awesome. My husband thinks I look pretty hot.

The incision is slightly asymmetrical, possibly because of a prominent vein in the way? I think I may ask the doctor when I finally get to see her at my one year check-up. All my follow-up appointments have been with the nurse. I am really please with the definition, and the shape of the navel. I hadn't thought to ask the doctor what shape the navel would be. I'm fortunate that I like what I got. I still have some numbness below the navel. I know that is a risk, and total feeling may never come back. But I think it probably will eventually.

I have attached some recent pictures.

Ontario Plastic Surgeon

She and her staff are wonderful. I have never felt rushed or pressured. They answered all my questions. I am actually looking forward to the pre op appointment.

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