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I had it done Oct 16th of 2010 and my eyes are...

I had it done Oct 16th of 2010 and my eyes are awful - I can't wear make-up anymore - my upper and lower lids are always irritated and inflamed and swollen - my eyes are bloodshot and dry and both eyes are going down on each end with a blunt cut/scar - I can't believe "I" did this to myself. I am an idiot! I'm just blessed I can still see - there is very little relief - I've gone to the Rand Eye Institute and they felt bad for me having it done and think it is a very unwise thing to do because it typically brings on many problems.

Wish I could warn people to never do this - my eyes were very pretty before - now I think I must have them pull the ends up a tad and I'm really scared about that because of how awful they feel now. Don't know what to do, and can't afford going to an eye specialist plastic surgeon, who I know can fix this problem I'm having. Wish I could get to the right specialist.

Hoping with time my problems will subside. Wasn't to happy with the facelift overall - not tightened enough and they did under my neck and there's a clear line of hanging flesh from my chin to my neck. It's bizarre. I'd have rather had my hanging double chin, than this thin long line of skin hanging down under my neck. When I showed this to the doctor he said, "well it looks better than before!: Well, it really wasn't what I had paid for. I had a second opinion with a different surgeon and for 7000. he's eager to tighten my face and fix the problems and said he was a perfectionist. I want to go with him, but feel awkward disputing the charges where I originally had it done.

I know they did there best and there best just wasn't good enough in my book. So I could dispute these charges and then take that money and go with this new Dr. that has given me hope and confidence. He said he'd give me a brow lift. I told him that I had had a brow lift. Nice. I have knots in my neck that bulge out and are still sore. I have a blood clot on my cheek that doesn't look like it's going away any time soon. The stitching they did behind my ears feels terribly sloppy. Don't know what to do but I'm surely up for some good advice. Thanks for listening - Jill

Currect update: My eyes are round and droop at the...

Currect update: My eyes are round and droop at the ends, with one lid lower than the other. I look in the mirror and don't recognize myself at all. I might be able to forget I had this done, if my eys weren't irritated ALL the time and drawing my attention to them... reminder - you're an idiot Jill!!! So, went to a plastic surgeon with an excellent reputation the other day. Wants to redo it all, but won't touch my eyes! Says I really need to go to an ocuplastic surgeon for that. Meanwhile, his quote to me was 11,900. to redo the lift. Nice. So, where am I at really? Do I want to invest more money in a 59 yr old face, just to look really pretty? So I can look at myself. Or just get the eyes done, by an expert - and hope and pray that come out looking great as well as feeling great. Then where do I go? I'm disputing the charges I owe the center that originally did my face. I only owed 3,700. more. I feel bad to discredit the doctor who of course did his best. Only his best wasn't good enough. I think centers that offer low cost surgery like this, shouldn't ever be allowed to touch eyes. I called an ocuplastic surgeon's office today, and they said he doesn't perform surgeries for redo's on the eyes. That's nice. I guess there are more complications then. Please give me suggestions, advice - I need help. Also, I'm thinking of going to an attorney - know of any good ones out there - perhaps I can spare some other hopeful youthful seniors out there the disappointment and emotional distress this has caused me. I need help!!!

My life is devastated by this outcome of my eyes....

My life is devastated by this outcome of my eyes. I think the plugs dissolved. I think they gave me a tad of relief. I'll go back the 14th and he'll put in ones that last a little longer. This is not the answer. My eyes way round sad looking - and I can no longer function well. Who would have thought it would reach this point after 14 months? Hope others out there have found a point of stabilization. No me yet. Warm or cold compresses don't work. Nothing works. I put in gel drops during the night, don't want to face the day - can't work in front of computer or enjoy any social gatherings. What a mess.
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

At Strax they bend over backward to make you become their client - they are very accomodating. I believe they are board certified plastic surgeons but perhaps not "the best" because it they were the best my eyes would have looked better, had a natural shape rather than the round-eye look, and wouldn't been shaped down at the ends - I think they need more classes on eyes seriously, or don't do them.

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