Smile Direct Club for my One Crooked Tooth - Oakland, CA

I just got my aligners in the mail yesterday. I...

I just got my aligners in the mail yesterday. I put them on and they didn't feel too tight. Taking them on and off is a pain and it kinda hurts. You can't eat while wearing your aligners so on the plus side it will keep me from mindlessly snacking. I also got the whitening gel that comes with it, so we will see!

Are my teeth straight yet!?!

Today is day 3 of wearing my aligners. Everytime I take them off Im like "are my teeth straight yet?! I don't want to wear these anymore!" Today the pain was so unbearable because they dig into my gums and the webbing under my tongue. So I called customer service and asked it they could make the next shipment shorter. They said they couldn't but that I could cut them and file them down. I cut them and filed them with an emory -board that they include and now they are so much more comfortable!!!
Also I found my treatment plan online and I only have 3 months of treatment. But I think I'll buy the retainers when I'm done.

Week 2

Put on my week 2 aligners today. they feel tight which is good.
This is a picture from yesterday when I wasn't wearing my aligners.

Teeth after week 1

Week 2.5

End of month one.

So tomorrow will be the end of month one. I don't see a difference at all. Which would be fine except that my treatment plan is only 3 months which is crazy. I anticipate having problems with this company in the future.

After 4 trays

After tray 6

My teeth are definitely getting straighter, but I only have 3 trays left. I wonder if they will match my treatment plan.

You had ONE job

So I "finished" my treatment which was 3 months. I was almost certain that that was too short of a treatment period. But whatever. My teeth are not at all straight like my treatment plan shows. But I get to do refinement... so I'll see how that goes
Smile direct club

The whole thing is pretty hands off which kinda freaks me out. I never met a doctor or got evaluated in person. But I guess that's why it's cheaper than Invisalign...

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