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I had liposuction done in the love handle area and...

I had liposuction done in the love handle area and lower stomach October 17th 2012 (I am 23 years old, 5'9" and about 155 pounds). I saw major results two days after the surgery yet as of today the love handles came back. I have read I need to wait up to 3 months for major results but the skin that is still swollen is hard. My love handle area is soft as if the swelling is done. I work out 5 days a week and maintain a healthy diet. Am I over reacting? Should I still wait a few more months for results? I paid nearly 5 grand for NO love handles :/

4 months on the 17th, I don't see much change...

4 months on the 17th, I don't see much change still. He suggested a touch up for $400-450. Any suggestions guys? Should I take it to the higher Dr and voice my complaints or just pay that little amount and go with a touch up?

So April 17th will officially be 6 months. After...

So April 17th will officially be 6 months. After nearly 5 grand I have yet to receieve my hourglass figure. The Dr has insisted he can take more fat around my waist for $650.00 total. I am going to do it I have decided. I have attached some photos of my progress so far.

Also to note, I see some days I am flatter than...

Also to note, I see some days I am flatter than others. Does any else have this problem? After an intense work out or even eating red meat the next morning I find myself more swollen than other days. I know I am still swollen some what because when I wear high waisted jeans I see an indent in my waist/belly that lasts for about a day then fades the next morning.

Almost 8 Months

It will be 8 months on June 17th. the truth is ladies we must be patient with this procedure. The more I read on liposuction the more I understand. We are literally having fat sucksed out of our bodies over night. Our body then freaks out and tries to compensate by swelling. My swelling isn't fully over. I sometimes when I wear high waisted jeans there is an indent in my abdomen. Any way here are some photos I am beginning to think I just have a wide pelvis maybe that's why it looks like there are fat pockets around my pelvic bone. I am definitely going to do the touch up probably in September.

9 Months Post Op

Ok so today hits the 9 month anniversery since my plastic surgery. I had lipo done of my love handles and lower abdomen. I saw my PS earlier this week and he informed me he might not be able to take any excessive fat from my hip area. As you can see in the picture there is an obvious bump of fat above my hip/below my waist. I have an appointment to see another PS to see what he thinks. I am beginning to feel this whole procedure was a waste of money. Anyway here is my progress.
Ladies please do your proper research when it comes to these PS. Please keep in mind they do NOT have our best interest in mind. We are a dollar sign to them.
Have a blessed day.

9 months post op

9 months post op

10 Months

Hello beautiful people :)
Today is 10 months exactly. I have a touch up appointment on September 27th and hopefully the Dr. will be able to remove that stubborn muffin top. My body fat % has gone from 26% to 19% which is fantastic but I can't seem to shed the fat around my hip bone. I have uploaded some photos and you can see where I grab the fat so I know it can't be my pelvic bone or muscle. I have an appointment with my PS on Thursday for the final say so if he will remove the fat around my hips. I will keep you wonderful people updated on how it goes.

10 Months

Revision on the 27th!

So I will be having my revision on 9/27/2013. I am excited this round because I know how to deal with the pain, bruising, swelling ect. The 17th of this month will be 11months so far. Crazy how time passes so fast. I will keep this updated with my progession.

1.5 Months after revision

Peace and blessings ladies
I do apologize for not updating my account sooner, I am currently working on my thesis and it is extremely time consuming.
The revision went great! My inches went from 36-30-43 to 34-28-42. I am still working out 5 days a week and eating properly and I am genuinely happy with my results. It has taken a long time but I finally feel like I have my ideal body. Thank you everyone for your positive opinions and support. You are all wonderful! I will update in about a month when everything slows done.


Also.. I bought a proper compression garment and barely saw any swelling. Grant it he used local anesthesia does anyone know if this makes a difference?

2.5 Months Since Revision

I cannot stress how important diet and exercise is ESPACIALLY after any form of cosmetic surgery. It is most important to remain active and keep up a healthy diet in order for your fat to come off and stay off. I can see a dramatic difference since the revision but I have hired a personal trainer and it is unbelievable what a difference it makes. I pray all is well with everyone and remember we must love ourselves first ladies! :)

9 Months Since Revision

Hello Ladies, as the titles states it has been 9 months since my revision and October 2014 will mark two years since the initial surgery. Since then I have hired two personal trainers as well as completely changed my diet and my perception of food.
I know this is super cliche but working out is the best thing for our minds, bodies and souls. I still would have gotten the lipo but the change I have witnessed from working out this past year has helped me understand whatever type of body I want, I can achieve on my own with out filling the pockets of these PS. Anyway I hope you are all blessed and happy with yourselves. As women we must learn to love ourselves regardless because we are the giver of life, and that above is most beautiful.

Two Years and Counting

Hello Lovely Ladies

It has been two years since my initial liposuction procedure and one year since my revision. As I mentioned previously I hired a personal trainer and completely altered the my eating habits (no pop or fried foods). I put on a little weight due to a major move and some stress in my life and I was actually interested to find the fat did not come back in the areas I had the lipo done. However there was definitely a difference in my waist line. Due to excess skin after the procedure, once I gained weight the right side of my waist purged out slightly more than the left side of my waist. I notice this when I wear elastic waist shorts/skirts.
It sucks, however with my overall outcome, you have to lose some to win some. I started working out again and I feel as if I have slimmed down for the best.
Ladies it is important we are happy with the beautiful bodies we have been blessed with. It is hard to maintain a high self esteem living in this type of society. But if you are dissatisfied with yourself, even a size 2 would't make you feel whole.

Hope you all have a blessed day, think thoroughly about lipo before you go through with it. Wear the right garments after the surgery, maintain a healthy lifestyle and above all be grateful.
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