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Hi! Well after reading so much on here i wanted to...

Hi! Well after reading so much on here i wanted to get this started! After losing 170 pounds in about 2 years all threw diet and exercise i feel like ive hit my max. I still feel just as fat thu cause i have all this excess skin.. It effects my life everyday. Even when it comes to the dumbest things... Anyways so ive scheduled my appointment to have abdominoplasty and flanks done!! I seriously cant wait. Any advice would be most helpful since ive seen so many great stories.. Ive picked up sum arnica gel and tablets,ice packs,waist binder things,etc maybe if nothing else then to have people to talk to that have been threw this. Thanks guys!!!!

2 1/2 weeks till its time!

Had my pre op appointment today at the Hurwitz center. Answered all my questons i could think of. Went over everything and i am super excited. Hes at the top of his field in this and really knows what hes doing. I paid in full today. Blood work and paperwork is completed. Everything is a go!!!!

The nite before

So just sitting here nervous as hell. Surgery is at 10:15 am tomorrow. Don't get me wrong I'm very excited also..this last 2weeks has been insanely hard to eat healthy and go to the gym.between turkey day and birthday parties and me totalling muy motorcycle in a crash so i was alittle to bruised up to hit the gym.however what's done is done and I'm looking forward to tackling this giant mental hurdle!!!

Its done!!!!!!!! Im alive!!!

Just got home from my surgery!!! The entire process from walking in to talking out 7 hours. Needless to say i hurt like hell (shocker) i can feel my skin is exstremly tight. Esp the sides and front pubic area. They decided on 2 drains instead of 3. Im finding it a big challenge to get my body fully back on the couch so right now im in a chair with my feet up. He also lifted pelvic area up and cut skin out cause there was sagging skin above my junk. Anyways kinda a struggle to pee. Easier to piss off the deck then aim for a toilet lol which im sure my nebiors love.i will try to keep updating as i can. Im stil happy i got this done as it has been a struggle my whole life and i finally feel this giant ball of depression is gone so much so that i cried half the drive home. Not cause im a baby or the pain. But i feel normal and happy and excited for my future even more so since my gf is 2 months pregnant and i can finally stop focusing on my skin and it getting me depressed

Day 2!!!

Well its sunday. Pain is manageable when im not moving. Getting up and down outa bed is hurtful and i def am swollen. Lots of pillows help. I take pain meds every 4 hours on the nose not trying to span it out like ive herd ppl doing. My drain are super slow. In the last 12 hours ive only drained 20cc outa both sides. My gf planned on taking only the first 3 days off but i think now its a good idea to have someone with u at all times for atleast a week. Makes things easier. Just sitting here recovering. Im super happy with how things are already looking and cant wait to see more results. I will try posting pics in the next day or so

Day 3!!!! Looking up!

Its day 3. Pain has subsidized a bit. Not really hurting when im in bed and not moving. Getting up and down is getting a TINY bit easier and not as painful. I more feel very stiff. Drainage is getting slower and just starting to change colors now. Last drain was 20 ml out of each side and it was a 12 hour period. My pelvic area is very buised as well as my balls ( surgeon lifted my pelvic area and butt also) reason for butt lift was cause the skin was healthier so he cut out almost all my stretch mark area (yayy) and pulled alot of skin up! He def knows what he is doing and is at the top of his field! I couldnt be happier

Day 4! Drains come out!!!

Yayyyy ps said he couldnt be happier with me. Minimal bruising. Drains were great so he took them out. Everything is going 100% perfect so far. Pain is tolerable now. Im going in friday afternoon for him to take the stitches out of my belly button. (Does that hurt?)
Him pulling the drains out one side hurt for a sec. Other didnt hurt at all and it feels weird! Im just so thankful for how my recovery is going! Il add more photos that show more including the more lifted pelvic area and my lifted butt area which in return he was able to take out the bad skin with stretch marks

Day 5!

Itchy itchy itchy!!!!!!! Omfg the itch is real.
Everything under my binder is itchy. My ass is ( i think from sitting on it all day). The back and sides of my legs.. Ugh. I took sum benadryl and got sum cortisone creme. Seems to be helping decently. Also ps cleared me to shower so that was nice yesterday. Made me feel more human. Other than that not much to report. Pain very tolerable maybe like a 2. I am religiously stil taking meds every 4 hours thu just to be safe. So far things are great other than the itch lol

Day 6. Ugh

Well last nite the itching was just wayyyy to much to handle. After doing sum reserch it appears i am alittle allergic to percocet. So i instantly stop taking it and ive been taking benadryl to stop this crazy itch. Well im feeling alittle better this morning. Its been 11 hours with no pain med and i dont really have any pain so hopefully thats a good sign. Ive been up and walking around more and its been easier. Feeling pritty decent

Day 8 belly button

Well i went in and got my belly button stitches out yesterday! Doctor told me everything is amazing also said he used my pics for a meeting he was teaching at which was awesome!! Im really not that swollen just in a few little spots althu i did do alot of moving around and in and outa cars and was starting to hurt and feel sore. My next apointment is tues. Just to go in and he gives you 2 free swelling treatments. I guess sum kinda laser machine that reduces swelling. So i figured why not. Im starting to stand up straighter. Easier getting in and outa bed. Dont get me wrong i stil feel very very tight. Doing things are a challenge. Havnt drove yet but i might tomorrow. All in all stil a very happy person. Just bored as hell at home and trying to not eat and snack alot which was something i struggled with before to so trying to focus on that

Week 3 ripped open stitches:(

Havnt been in awhile with x mas and moving and life in general. Everything has been healing and getting easier. Going to the gymmostly just cardio and light lifting!!!! Well this morning i fell and hit my side doing sometging dumb. Anyways my side split open:( ugh so heartbreaking and freaking out... Well just went to my ps. He put about 5 stiches in said it was no big deal. And come back n 3 days to get them out... I guess since its already healing he said it will be like it never happened in a few days. I hope he is right. Just super scary. Im also taking another week ff just to be extra careful so all together (5weeks)
I just feel alittle depressed right now and stupid for it happening. Esp the day after x mas

Alittle over 4 weeks

Figured id update. Nm to say this is a pic of the ripped open area about 6 days later. Healed up perfect. Doc said i could cut out those 2 stiches anytime now.
Ive been wayyy more active at the gym trying to get back in shape for work next week. Doing about 6-8 miles on the elliptical. Ive kinda strictly stuck to arm workouts. Nm with core or back at all since im paranoid to rip open again. Def notice swelling after the gym but its manageable. Things are going well again. Stil very happy to have t done. And more excited to transform my body more with some hard work at the gym again. I def lost sum muscle these last weeks
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

I couldnt of asked for a better ps. His work is truly unmatched and he is a leader in his field. Makes you feel very comfortable. Funny guy! The most passionate person ive met about his work. I would trust him with anything.

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