26 Yr Old Male, Weight Loss Story

Hi! Well after reading so much on here i wanted to...

Hi! Well after reading so much on here i wanted to get this started! After losing 170 pounds in about 2 years all threw diet and exercise i feel like ive hit my max. I still feel just as fat thu cause i have all this excess skin.. It effects my life everyday. Even when it comes to the dumbest things... Anyways so ive scheduled my appointment to have abdominoplasty and flanks done!! I seriously cant wait. Any advice would be most helpful since ive seen so many great stories.. Ive picked up sum arnica gel and tablets,ice packs,waist binder things,etc maybe if nothing else then to have people to talk to that have been threw this. Thanks guys!!!!
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

Only met once so far... Very honest guy Plus ive did plenry of reserch on him and im confident in his work

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