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I hit puberty at 11 and was one of the first girls...

I hit puberty at 11 and was one of the first girls to get larger breasts. I was always tramautized by a comment a boy made about them (he got the first sexual harrassment detention at my jr. high for making the comment to me. I cried in high school when I had to get a D bra - still remember where I was in the store. I got diagnosed with Crohns disease when I was 22, I have always been curvy and I like having an hour glass shape, but as Ive gained weight and lost weight over the years, my breast size has increased, they get bigger but never go down, even when Ive lost 20 or 30lbs. So now I am 5'7, 30 and have saggy boobs at a 36GG, I just got married in Feb. and had to order a strapless white bra from England to get one in my size!!
The last few years I have been having the lower back problems and shoulder paid from my straps. Wrapping xmas presents is always the worst, I always have to take breaks from bending over all the time! I want to cry when I see myself sideways in the mirror.
My husband loves them so I feel bad about changing them, and Im a lil worried about the scars, Ive had multiple ab surgeries over the years due to my crohns so I have a lot of scars already. I want to be a 36DD, maybe go down to a 36D if possible since I still plan on having kids in the next couple years, my ideal would be 36dd ;) I still like having a larger chest, Ive always had one, IM used to it.
My aunt had a breast reductions 13-15 years ago and was very pleased so I a going to the Dr. she and her sister used. I have my consult on March 18th and am super excited/anxious. Im worried about missing more work (since I just took off olast mont hfor my honeymoon) but I know getting insurance approved is always an issue. My aunt also said this dr. made her loose some weight to make sure her breast size didnt go down, so she thinks he will want me to loose more weight too, grr.

Has anyone else's drs. had them lose weight in order to get the surgery?
Does anyone know the benefits of also getting a breast lift with the reduction?
I know that insurance only covers the reduction, I also have a skin disorder on the underneath part of my breasts (secondary crohns issue)

So, it's Monday - I went and had my consulation....

So, it's Monday - I went and had my consulation. It's of course a little awkward, I had my husband with me (got married on Feb. 9 :) ) and my mom so he was a lil uncomfortable. But I was very emotional taking the pictures and my sagging boobs and the meaurements. I got very teary eyed looking at before and afters. I cant imagine liked my boobs or not cringe when I see the side image in the mirror, or be able to do bootcamp without wearing two bras and have my chest constantly in my face.
Now the waiting game!!

Still waiting ot hear back from my insurance...

Still waiting ot hear back from my insurance company, Im going to follo up this week with my PS's office to make sure they sent the letter then follow up with my insurance company to make sure they received the info. - I know insurance companies can be sneaky! :) fingers crossed

Insurance FINALLY Approved my surgery!!! Scheduled June 19th!

After much back and forth my insurance has finally agreed to approve my br!! I cried, Im so happy. I am scheduled for June 19th. It has been a rough couple of weeks, I lost my job so I was terrified after all of my back and forth that I wouldnt have my insurance anymore, my company was at least nice and I have my insurance through the end of June then I will have to pay cobra. This has put my job search on a little hold here, Ill keep looking but I wont be able to even work until July. Im so happy to finally have some good news.
I meet with the dr. to go over everything with my surgery on Monday. Ill need to figure out a good support bra. So happy, I really needed some good news!!!!
I will have to bit the bullet soon and post some pictures...but I think it will be good for before and afters, they will be great to look at when Im in pain and recovering to remind my of how they used to be.

Updates and pictures

Hello, so I realized that I did not update what my insurance issue was, they initially denied the claim and then the following week I was let go from my job, I was very heartbroken I went back and forth with insurance and my ps office about what the issue was because of course the denial letter didnt make any sense to me. I did get 5 weeks severence pay and I told my boss that I had a chronic illness so I was more worried about my insurance, he said he would make sure that I had it through the end of June, so now I had a rush to get this surgery approved. (it also made it hard while job-searching as I didnt hae a date exactly that I could start.
My PS office talked to the dr. at the insurance company and it was as simple is that had to change the amount they were taking out on the 2nd page of the request. My ps offices lady said that I was in between two number and she went wiht the lower one and she should have gone with the higher one. So the dr. at the inruance company said it would be approved then and my ps faxed in the info. and I was able to schedule my surgery.

I went to Kohls and JcPenney's yesterday and got some button down shirts and comfy button and zipper pajamas that I would easily be able to fit in after surgery, My mom is taking off of work to take care of me, she gets vacation time and my husband does not. So my surgery is on a Wed so she will be with my Thursday, Friday, then my husband has me on the weekend and mom is off Monday and Tuesday :) (No one takes care of me like my mom - shes the best!) my husband is still pretty good but she has more practice. I got diagnosed with Crohn's disease at 22 so Ive had quite a few surgeries so Im not afraid of the being put to sleep, not looking forward to pain of the recovery. Im more afraid of loss of sensations in my nipples or the breasts looking weird and uneven.

Im biting the bullet and posting some before pictures. It will help when Im having a bad day during recovery and can remind myself of how much I didnt like how they looked before the surgery.

What sports bra or or support bras did people use after surgery?

Pre-Op Appt. down, Cant wait for June 19th Surgery day!

So first off, thank you to all the brave women out there for sharing their stories!! So wonderful to have an outlet like this. I figured I would add some more before pictures in a shirt and in my bra. This will help remind me how they would look in clothes.

My pre-opp appt. went well, I asked a lot of questions and got them all answered. My ps typically does not use drains, which I told him my concerns since I have a history skin cysts, and I dont want any issues. He answered honestly and said he would add them if he really felt they were needed but usually not. I did some more reseach and it seems that some surgeons use them and some dont. I brought my mom and my husband to the appt. so I dont forget anything that was said. My husband later tells me he had a quesion about shape, I wish he would have said something at the appt. so he could have asked the dr. (he felt awkard since my mom was there) I basically told him he needs to be brave and just get over it, we're adults and if that was something that concerned him it is important enough to address. So I will save him the trouble and ask the dr. the day of the surgery so he feels better :)

Another issue Im having is Vicodin doesnt work on me, I told this at my pre-op and the woman going over everything with me suggested Norco. Well I asked a question to the drs. on here and researched and it looks like Norco has the same ingredients as Vicodin(hydrocodone & acetominophin) just more hydrocodone, Im concerned it will not work on me, and I fulfilled the prescription but am scared that Ill get home the day of surgery, and Norco wont work on me. So I called the ps' office and am waiting for a call back about getting a different medication. I rather be safe than sorry. Im always afraid to sound like a druggie or something if I ask about pain meds. My first experience was with Vicodin in the hosptial and I had a bunch but was still in a ton of pain (I had an abcess and my intestines ended up rupturing before they figured it out- this is how i got diagnosed with Crohns) They treated me like some druggie asking for more pain meds - my mom was awesome and had a fit at them since i was still in so much pain, once they figured out what was wrong I had emergency surgery, I still remember a really nice nurse said how sorry she was that happened to me, I must have a high pain tolerance because they were basically giving me tylonel while my organs were shutting down. Good to know!

I also went online and ordered 3 different post-surgery bras, I figured one will fit and Ill just order another in that size, I went to 2 walmarts for the brand the ps suggested but they didnt have any in my anticipated size. Im excited to get the bras, silly but I cant wait to throw my big ones out, they are like bigger than the size of my heard now!! Embaressing!

Im trying to stay healthy, and taking vitamin C every day, and all my crohns meds, and getting enough sleep, Im terrified Ill get a cold or something. Im also in a singing group(and we dance) in Chicago, we have our big shows June 14th and 15th, hence why I could not have my surgery this week! Once I get through that I will be ready to go!

recvd call back from nurse

So I got the same nurse again, who basically wouldnt give me anything else like percocet, Im convinced that now she thinks Im some kind of druggie, I told her my concerns and she said that I should try the Norco and that the dr. would not give me anything stronger right now. The only positive thing she said was that I will get the ps's cell phone after my surgery so if I have any issues I can contact him right away. Im thinking I will just talk to the actual ps at my surgery and bi-pass the one nurse. Grrr.
Other than that, Im nervous and excited, I wish the surgery was tomorrow already!

- What did other people's ps prescribe you for pain management?? -

Nervous but Excited for surgery - HOW DO YOU STAY CALM WHILE WAITING FOR SURGERY!

So Im wishing it was tomorrow already! Ive been very anxious and nervous but soo excited and looking forward to it. Im so scared I get sick before hand and will have to reschedule or something. Luckily my period is over so I wont have to deal with that while recovering. Im in a singing performance group and we have our big show next weekend so Ive been practicing a lot for that but my crohns has been acting up since Ive been so nervous/anxious. A lot of trips to the bathroom. grr such is my life. I will be really interested to see if I actually get constipated after surgery after reading a bunch of other people's posts about that, that is RARELY if ever my issue lol.

So how do you stay calm? Im trying to get enough sleep and taking vitamin c etc. but Im so nervous that something will happen and that Ill have to cancel or something :( eek

Two more Nights to go!

So it's Monday night and my surgery is Wed., Im having such a hard time sleeping and staying asleep right now. Im excited/nervous, like a warped Christmas morning coming up. I take sleeping pills but my mind is strong and my mind is just going 24/7. I feel like Im stalking this site right now lol.
I got the call to pre-register today, got a lovely suprise to bring $300 with me since my dedeductible is not paid yet. Lovely little suprise, I was hoping for half of that to start and just bill be my deductible. A nurse will call me tomorrow between 3-7pm to let me know what time I have to be at the hospital, grr I want to know now what time hehe. I pray it's early in the morning because I know I will be up early anyway, and have a lil drive there and want to avoid Chicago suburbs rush hour traffic on my way home.
My mom and my husband are coming with me and they got books and will be all set. Fingers crossed. I will update tomorrow when I find out what time I will be going under :)

Forgot something funny

So Im in a singing/dancing performance group in Chicago, we are a group that is like Glee Rated R/original musical comedies, very fun. I had our spring/summer show this past weekend, half of the group involves gay men, so I said if anyone wants to see them or feel now is your chance before they change (the only time my husband would allow this of course lol) One of my bestfriend's (who is gay) boyfriend waved good-bye to my "girls" and sang them a lullabye - LOL it was Hilarious. Defintely a highlight.
I find myself becoming very emotional at this point, I want to do this, but it is also a little strange since I am changing part of my body completely...

Tomorrow is the day!

So I heard from the nurse today and FINALLY got my surgery time. I have to be at the hospital at 6:30am, surgery will be between 8-8:30am. Im so happy the surgery is so early, I have not been sleeping well and nervous, excited, and anxious still. Im a little out of it today, I have cleaning and stuff today and Im really just not in the mood to do anything, so Im just watching tv with my cat, waiting for my husband to come home. I hope I can sleep tonight, Im going to go to bed early. Ill update when I can - See you on the other side!!

PS - Thanks for listening :)

Surgery all done!

Surgery is all done, Ill update more tomorrow. it took about 4 hours I know, I find out all the good stuff on how much they took out tmrw at my dr. appt. and get to see them then. :) so glad I made it to the big day, now Im in recovery/sleepy mode. Im in some pain but not a ton, meds are working ok, I imagine I will be more sore as they fully wake up. I had some lipo on the sides so I know that will be totally sore (yay for lipo!!) TTYL

Say the dr. today

Hi, so I went to my first check up and it went really well, I cant believe how great my boobs look already!! Im in shock. Im in some pain, feels like I have a really tight, broken, painful underwire on though i dont. I am still really tired, I slept awful, I was up almost every hour and am very tired. So sorry I will update tomorrow on how everything went on the big day.

As of right now IM very pleased with my breasts. He took 750mg out of one and almost 800mg out of the other, which is why I think it took so long, he also did some lipo on my side boobs so that is sore, and around the top of my armpit where my arms meet the top of my boob so it shaped them really nicely. Not sure about the size yet, Im guessing a D, my right is a little more swollen right now then my left. I included some pics.

So Surgery day on the 19th

Hard to believe im a couple days out now! So surgery day, I got p really early, my husband, my mom, and I piled in the car and went off to the hospital about 40 min. away. We got there on time, I had already pre-registered so they took my name, I sat down for a couple minutes then back we went into the room. I changed into my gown, and to pee in a cup(they check if you are pregnant which I knew I was not) I have horrible veins but the nurse was really nice and worked to only have to stick me one. Then the power went out which was weird, It was off a couple seconds like pitch black then came back on, weird ness, I was just praying it wouldn't affect my surgery.
My surgery was scheduled for 8:30, I saw the anestiasiologist (sp?) then my ps came in and marked me, we talked and he answered any last minute questions and made me feel more comfortable and excited about it. They he also talked to my hubbie and mom and said not to worry he would take good care of me so we all felt reassured. while the PS was marking me up all pretty, we heard that the hospital was on lock down! The hospital I was at is a trauma 1 so it can get pretty busy, my surgery ended up being pushed back only 30 min. cuz they didn't know if they would need more rooms in the ER and OR so 9am and it was time to go.

I was wheeled into the room and music was playing which I really liked, All you Need is Love by the Beatles was playing :) I scooted onto the operating table and they gave me something to help me relax which they situated my legs and arms, I had some oxygen, they told me to take some deep breaths then they put me to sleep. I was in recovery awhile but was actually pretty with it, I remember the very nice nurse who talked to me. I was more tired when I got to see my family. Originally he said surgery would be 3-3.5 hours so it was more like, they were happy to see me. I just wanted to get home and sleep so we moved it along and home I went. I was ok in the car, I had my pillows but I was awake, slept a little when I got home. My boobs looks perky and smaller already, I could tell under my 2 wrappings and little bra.

Thanks for all the well wishes and compliments :)

Ive been good, my mom is home taking care of me today. Ive been having some issues sleeping the past two nights. The 1st night home I was up for some reason every hour. Last night, I got nauseas and had to go to the bathroom, had my husband bring a pot cuz it's easier than trying to use the toilet and be sick with this surgery. I found my neausa medication and had some crackers and that seemed to calm it down. Then I slept for over 3 hours straight on my lazy boy chair! that was must needed. And I didnt manage a 1.5 hours nap today too so that helped.

Thank you for the well wishes! they are must welcomed :) so far so good, I will bathe tomorrow and remove some covering over my nipple so Im not looking forward to that, and the ps gave me some ointment cream to use on it too. Ill let you know the name when I use it. It feels all tight now, and the pain comes and goes, trying to figure out the pain meds is interesting, Im not a big fan of the Norco so far. My appetite is pretty small which is ok with me, Im trying to drink lots of fluids but that easy to do since my mouth was so dry.

3 Days post - 6/22

Hello all,
I finally got a lil more sleep last night which really helped. I took a nap today too which also helps. Ive been alternating taking just Tylenol with Norco. I eat but my appetite is small, I eat small meals throughout the day. I did take a trip with my to walgreens, get me out and walk a bit. TOOK my First Shower, it went really well. Per the dr. I had to remove the tape around my nipples and that came off easy. My left nipple is super sensitive so I did not put direct water on that hehe. Overall the shower went great, I will wash my hair next time, I still have some stubborn markings on my skin that did not want to come off, oh well it will just take some more time. We wrapped me up with a gauze roll and really love the nipple pad cover(I got re-washable nipple cover pads from Walmart real cheap, love them) We put my sports bra on and Im good to go. Lots more bruising than I expected. IM still spare at some points.
My pain comes and goes, seems to hurt more on my right breast, it's wrapped but pretty bruised area. It also tends to zing me when moving positions, in/our of bed. in our out of my lazyboy chair. In bed, Ive found that putting a little pillow across my chest helps to prevent that.
Im emotional, I get cranky right now if Im hungry and of course when Im in pain, Ive been trying to work on that. Im not sure whats next, I go to the PS Monday, not sure when stitches will be removed.

Day 4 Post

Hello, I finally am getting more sleep! Yay, that has been helping a ton. And my pain level has been going down. My mom and husband have been great, even when Im in pain and cranky. I am a very lucky girl! Ive been putting an ointment that the office gave me on the nipple area and down the one incision line. My left nipple is super sensitive and my right nipple still feels numb.

Here are some updated pics, you can see my bruising but I am doing ok. I feel like a new person after some actual sleep. I did ice them a couple of times today, that seems to make them feel a little better. I still have to pee a lot, Im drinking lots of fluids, no No. 2 yet but Im not worried since I have Crohns it will happen soon enough, I have a lot of rumblings and noise in that area though lol I cant tell my tummy is still sooo bloated, I fee like I look pregnant ugh. I look forward to the bowel movement since I think that will help it go down. My pics you can see the bruising. I go back to the PS tomorrow and 4pm, not sure what he is going to want to do yet.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions I can answer. Im at home and recovering :)

Wow these are really my boobs..

Im still in happy shock. My boobs still look really good! I am very bruised all over, I imagine that is from the lipo on the sides on my breasts and they did a lot of work. Im not worried about the bruising.
I had my 2nd ps appt. and he says all is going well I go back next Monday. Not sure when the stitches come out yet, we should have a better idea on when they will come out. I have been very tired today, took a couple of naps. I tire pretty easily but I guess that is normal since Im not even a week out of the surgery yet.
It's been nice having my mom home to take care of me, she goes back to work tomorrow, one of my friend's is coming over tomorrow. I am able to move a little better each day. Here are some more pics from after today's showers. Lots of bruising but getting better.

Forgot the other side picture

Cabin Fever

Hi, so IM one week out!! Ya for that. Im having one of the sad days, Im tired and kinda cranky and sick of being home, I went with my mom to DQ to get a blizzard just so I can get out of the house a little. The pain and has lessened a ton, I just feel a lot of pressure on my under breast incisions. I cant get comfortable today. I just wanted to vent and let people know yes you will have a down in the dumps day, Im emotional and girly. Still LOVE my boobs but I talk to them and tell them to calm down lol. My chest is very tight (not heart attack issues) just over tight boobs. Im looking forward to tomorrow hopefully it will be a better day. I would like a recovery break please

Some stitches out, some still in

Well Ive been recovering and trying to focus on getting better and healing. Sometimes I still have a hard time sleeping and getting comfortable and still tire easily. It's about 2 and a half weeks after surgery and Im in a hurry to be better already! lol Last Friday I went to the dr. and I have a lil separation at my t junction so they left those stitches in, but put some numbing lotion around my nipples and removed those stitches, which only one pinched a little the rest coming out was just fine, it was just a little weird to have someone working on my breasts. It's still weird going to the dr. in a room and taking off your top and having people stare at your breasts, But I have showed them off to a couple of my bestfriends and I showed them the pics on this site and they were quite shocked to see how much they sagged without a bra, so that made me feel good that it was such a dramatic change, it helps to remind my why I went through this.
I discovered something new this week, after I shower my towel stays up! I never put 2 and 2 together that my stupid towel would never stay around my body but now it does. And I still look at my feet a ton when I walk cuz Im still so surprised to see them, I wonder if that will ever get old.
Right now they told me to clean throroughly in the shower with my dial and make sure to clean off any scabs (sounds weird to me for healing purposes but ok Ill be a good patient) then I use peroxide and then the cream they gave me. I finally drove last week to the doctors office, I Hate bumps in the road, don't feel too good so I got a tighter bra to wear when I go out, it has a lil molding and a lil too tight on me but it keeps the boobs from bouncing in the car! It's a 36D, but right now im a 36DD, the nurse said Im still a little swollen so I think Im gonna end up right where I wanted, 36D/DD depending on the bra brand. I cant wait to heal to go bra shopping!
I hope healing starts to speed up once the rest of the stitches get removed. I go next Friday so we will see. I put some steri strips under my right breast at the t junction and Ive attached some pics.

Updated Pics

Hi, I got a new bra from Target! It's a really comfy one, I went with a DD (Im still a little swollen) and still have stiches in at my t-junctions so I went a size up in the band to be not so tight. It's been at least 15 years since I wore a bra without an underwire!

Some bumps in the road

Well Ive gotten all of my stitches removed, but have some infection around both tzones. My left breast Im not as worried about, my right tjunction is pretty gross. Ive been using peroxide to get rid of the lil areas or puss (which is gross) and putting my ointment on it and keeping them covered, it was hurting for a few days but I just taken some Tylenol for it. The dr. said that is pretty normal for the high stress area and that it will be fine just keep doing what Im doing, when I do back in 10 days and once Im all closed I will get the silicone strips to help with scarring.
Im having a hard time being excited about my new boobs right now as Im upset and had some pain. I clean it twice a day everyday, I was getting very tired for awhile there too I think due to infection. Ive been taking some cipro pills and I think that's been helping. This infection and longer healing is throwing me for a loop here. Anyone else have this? Im praying it passes and I can get excited about the br.
ON a lighter note, Im being able to sleep better on my side, which is awesome.

QUESTION - Anyone else's period late or thrown off after surgery??? Mine still has not come yet.

Almost six weeks down

Hi, update time. Im feeling much more like myself again. Ive seen a lot of my friends and it's been really fun to show everyone the new girls lol. Everyone has been great, I recently watched a video with me and my old boobies and wow what a difference. It's funny how easily we forget how they used to look! When I am having a rough patch I definitely look at my before pictures and feel better.
Now I have been having issues with my t-zones. But they are slowly improving, they upset me sometimes and get hard to look at but I stay on it and clean them and just keep going. Ive been going to my PS and he says just to keep at it and let them know if I have any other issues or symptoms. The pics are gross not gonna lie, I wish I had less of an issue but I would still do it and it could always be worse.

I LOVE the shape of my new breasts, so cool, looks way better than they did at 18! I was a DD then. I love trying on my old clothes and noticing how different and better things look on me, it's still really surprising and cool. I will be THRILLED when the trouble spots close up already, it's summer and I still cant swim or even take a bath!
Still no period (and no Im not pregnant) :P

Loving the New Boobs

I haven't updated in a looonng time. But it is the first time in my life where I actually LOVE my chest! I love my cleavage, how I look in shirts and bras, oh and my nighties, oh and the bathing suits I look awesome in! I wish I did this sooner, it was one of the best things Ive ever done for myself. It was a long, hard process, and could be quite frustrating at time, but I would tell you to GO FOR IT! I say at least once a day to my husband or mom or bestfriend, god I love my boobs :) they are awesome

I still have a little spot that hasn't fully healed, and I do wish that they were still super firm and high up like right after the surgery hehe, but they have settled now and Im still thrilled. The scarring around my nipples is good, and all feeling came back in both nipples, one took a couple months the other one was pretty soon after surgery.

Forgot one thing

I ended up a DD, I wanted to be more of a D but I am trying to lose weight right now so fingers crossed.

It's been awhile - No REGRETS

I was just reading over my old posts, I forgot so much about what happened, Im really glad that I took the time to post and write it all down. I will have to take some pictures so I can update what they are like now. It is hard to even remember what they used to be like. The recovery process was more difficult than I would have preferred but I am sooooo beyond thrilled I did it. (Still wish they were just a half cup smaller) but I dont regret it AT ALL- NO REGReTS!! I know so many people that are in need of it and I encourage them to go talk to someone about doing it. If you are unsure, at least make a dr. appt. and find out what your options are. This made such a huge difference in my confidence and how I feel about myself and how I see myself.
I still miss how perky they were right after the surgery but they have settled now in a more natural shape (My husband is super happy btw hehe)
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