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I have been self conscious about my forehead since...

I have been self conscious about my forehead since I was a teenager. It has always been big, and I have always worn bangs of some sort. I want to be as confident with my hair off my forehead as I am with my hair down. I am thankful to have found this site, because I have been even more encouraged to go through with this procedure. Of course my husband and mom don't think that I need it, but as one realself member said, "Ask an enemy what they think." Ha!!
I researched this procedure YEARS ago, but I only found the surgery to be performed in a two step process. Nevermind that! So recently, I just happened to look it up again, and WOW.....1 step!! Now, I'm sure I could benefit from the two step procedure as well. However, I would be happy with the reduction of an inch. I had phone/skype consults with 2 doctors and I have decided to go with Dr. Kabaker. I appreciate the fact that he is an expert with performing this procedure, as well as his cost was more affordable for me. Aftercare is just as important, and since I will be returning to the east coast before my sutures are to be removed; he arranges for a board certified plastic surgeon to remove the sutures. That's how much respect he has among his peers : just to be able to call a fellow surgeon to do him a favor. I am fortunate to have a relative who is from California to come to Oakland so that I am not alone. So, I will update after my surgery. I am not very nervous. It's like I have been waiting all my life for this!

Before photos

Still not nervous. I feel like am going to the dentist. Get'er done!

Good Morning! A very good morning indeed! I have been anxiously waiting for this day to come! It is 555am and I have Been up since for awhile. Flight was nice. It's a shame that the first time that I am in California, I can not enjoy it too much. I came specifically for this, so did not plan a vacation. My child's birthday party is this holiday weekend, so I have got to get back to the east coast. I will be realcute in my scarf that I have not yet purchased.
Yesterday I immediately came to the office from the airport using the travel info that was online. I took a shuttle from the airport to their Bart train. From the station there was a shuttle waiting to go to Summit Hospital. The office was right in back of the drop off point, although I now realized I could have asked to be dropped off in front of the office because the attendant driving the shuttle mentioned the address, but I gave him the hospital address.( I put travel info in my mental rollerdex! I was not trying to look like I didn't know what I was Easy peasy! I felt safe traveling. It was midday.
At the office Dr. Kabaker was very kind, professional and informative. His OR nurse was also. I received arnica Montana(bruising), vicodin(pain), toradol(pain), phenergan( nausea). And an Antibiotic. The only thing I have premedicated with is Arnica.
Now- physical exam...This scalp is hella-tight! I knew this. Not a great amount of scalp laxitivity. So we are going to go as low as we can safely go in this one step procedure. Praying for 2.5cm. He said definitely 2, but he drew another line that he will attempt to get the hairline to. I was also told it will be best for me to sleep on my back, not upright- which I am happy about. After my exam and filling out paperwork I was off to my hotel. I took an uber, no issues. I plan to take one in the morning as well. Thank you all for prayers and
well wishes. Will update tonight!


Going to take a nap!


Who is happy? This girl!

I am very happy I made the decision to have this surgery with Dr. Kabaker. Don't let his age or traveling to Oakland deter you. His work is amazing. I can't tell you again how tight my scalp was. He was still able to lower by 2.6cm, which is just right for my face. The day of the procedure, I got a little nervous signing my life away, reading about the risks, but that soon passed and I was just ready to get it done. I was comfortable with the staff and their professionalism, so I was quickly put at ease. Before long, it was over. I was taken back to my hotel room by a caregiver/ nursing assistant since I traveled alone. ( my relative could not make it secondary to finances). The assistant set things up for me. I had her leave early because I felt fine and just wanted to nap. The day was smooth, I ordered room service. Pain came on that night, but was relieved by the narcotic. The next day I took an uber to the office to have bandages removed. Pics we're taken. A New bandage was applied, and I was on my way to the airport. Today is post op Day2 and I get to carefully wash my hair. I will have sutures removed Wed. Prayerfully my recovery will be as smooth as the surgery.


Pictures taken before surgery and right after bandages were removed.

Surgery Day Pic

Post op Day 5.

Things are going well. Washing hair was strange. The top of my scalp is numb. I put my hair back in a low bun, and let it air dry. I have been wearing a scarf in public. Incision looks good. No pain meds today. Scalp just feels tight. I am so happy, I showed a few family members over the easter holiday, despite the sutures, they love it. I addded zinc and Vitamin c just to support the recovery period. I apply bacitracin to suture line. I have my sutures removed this Thursday. i will post new photos then.

Post op Day #7

Day before suture removal. You can see the staples on the sides. The goo you see us Bacitracin. I am washing it out tonight before appointment tomorrow, then will continue to reapply

Suture removal

I had my sutures/ staples removed 5 days ago. I premeditated myself because I wasn't sure how much tugging would be involved. It really wasn't necessary.It wasn't bad at all. I was referred to a plastic surgeon in my city. This doctor actually does this procedure, but I made the choice to go to the Guru. He and his Nurse practitioner were very impressed with the incision and remarked about how nice it looks. I am so happy I put on my big girl britches and flew to California. I was watching the Kardashian show, and their was a scene that showed Kris and her daughter riding a rollercoaster. I can't wait to get on a rollercoaster and not worry about my hair blowing off my forehead. Crazy, but that's the first thing I thought about. I have still been washing my hair and letting it air dry. I wear baseball caps right now. But, let me tell you. A few times I forgot my cap, and kept it moving. You can't tell that I have had surgery! I plan to get my hair professionally done again in 2 weeks. I will start working out again next week. I plan to update monthly.
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kabaker is very knowledgeable about the hairline lowering procedure. He has been in practice for many years and is an expert in his field.

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