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Hi everyone! I am having a forehead reduction done...

Hi everyone! I am having a forehead reduction done next month and I'm SO happy. I can not wait for this day to come although I'm extremely nervous! I'm 23 turning 24 in June and I've researched this procedure for years and finally saved up enough to have it done. I have chosen Dr Kabakar for this procedure based on his reviews, pictures and a few people I've had actual conversations with over the phone. I feel confident in my choice but I'm nervous because I'm flying all the way from Canada! I'm writing this to get my feelings out as I've pretty much told no one except my mother about this procedure. I'm sure they wouldn't understand or tell me I'm crazy but it's something I'm doing for me and my mental health. I have been insecure about my forehead since I was a child when some kids would make fun of me and call me 5 head or tell me my forehead was big, so I started hiding it or wearing bangs. I wear headbands or hats to the gym I haven't wore my hair in a pony tail since I was a toddler o can't even remember the last time I have. It's became very stressful, and I'm so insecure about it I feel as though it's taking so much confidence out of me I don't even like pictures cause all I do is look at my forehead. Getting ready in the morning takes forever trying to hide it and when the wind blows it's so embarrassing I just can't wait to be able to finally pull my hair back. I think this procedure will set me free in a way, I'll be less stressed and more confident in myself. I get told I'm pretty all the time but I never believe it. It's sad I feel sad for myself and I can't tell anyone how I feel because they don't understand. Well that's enough for tonight please comment if you want and I will keep posting my journey and pictures eventually! :)

The time has finally come!

Hey everyone I just want to say thank you for all your comments & support. Its really nice to be able to share my experience with all of you. I am now in San fransico and travelling with my mother, we're staying in San Fran for a few days before the surgery so we enjoy some mother daughter time and experience the city for the first time. I am pretty excited about the surgery but I am also experiencing some mixed emotions and of course extremely nervous. I've wanted this for years and the day is finally just a few days away. I kept drawing myself a new hairline with an eyeliner pencil a few days before we left lol, but I still can't imagine what I'll look like with it.. I'm going to relax for the next few days, do some sight seeing and enjoy San Fran. I will update the day of surgery, if not the day after! I can't wait to share some photos with you all and let you in on my experience. It's going to be a big change not only to my appearance but my life! ttyl ????

Day of Surgery

It's the day of surgery and I'm feeling pretty energetic, I got up and straightened my hair, couldn't stop staring in the mirror at my forehead. I can't wait to be able to take these bangs off my face. I am a little hungry but I can't eat until after surgery surgeries at 1pm. oddly enough I'm not that nervous right now. Here we go!! I'll update soon!

Sugery Update!

Hi everyone,
Sorry I am updating so late! I have been so busy since I got back home. So I will start from the surgery day and tell you how everything went. I arrived at Dr. Kabakars office for 1pm, I was greeted by the head nurse Jaywoon I think that's how you spell it, let me tell you she is SO nice and made me feel really comfortable, she didn't leave my side once. We had an hour together to go over any questions I had, the prescriptions id be given and all the forms I had to fill out. Then I was moved into a room where the measurements were taken of my forehead and we discussed how low I wanted to go and how low they would be able to safely go. While I was sitting in the waiting room with my mother there was a young guy who came in, I was filling out my forms and my mother decided to ask him what he was so happy about lol (So talkative lol ) later she told me that he just looked so happy, like he wanted someone to tale to that's why she asked. He said he was so happy because he couldn't wait to get the stitches out of his head aha, and that Dr.Kabaker is the best, I assumed he had the same procedure he was wearing a hat so I couldn't see his results but he was so happy he couldn't sit still, that was when I knew I chose the right doctor. While the measurements were taken I was giving a pill to take and another one was given to me before surgery, I was brought into the surgery room where Jaywoon put the IV into my arm. Which I was terrified of having done, but she is like the queen of IVing lol because, it wasn't bad at all. The last thing I remembered was asking if I was suppose to be falling asleep lol and Jawoon was like yes and that was it lol.. I woke up and the surgery was over, I was escorted to the waiting room where my mother awaited me and we returned back to our hotel. The nurses also went over everything with my mother so she had all my prescriptions and knew exactly what I had to take and when so that was extremely helpful. When we got back to the hotel I didn't really feel any pain I ended up passing out like an hour after we arrived, I think I woke up once throughout the night other then that I slept great. We woke up in the morning and I didn't feel any pain so I didn't take any meds, we had an appointment at 9:30am to see Dr.kabakar again to have the bandages changed and review the results. They were very impressed I had absolutely no bruising on my face at all and no pain lol
(I did end up experiencing a head ache and some pain later that night so I took the sleepy pain medication, but not again after that) They took of the big bandages and I got to see my new forehead, I absolutely love it! So happy it's finally over and I did it! Although I won't lie it's going to take some getting used too, I am so used to having such a big forehead. Dr.Kabakar is such a sweet heart, very nice and intelligent guy. He's truly an expert in this procedure and I think he is one of the best surgeons when it comes to the hairline lowering procedure. I would defiantly recommend him. I have feelings in the back, sides and on my forehead but the top of my head is completely numb which I was advised could take some time to go away. I get my staples out on Wednesday so I will update again then! If you have any questions, Id be happy to answer them :)

Stitches Out and I'm Feeling Amazing

Hey everyone,

Today I had my stitches taken out by my family doctor here in Canada. It was my doctors first time hearing about this procedure and while he was examining my head he could not stop asking me questions about the procedure & the doctor who perform it, which is funny because he's normally very quiet and short. He was amazed with how natural results were and even mentioned how nicely the stitches were done. Taking the stitches out was pretty much pain-free, there was a few moments where I felt pain but nothing unbearable. I will be answering everyone's questions from my last post under the comments and I have included some pictures from today which is 1 week post-op. I'd like to add that right after I had my stitches taken out I had to boot up to my college for class, I was really nervous because today was the first day I didn't wear a hat or head band, so I was prepared to be asked questions. Can I tell you NOT one person mentioned anything!!! Only one of my friends said " WOW your hair looks so good today, I love it! " Funniest part is, that it's the same way I've worn my hair for the last 6 months lol ( With long bangs covering my huge forehead, except this time I have a cute perfect little forehead lol ) Ah the feeling is seriously AMAZING.. Oh and it gets even better so after class I told my mother that no one had noticed she couldn't believe it, so I ended up going over to my brother house later for a visit and my mom joked before I left and said I wonder if your brother will notice, and my brother is the most critical person and seriously analyzes everything, I was sure he'd say something and.. NOTHING LOL! I sat in front of him, face to face for 20 mins and he didn't say nothing. Now that's how you know Dr.Kabaker is truly the best at preforming this procedure, he made my hairline look as if I was born with it, my own family member didn't noticed a thing and I am only 1 week post op! Incredible. There's not a price I could place on my happiness right now, I would pay double for this procedure hands down. This was the best choice I think I've ever made in my life. Btw - I love playing this wonder if they'll notice game lol sisters next!!!

3 week update!!

It just gets better and better everyday, there's a lot of hair growth coming through the scar now, if you look closely at the top picture you will be able to see it. I have been using a silicone scar cream on it every night before bed, and a hair growth serum on it during the day which is helping a ton. So far no one has noticed anything which is amazing. Thanks for all the nice comments and YouTube taught me how to do my brows lol !! :) lots of practice. If you have any questions dont be afraid to inbox me I will get back to you as soon as possible and I'm opened to all questions!
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