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I have 2 daughters (10 & 5) my 1st pregnancy I...

I have 2 daughters (10 & 5) my 1st pregnancy I gained far too much weight and didn't lose all of it at 1st. I busted my butt and dropped the additional 40lbs thru diet & exercise only to find that my loose skin looked horrible still. It has ALWAYS been a very large insecurity of mine that consumes too much of my thought. I recently moved to a new state and don't have friends/family here aside from my husband. Soooo I gained almost 15 lbs which brings me to 145 due to depression and loneliness. I decided I have had enough and am taking this step finally. I am also going through a custody battle and have my youngest child's bday party (at a pool!) 2 wks after surgery. I see so much support from all of you to each other on here & I could definitely use that right now! Welcome to my journey :-)

3 more days!

Surgery in only THREE days! I have been up til 3-4am every night with anticipation & nerves! I think I have everything planned out. Only my youngest will be home. I'm sort of nervous because her father works nights at a very physically demanding job so although his intentions are good... ummmmm I am not the type to relax and leave the parenting completely to him. I have the weeks meals prepared and frozen, bought plastic cutlery and paper plates, my wardrobe, necessities, & my lounge set up in the spare bedroom, and am starting the stool softener today. I think I will put some items in my temporary room so that my daughter will have distractions. I have no idea how I'm going to deal with being so dependent!! Lol I need to stop being a high strung ball of nerves. I can not wait to get past the first few hurdles of this!

I'm out!

I feel very very swollen! I'm so happy that the first part is over. I can't get pics of my tummy yet but will eventually.
Only 1 drain and some Vicodin. I'm set!

day 2 post

So I'm in more pain today than yesterday but I got to visit Dr Shah today and he showed me how nice my tummy looks! I barely have any bruising and was shocked about that. My husband didn't get any pics :-( we will see Dr again Monday though and I will be sure to do it then! Maybe even I can have my drain removed :-) I am not on pain meds anymore because they were making me very dizzy and nauseous. The ice packs have been doing wonders tho... I'm really pleased with the result I saw today even tho I'm SO swollen. I would definitely say that this is painful & this is something you need to be SURE you want. I am not regretting my decision :-)

drains out soon :-)

It's way too early to want my CG off buuuut I so want it off!! I'm very swollen still but I got this pic of my after so far. I covered my hairy armpits with a sun for your aesthetic pleasure :-)
He says drains out tomorrow or Wednesday! Woooohoo!!

improvements each day

Today was a good day. Visited Dr. Shah and had my drains removed & got the ok to wear something other than this yucky binder. I can't wait to say goodbye to it. Also got cleared for a real shower.
I feel way better... I can navigate stairs and we went to dinner tonight.

my 5 day old incision

1 week & happy 4th of July

I am feeling almost as good as new. It's amazing! I have some swelling still, which is to be expected, and slight soreness when I get up after a long time sitting/laying. .. other than that though I feel great! Dr Shah has been following up on my progress pretty much every other day & it just keeps getting better!! My before and after - only ONE week after surgery- makes a huge difference to me :-)
Hope everyone has a great holiday!!!

good news today :-)

Saw Dr Shah today and got my belly button stitches removed. I love my new belly button!!
I have been feeling really great! Even though I feel good, still trying to take it easy.

everything is swell!

No I mean that. I'm super swollen :-)
I cleaned the house from top to bottom today and it was such a relief. Nearly 2 weeks worth of cleaning was definitely a challenge! I feel pretty good though & so glad my house doesn't look ransacked by burglars anymore.
My daughters & I have been going on 20 minute nightly walks for the past few days and my tummy feels swollen after but it's so nice to get SOME activity in there :-)
We got a little sun today too! Very nice :-)

real clothes

Today was my 1st attempt at real clothes. I still think I look swollen but I'm only 2weeks in.. plus my daughters and I have been eating desserts way too much lately haha time to curb that


Today I decided to wear jeans for the 1st time... I felt good! I notice my sides are still swollen but I feel so much better without my belly hanging out everywhere. I used to hate jeans because I have thin legs and my tummy was round so I always looked horrible in them. I shopped at the mall today with confidence. I haven't felt that in so long!
I did some bikini buying but I'm not posting pics til my tape is off :-) I still haven't actually seen my scar yet. I'm very happy with my healing process though. Best decision I've ever made!! I think next year I'll get some new boobs, thank you gravity!

bikini try out

I have a HUGE bulge and am still swollen and could REALLY use a work out but hey I'm in a bikini :-) yay

17 days post op

aaaannd I'm overdoing it

So my recovery so far has been a pretty easy one. This week though I've been preparing for 2 bday parties for one of my daughters and I have no help. I can't complain because my husband is at work all the time so really CAN'T help... my swelling hasn't been super intense but yesterday and today I felt like I did too much lifting & yard/housework and now I am way swollen :-(
Today is my 3 week mark though so I'm halfway to being able to work out.. that's one positive.
Ahhh well had to have a little vent since this has been a rough week and not used to this much puffiness.

3 weeks (& 1 day)

We had my daughters party at the pool today & there were tiny girls in bikinis everywhere while I was stuck in granny CG.... lol this was definitely a bit of motivation to hit that gym hard when I'm cleared
I was feeling kind of down about my swelling today so I made this comparison picture of my start to where I am today and am trying to remind myself- PATIENCE!!! I have come SO far and wouldn't trade my decision for anything.
My stomach looks 4737372 times better to me now than it did then. Trying to keep my spirits up :-)

my pics didn't post

Here are some comparison pics. The one didn't post on my last update.

5 weeks!

Yay! 1 more week til I get exercise clearance :-D
Everything is feeling good, no major changes. Swelling isn't as horrible as it was before so I'm feeling pretty good. Here's my 5 week progress pic

6 weeks

So not much has changed between 5-6 weeks. Dr Shah cleared me for exercise which I'm really happy about and I've been taking lots of bike rides... it feels great! I'm loving my new belly & belly button... the only minor complaint I have is my pleating... I'm posting a pic, but I just really hope it goes away sooner rather than later. Dr says it will all go down in time and it has definitely majorly decreased from before... it just kind of shows if I wear a bikini soooo... if that part can hurry & be over... that would be great!

7 weeks!

My activity has increased so much. It is like life is back to normal... my body FEELS like it can take it & I feel like I can keep being the person who does it all and I don't need help and my family can have me wait on them hand and foot... but my appearance is saying slow. Down.
I see parts of me swelling and knotting and I don't like seeing that in the mirror! It has been a relief to see people on this site are going through the same thing so I don't feel lazy or like a freak... I am trying to be patient. My body has done a complete 180 from before. I'm still grateful I had this opportunity and that my PS has been so good throughout the entire thing.
4 more months and I hit the "normalcy" stage :-)
I put a 4 wk and 7 wk comparison... my body has definitely changed in that timeframe.... I actually dig week 7. I just want to lose 10 lbs lol

10 weeks

I haven't updated in a while. It's true you tend to get back to regular life and RS becomes somewhere u check in once in a while.... everything is going pretty great. I started working out 2 weeks ago with a trainer. My swelling was intense at 1st but it's getting slightly better. I still have a ways to go though. I will see Dr Shah On Thursday to check my progress.
I am loving my belly though. It feels so good to look down and not hate what I see. It truly was one of my best decisions!

almost 3 months! time flies when you're having fun

My stomach first thing in the morning is my favorite ?
It's super numb and abdominal workouts are still a challenge, but I feel like im making progress and really liking my new body! Just gotta work on the muffin top ;-) Dr Shah said if I can't work it off with my trainer, we can do some lipo... yeeeeaaah!

almost 5 months

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr Shah & his staff made me feel at ease and confident in my decision. I am looking at this in a very realistic manner and I appreciate that Dr Shah makes sure his patients do know what they are going in to. Consultation & pre op have been completed and I feel like I will be in good hands! *update* my surgery came out REALLY well and I love the way my new tummy looks! Dr Shah and his staff have been phenomenal in their responsiveness to all of my questions and very supportive. I'm in pain now but NO REGRETS!

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