Vi Peel- First two peels, amazing. 3rd peel, different, slower, milder....

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I've gone through two Vi peels, and would do it...

I've gone through two Vi peels, and would do it again. The results are clear: fresh new skin, diminished fine lines. I had the peel applied on a Thursday, went to work with a beet red face on Friday, started to peel on Saturday, and peeled Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

I peeled a lot. I looked like a monster. It was not an "easy process" it was uncomfortable with fresh skin literally falling off. It didn't hurt, but the peeling is real.

I loaded up on groceries, and didn't leave the house or see anyone the entire time peeling. Its not a pretty sight, and its not easy. It feels like festering peeling skin, which it is. If you are willing to go to work with a beet red/brown face, go the day after the peel. If you don't want to explain yourself to anyone, block off a full five days.

I tried to go to work once on this peel, and covered my face with a scarf. But the skin was flapping off my nose, it was very embarrassing. I don't think this peel can be covered with makeup or hidden. Its a stay at home and don't see anyone kind of peel. That being said, I've heard women say they cover it and go to work. Not me. I wasn't fit to even see the mailman.

It works. If you are willing to give up five days of fresh air, work, and socialization, it has great results. If I was willing and able to give up this time, I'd do it again and again. When I look at my calendar each year, I always wonder if I will fit the Vi peel in. Its best done during the winter where there is less sunlight and less beautiful things to do outside.

During Peel Details

The photos listed on VI peel are true to life. The shiny appearance on the skin is natural without makeup.

I actually did not follow all of the directions peel instructions, because the products they gave me felt to harsh to rub on. I did use the Vitamin C rubs! I think they are very important!

I did not go outside so I did not put on the sunscreen, but I had to keep the shades drawn to not be in the sunlight. Also, I did not like to put the moisturizer on, for some reason I didn't want to put anything on my face, just to let if peel off.

I took a shower or two a day, it's a different feeling when its wet vs. when its dry. I recall the shower brought some relief during times of "festering" getting to be too much. Maybe I made the process harder by keeping it dry. I had plenty of moments of discomfort, but never pain.

I made the mistake of trying to pop a white head that appeared on my chin during the peel. It left a long term little tiny mark and agitated that area of my face.

I did proclaim during the peel "I am never doing this again." But I would, because the results are worth it.

The Shedding Process, Peel Care, and After Care

It starts out small and flaky around the mouth area and then spreads back and up your checks.

Its an interesting process the way the peel works from the mouth area outward, like there is some kind of logic to it. Eventually all parts of the face are peeling, but at different paces. The skin starts to come off in sections. For example my nose literally had a flap on it, particularly aggravating! Patches of skin around my eyes and down the middle of my chin, and on the tip of my nose were the last ones to peel, they dried up and clung on like a bandaid. I was really happy to see the peeling around my eyes and on my smile lines, which shed in generous portions.

I did not play with my peel or try to get it to come off early. I think that leaves injury to the skin and it a very bad idea. Besides the mistake of popping the whitehead, I left it alone and only put warm water on it.

I think its ok to treat the peel with an ALL natural toner. I also think it may be a good idea to treat the patches of peeled, fresh, baby skin with some toner and ALL natural oil like coconut oil?

I don't think the post care directions for the fresh skin as-it-is-emerging are clear on the VI Peel instructions. I feel that the new skin is so vulnerable, we need to be very strategic about how exactly we are going to treat it.

You will start to see the fresh young skin as the old skin works its way off your face. The peeling is thick, not flakey. It rolls off, almost in what I would call sheets. Its pretty awesome.

Eventually the last to hold-out patches with fall off, and suddenly you will be free to go back into society. Your face will be fresh. That is the moment I began to use my natural, organic toners, oils and sunscreen. (I used the Marie Veronique kit and it is all natural and oil based.)

I did not begin putting makeup or any chemical or non-natural products on my face, and I would never suggest doing with a fresh=face of brand new baby skin. There should be no reason for foundation after the VI Peel, so I suggest not putting it on your skin! (I am anti-foundation anyway). I was extra careful to avoid direct sunlight, and wore a hat while driving, walking into work, etc. I believe the after care from the VI Peel is really important.

3rd Vi Peel-Very different

Im on Day 5. The peeling is SIGNIFICANTLY less than my first two peels. My skin is very red, sore., festering, especially around my mouth. The only area that has peeled is around my mouth. The new skin is very red, unlike last time, when it was flesh colored. I hope this is all over within the next two days.

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