37 Yr Old Mom of 3 Who Has Always Wanted Breast Enhancement! - Oak Brook, IL

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For as long as I can remember I have always wanted...

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted breasts but I knew I wanted to wait until I had children so I could breastfeed without any concern that my implants would affect breastfeeding. I am now 37 years old, I have 3 wonderful children (ages 5,3 and 1) and I'm ready to start focusing on my body and getting what I have always wanted.....breasts! I'm very athletic and active so I don't want anything too big but I want something. I currently measure a 34AA but have never filled out any of my AA bras (except while pregnant and breastfeeding and then I only needed an A. My surgery is scheduled for May 21st. I am very excited about this but also very very nervous. My kids are very young and my two youngest still want me to pick them up all the time (and they are both still in cribs). We have no family around us but my husband will be home for 6 days to help out but after that I'm on my own with the kids and that makes me a bit nervous. Also, I'm still unsure of what size I want. My doctor has suggested I get the 371cc. He says that is perfect for my body size (I'm 5'8", weigh 117lbs and I measure 34 inches around the chest and when the 371cc sizers are on I measure a breast diameter of 7.5 which puts me right around a very full B or small C). I'm just concerned that these might be too big? I don't want to go too big given how active I am with running, swimming, weight lifting and biking and I don't want to shout out "hey, look at my boobs!". I just want to look normal and like a woman rather than a boy. I keep wondering if the 339cc implant will better suit my lifestyle but the doctor says the 371cc implant is the way to go given everything I described to him. I ordered the Natrelle pre-consultation kit which has 4 different sized implants that I can try on to help me determine which size I want. I like the way the 371cc looks with clothing but I like the way the 339cc looks in a bathing suit and bra. Decisions decisions! If anyone has any advice or opinions I would greatly appreciate it!

Only 3 more days!

Well, my surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday, 5/21! I'm so excited but yet so nervous. I'm super excited about getting some boobs (finally) but nervous about the recovery and having to take care of my 3 little kids. My husband will help out for 6 days but after that I'm on my own. I have been trying to get my 5 yr old daughter involved in things with my two young boys (with changing diapers, getting them dressed, getting my 3 yr old to the potty, getting snacks and getting the boys in and out of the crib). She has been so eager to help and loves to do it. I'm also nervous about how my husband will handle being with the kids for six days straight without much help from me. He's never really done it before and tends to get really upset and irritated and frustrated when he can't check his email or have time to himself (like any person would but he just has no idea how time consuming and demanding they can be given that I'm always there to help him out).

Anyway, I can't believe my day will be here in just a few days! It's a bit surreal that I'm actually going through with it. I picked up my medication (pain pills) the other day, got some face wipes since I'm sure I won't be able to wash my face the first few days), more chapstick (I'm addicted...I hate dry lips), some magazines and I plan to hit the grocery store to stock up on lots of food and to make some meals to put in the freezer for my husband and kids. I visited the PS yet again this past Thursday just to go over the my size again. I'm getting the Natrelle 371cc silicone implants, moderate profile, underneath the muscle. I'm really really really really hoping they are not too big for me. I'm putting my trust and faith in my PS who has reassured me numerous times that they will not be too big for my frame. So I just need to take a deep breath and relax. I will post some pictures of what I currently look like shortly.

My current, non-existent breasts

Here is what I look like right now. Please over look my bulging belly....in addition to a completely flat chest I have diastasis recti which is a separation of the abdominal walls (tends to happen after pregnancies especially when your kids weigh over 9lbs!). So I will always look about 4 months pregnant......unless I get a tummy tuck.....hehehe. (c:

BA day is tomorrow!

My BA surgery is scheduled for 7:30am tomorrow morning. I need to be up at 5am to shower, get some last minute things done for my husband and the kids. My girlfriend will be here to pick me up by 5:45am to be there by 6. I can't believe it! I'm so excited but also nervous. I hate being put under! But at least when I wake up I will have breasts! Wish me luck! I hope to be able to post an update either tomorrow or the day after. Does anyone ever really sleep that well before something like this? Ugh! Bye for now.

2 days post surgery and I'm loving them already!

My surgery could not have gone any better the other day. My Dr, his staff and all the people at the surgical center were so welcoming and comforting. I would recommend any to him. I was relaxed (well as relaxed as one can be) the entire time I was there. I woke up sore and groggy and slept pretty much all afternoon/evening on the 21st. My husband has been so great with taking care of the kids and me. I have my first post op appointment in about 30 mins and I get my pain pump removed. I can't wait to sneak a peek at them....they already look so wonderful even though they are swollen right now. So far everything has gone well except some soreness and slight pain during the night while I sleep mainly due to having to be propped up and it hurts my back. Will try to update more tomorrow.

Tired and annoyed

Anyone else's husband go out drinking with the guys 2 days after you have had breast surgery? Probably not. Just my insensitive husband. He says he deserves it since he has been taking care of the kids for 3 straight days (like I never have done that before on his golf trips or guy weekend trips or business trips). Anyway, I'm just irritated because I still need help getting up and out of bed (maybe I'm just a little paranoid I will pull something) and our littlest one woke up in the middle of the night last night throwing up. I fear it could happen again and I won't hear him since I am still taking my pain pills and they wipe me out at night. But my husbands says "what are the chances of that happening twice and I will only be gone for two hours down the street". Whatever. We have had these issues before (he did the same thing the night I went in to labor with our 3rd child. He got home at midnight, my water broke at 2am and I had our 3rd by 5am and he was drunk/hungover and barely remembers any of it and we fight if I ever bring it up). I just get tired of where he directs his priorities. Anyway, just took a pain pill and I will be falling asleep any minute. Fingers crossed none of my kids wake up while he is gone or if he is too buzzed to take care of them because I am pretty useless right now.

Day 4 Post Op - Still Feeling Great!

I woke up this morning a bit sore (I didn't have my pain pump which I think helped to mask some of the pain the first two days) but feeling great overall. I have only had to take Tylenol today and not the Hydrocodon, which makes me feel loopy and nauseous, I finally went number 2 (probably too much info but seriously my stomach couldn't get any bigger from not going and being so bloated) and I took a shower. So I'm feeling pretty good right now. Last night I slept OK. I think I may have overdid some things yesterday with the kids and my youngest son did cry out twice last night when my husband was out with his friends so I had to get up to tend to him which I think may have caused some soreness in my left arm and it lasted until about 1am. I also switched to sleeping in the bed last night rather than our chaise lounge so maybe that is why I only slept OK. I have been massaging my breasts per the PS's orders and taking off my bra to let my girls breathe and relax a bit. It feels so good when I take the surgical bra off. Anyway, gotta cut this post off quickly because all 3 kids are having meltdowns and my husband is pretty much done with taking on all the responsibility. I knew it wouldn't last long! Gotta tend to mommy duties.

Happy Memorial Day!

Today I am 6 days post op and feeling pretty great. Aside from soreness periodically throughout the night and first thing in the morning I don't have too much pain at all anymore. More than anything my incisions (below my breast) are starting to a bit itchy and uncomfortable. Sometimes I feel those pangs and twinges from the nerves but not too often. I have to say, much of this recovery from breast augmentation, for me, has been very very similar to breastfeeding. The soreness feels like I'm engorged, when I massage my breasts it has that feeling of expressing milk and the breast feels so much better. It's so similar to me, in fact, that when I step in to the shower I cover my nipples like I did when I was breastfeeding (because they get so sore and cracked and the water pressures KILLS on the nipples during the first few days/weeks of breastfeeding) and then I giggle remembering that I'm not breastfeeding, rather, I have beautiful breasts.....albeit swollen. I'm very surprised at how well my recovery is going so far. I continue to be very careful with what I do throughout the day, I don't pick up my kids or the laundry basket or anything too heavy, I move slowly and I massage my breasts often during the day. I'm deathly afraid of capsular contracture! And surprisingly, my back is the most sore of anything, I suppose due to my subconscious bending and bad posture these past few days and the area where they put the IV in for the anesthesia is still quite sore. I hate IVs!

Tomorrow is my first day by myself with the kids all day long. I'm very nervous about it. My husband will be sure to take the boys out of their cribs in the morning and I have a sitter coming from 12:30-3:30 to take care of the kids and to give me a little break and to see the PS again for my 1 week check up. The sitter will put my littlest one down for a nap in his crib and also take him out of his crib. I can change his diaper just fine as long as he doesn't fight me too much or kick me. The only other thing I'm concerned with getting the kids into their car seats. My 5 and 3 year old can help out pretty good but my 1 year old is a beast and the car seat is where many battles occur (he screams, kicks, claws, head butts, etc because he does not want to go in it). So going places will be a challenge. But I can give myself lots of extra time and take it slow and protect myself and we (I) will be fine.

Anyway, that's my update for today. I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day. I will post some pics soon.....I just hate how swollen and bloated my tummy has been lately.

Photos from the last few days

Here are some photos I took over the weekend.
Dr. Richard Izzquierdo

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