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I'm a 34 year old woman who has always wanted...

I'm a 34 year old woman who has always wanted braces, but was not fortunate enough to get them as a child. I have crowded front teeth but no bite problems, which is why I am a good candidate for Six Month Smile . My canines grew in over the top of my teeth therefore protruding out which was cause for long term insecurities. The first step in getting my braces was to remove the canines. This was done last week, and in 3 weeks my braces go on. I will also need to have my wisdom teeth removed to make room for the lower crowding to space out. The photos are attached with my before smile and close ups of my teeth, and then my smile after the extractions. Please excuse the bruising where the teeth used to be.

I will post an update when my braces go on in approximately 3 weeks :)

4 months in and very pleased!

So I have not been updating my progress like I thought I would. But I am very happy with my progress so far. But I want to back tack a little to fill you in on my experience. After having my canines removed my mouth healed up pretty quickly. Once I have my braces put on I felt very awkward. I could no longer produce a natural feeling smile, as I hd to sort of work my lips around my brackets to force a smile. Fortunately no one really noticed and although I felt like I looked funny (smiling, straight faced, talking etc.) not one really thought there was any significant difference in my appearance. The way I eat and the way I talk is a little more noticeable., but not really odd to anyone. Through the process of my teeth moving, the way you form words also changes, so it can be difficult to say certain words at times.

As for the pain or discomfort, I have had the expected discomfort after adjustments, and my Dentist is really good about concealing the wires in a way that I don't need to use much wax, but as your teeth move the wires adjust so I do need to use wax every so often. My discomfort is nothing major. I dont even take any pain meds for it. I actually appreciate when my teeth become sore or tender because i know they are moving.

As far as the treatment goes, my top teeth a almost perfectly in place at this point. Initially the top right fron tooth that was previously behind the canine, moved forward very quickly. I believe it was brought forward in line with my other teeth within the first 2 months. In December I had power chains placed on the top and bottom teeth. The the gap on the top left side closed up within a month of the power chain going on. Now the top teeth are just being lined up as they were not perfectly centered, and a couple were not level with the rest.

The bottom teeth were not moving into place very well and in fact a bracket had come off twice and delayed the treatment by about 2 weeks. Once a new bracket was put on and stayed on, the teeth began moving again, however my dentist was hoping the lower teeth would move enough that I would not have to have any teeth removed on the bottom, but it was rather clear that there was not enough room, so I had to have one tooth on the bottom removed in the second week of December. I already had power chains on before the extraction, but one the extraction was healed up a week later he opted to place a stronger power chain on. This was rather painful...but only for about 48 hours. its been about two weeks since then and Im happy to see the teeth that were overlapping on the bottom row, are finally moving in line with the rest of the teeth. My gap is slowly closing while added space is made between the rest of the bottom teeth. My Next adjustment is on Jan 8th. My Dentist advised me that I will be getting rubber bands that move my lower teeth/jaw back, as I have developed a slight underbite as a result of my teeth moving.

Dr. Ton and all of his staff are great. He is actually located at Autumn Lake Dental now, although the info has him listed in Elk Grove. I just recently started going to Dr. Ton and can say that Brianne is the nicest Hygienist I have seen. I have crowded teeth which are difficult to clean and previous hygienists I have been to have lectured me about my teeth rather than being understanding. Brianne was sweet, gentle, and understanding. Dr. Ton's assistant Shazia is also very sweet and knowledgable. When I came in for my six month smile consultation she talked to me for about 20 mins discussing her experience as she currently has the six month smile braces. She was very patient with me, friendly and informative. When I had my Fillings done and my canines extracted, both Dr. Ton & Shazia were very gentle and attentive to me the whole time...as I had a very long appointment and they were careful to make sure I was comfortable and ok the entire time.

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