London to Oakland to Lower my High Hairline with the Best - Oakland, CA

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I had my procedure this morning. When I arrived...

I had my procedure this morning. When I arrived the receptionist was lovely and the nurse who took me through to process me was really lovely too and actually funny she made me laugh at times. She explained all the meds she was giving me and how to take them. Then his assistant came to take pictures and draw lines on my head after discussing how low i would like to go (and may I add he was serious eye candy aha). Dr Kabakar came to double check everything. They was both very thorough and precise I really had no worries or anxiety. He gave me a pill to relax me anyway (I probably didn't need it) but I did enjoy the feeling it gave me. When the nurse took me through after laying me down and wrapping me up warm she put the needle in me (which felt like I minor scratch) and I she said I will start feeling relaxed. I think I was still still chatting away then the next thing she asking me if I'm ok and I can have a nap as the procedure is over aha, what a breeze! I'm back at the hotel now with my bandage on and I'm feeling good. The hot assistant dropped me off as he lives in San Fran anyway and he was so lovely to chat to and wouldn't even let me pay him for the journey. I felt really looked after by everyone throughout. After this review I'm going to put a hat on and go out for a nice meal as I haven't eaten since morning. So far I just feel like I have a headache so I'll probable take one of the non-drowsy ones I was given now and save the others for bedtime. I look forward to the big reveal tomorrow :D. Thanks Dr Kabakar and his team, I'm a very happy lady!

2 days after I can wash my hair

I went back to Kabakar's office the day after and the nurse washed my wound, gave me a mirror so I could see, then wrapped me back up to travel back to England that same evening. I'm happy with the results. I still have a big forehead but it's no longer abnormally big lol it suits me more. Maybe I could have gone slightly lower but my worst fear was going too low and Kabakar sensed that so did a safe option. Maybe in 3 months I'll get a few grafts to lower it 0.5cm more and round the edges. My original consultation was with Fargo graft specialists in London but they said they only want to lower me 1cm so I chose Kabakar as he could lower more. Since Kabakar is retiring in January I'll probably go to then to do this. After washing my hair I put on a head band and spent lots of time with family (who I haven't told) and i even went trick or treating. i also cut myself a fringe as I'll be returning to work with stitches in and a headband won't be suitable

Kabakar is retiring!

I'm receiving messages about going to Kabakar, I'm not sure if they realise that he's retiring soon! If it wasn't for his retirement I wouldn't have got it done this soon. I was planning on doing it next year, but as soon as I heard last month I immediately called his office to book lol. He told me he has a few spaces left in January, so for those who are serious about this procedure I'd advise that you contact him asap about it. I'm sure he will fit you in. He fitted me in last week as I told him it was the only week I could do as it's half term holidays so my nephews will be with their grandparents

Stitches out! No scar! :D

I first went to my nurse at my doctors to get out my stitches. She freaked out when I explained I had surgery abroad. She said she doesn't want to remove my stitches because I could sue her if something goes wrong with what my surgeon did and not my surgeon :s after I begged and got a doctors permission she agreed but freaked out again when she took out the first stitch because there was some blood and because she's never done hairline lowering she's scared it's not normal. I ended up telling her not to bother because I was feel so uncomfortable and she clearly was scared herself. I called dr Chris ingefield who I believe is the best in England for hairline lowering. He agreed to have his nurses take out my stitches at day 9 (as his policy is 10 days but day 10 was a Saturday). It was £150 for him but it was worth it! His nurses were very clearly knowledgeable about the procedure and that made me feel so at ease! They didn't look at me and freak out they looked at me and smiled and said I look great. I met Dr Ingefield very briefly too and he checked out my stitches and said I'm healing nicely. Even during my removal of stitches and staples the nurse kept on saying I'm healing nicely and I look great. I told her what happened with my other nurse and she giggled and said a bit of bleeding is totally normal and she told me she's done this many times. We chatted throughout and I barely felt the stitches being removed, and the staples were only slightly painful but she was very quick. When I got up and looked in the mirror I understood why they kept saying I'm healing nicely. It's because I had NO scar! Only raised red dots from when the stitches came out. In my head I was thinking "it's not that I'm a great healer it's that I had a great surgeon". They gave me antibiotic ointmemt sample to take home and use which did for 2 days only as I didn't see the point if I have no wound. They said I can come back for their aftercare as they usually see patients at 6weeks and 6 months to look at the scar but I know I won't need to. Thanks to Dr Ingefield for being amazing with my aftercare in England. If you want to stay in London for surgery I think he's the best. I spent so much on 2 bottles of scar cream prior to surgery. What a waste lol! I spent the whole next day with my sister and my hair back and she kept looking at me strange but said nothing. I don't look like I had surgery a week ago! But at the same time I look like a totally different person. I wonder how long it takes for them to think "I swear she had a buck head before" lol. My friends who I told keep on staring at me saying they love my new look. I know I said before that I thought my head was still slightly big and I wish he went lower but I realised that was the swelling making it appear big aha! day by day it kept appearing smaller then I realised I was swollen! He did it perfectly so I look like the best version of myself. I'm at day 12 now. The dots are still there but scabbed over. I scraped a few off from the with my nail as it looked a little like dead skin and left the ones at the front. My friends said they can't even see them they say they see nothing, so I guess it's just me

The morning after

I'm getting lots of messages asking how I managed to look after myself alone, so I thought I'd post this pic of me 12 hours after surgery. I went site seeing and walked for miles and up hills etc. I'm not encouraging anyone to do the same. I was leaving that same day and felt I had not done enough. Im glad I did as I felt ok to do it. If I stayed longer of course I would have waited until another day. I just wanted to point out that you can look after yourself just fine x

Before pictures with hair and make up

San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

5 stars! This was a spontaneous act for me as I booked it as soon as I heard he was retiring, and I'm so glad I did. Everything went perfectly and everyone says it looks great. At times I wish I went a bit lower but that's my fault not his. He went as low as I asked him to, because I was being a scardy cat aha. He did exactly what I asked for and you can't even tell I had a procedure. I showed my best friend who is totally honest and she's totally in love and says he did it so perfect she can't see a scar, any lower I'd look like a weirdo aha and how it is I look like the best version of me

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