22 Yrs Young, No Kids, 5'6", 125 lbs. 350cc MemoryGel Smooth Round High Profile - Oak Lawn, IL

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I'm a 32C (Victoria Secret measurement) and I know...

I'm a 32C (Victoria Secret measurement) and I know they measure bigger or whatever. I want my body to feel and look more proportional. I have always wanted bigger boobs as also every female with smaller boobs has said. I want them to look natural, be proportional, have cleavage without having to wear a push up bra which is all I wear now. So I want to make sure that I go big enough but don't want it to look weird on my body. I went to my consultation last Thursday July 14, 2016. My pre-op appointment is Saturday July 23, 2016. At my consultation I told my PS that I wanted to go the biggest my body could take so right now we are going with 325cc silicone under infram incision. But tomorrow I want to emphasize that I want cleavage without having to wear a push up bra. I didn't go in saying what size I wanted because I wanted to see what my body could "handle." So after doing more research and seeing pictures and videos of other BAs I want to see if I can go up the next cc and see what he says. I am so excited for my BA surgery I can't wait!!! (((:


More pics



Time is almost here!

I am 8 days out and I'm so excited. Its on my mind all day everyday(: I am still deciding between 325-350cc. I know I'm getting Silicone Inframammary HP under the muscle. I hope everything goes smoothly and I don't have any problems throughout my whole experience. Wish me luck (:

More pictures

One week out!!!!(:

Hours left!!!

Tomorrow is the big day feeling really excited & anxious!!(: 7 am is going to be here really soon! Hope everything goes smoothly & they turn out to be just how I picture them(:


Hey guys. Just got back to my hotel from surgery all went good was able to go 350 cc (: pain is prolly an 8 right now waiting for pain meds to kick in. Feel like someone is pulling my boobs outwards. Just drinking some juice and sipping on my campbells chicken noodle soup outta my straw will update later(:

2 days post op

Finally here are some pictures! Mentor Memory Gel Smooth Round High Profile 350cc

4 days post op pictures

Pain has gotten a lot better. Just still a little painful when trying to get up feels really heavy on my incisions lol. Happy with how they are looking can't wait to see how they look with a shirt on over them as I have only been walking around the house in a zip up front sports bra and sweats. Just taking it easy napping and watching tv. Also icing them with two bags of peas. My around the neck travel pillow has been my savor for sleep! Also in the pictures my boobs are really shiny because I am using Jenny Edens Boobie Butter (specifically for women with implants) which helps prevent stretch marks has all natural ingredients! When my incisions are all healed up an closed I will also be using Jenny Edens Scar Salve (also made with all natural ingredients) which helps repair your incisions I am so happy I purchased these before I had surgery! I go back to see my ps Tuesday August 9, 2016 he is going to show me how to do the massages and I'm sure going to check my incisions. So far I'm a happy camper(:

One week later

One week post op! Doing my massages still firm/hard can't wait until they don't feel hard anymore! Other than that things are pretty good! Oh and I love them(:

Comparison pics

Comparison before / after

Been awhile!!

Haven't posted in forever I I will get pictures of my scars and how they look now on Friday. Stay tuned(:

Finally for those who have been waiting!

4 month post op pictures! :) I am now a 32DD :) Doing great scars are healing nicely they are a light pink and nice and smooth.
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