Mother of 3. Wanting the fullness back from breastfeeding

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I had my 3rd consultation with my doctor today. ...

I had my 3rd consultation with my doctor today. On my second consultation we were discussing to go with a 350 moderate profile implant. After breast-feeding three children I am going to have to get a lift as well.
Today we discussed into greater detail of implants and I am now choosing to go with a 375 hp implant. My concerns I have are am I choosing to think of the implant and also rippling affect. I do have a very small frame and do not want to go to small but then again do not want to be too big.

Choosing sizes???

I am 16 days away from surgery!! I am getting very anxious and nervous! My original implant choice was 375hp. After talking with the girls from work that said you don't want to go too big! So now I am considering mod+ Or maybe smaller hp. I never talks to my ps about mod+ so I have another appt in a week. When we looked a moderat implants I thought they looked too wide for the size I was looking at. (371 mod) hat's why we looked at HP's. My bwd is 11.5. I want to feel comfortable with my size and want to feel natural. I perfer to wear size c bras after. I don't want to be wearing D size bras. I wore them when breast feeding and they felt to big then. I am a small framed girl. I do want profile but not too much. Any advice on sizes??

Wish list!!

Wish list!! Can't wait for new boobies!!!

Have another appointment!

Wednesday I have another appointment. After looking at breast implant size charts, I think I am leaning towards 350HP - 375HP... I am going to try on the mod+ and compare the HP. I am concerned with side boob. Don't want that!!
Before I had kids I was a beautiful C. People would even ask me if I had implants then. I want that fullness back that I lost. I don't want to be to Big! When I was breast feeding and with engorgement I know I don't want to be to big!

I will post pics with the sizers after my appointment. I wish I took pics at my last appointment!! Don't know why I didn't.

Can't decided between 25cc's

I tried on sizer yesterday and can't choose between 350hp or 375hp Allergan under the musle. My BWD is between 11.5 and 12. Both of them give the same projection. My PS says I can fit in a 400 but I think that is way too BIG for me! I posted a picture of the size chart.
I will be needing the left as well. Which worries me. I am leaning towards the 350. It's just that the 375 is closer to 400???
My PS says that the 375 wouldn't need as much of a lift.
They did not have the 375 at the office which bothers me because it was at his other location. I had made this appointment a week ago and was assuming they would have everything that I wanted to see at the location I went to.

The nurse suggested that I try on the 325 and 350 and compare because I'm going under the muscle. I posted pictures to show what each would look like. I am not quite sure that my muscle will pushback 25cc. This is something that is not going to be accurate it was just a test to compare.
I know 25cc is not big of a difference.
My husband was at the appointment with me and said that he is not going to choose for me because "I am one of those girls that will wish they went with the other one with whichever one I choose." LOL he's right..
I know it's only 25cc's difference but any advice would be truly appreciated.

I might even consider letting the doctor choose and just not tell me afterwards what he went with!! LOL!!!!

Two more days!!!!

So I am still undecided between the 350hp and 375hp... My surgery is on Friday and I called my PS office and asked if I can come in tomorrow to just feel the sizers one last time. Part of me wants to go with the 350 and if I wish I went bigger I would feel ok about my decision rather doing the 375 then feeling I went to big...
I was just talking to my husband and told him "the 325 felt too small and the 400 felt too big!!" Which leaves me with the two in between. Then I said "It's just that the 375 is close to the 400." Then he says "Yeah and the 350 is close to the 325, so you are half full, half empty..." I never thought about it that way... And it makes sense. So now I feel I would feel better half full... 375hp!!! So when I go in tomorrow I am going to keep that perspective in mind and make my final decision!!!

All done!!!

Went with 375hp. I'm sore on a scale it's a 8. Right after surgery it felt like huge weight on my chest that lasted for about three hours . Once I got home I took a nap and when I woke up that weight pain in my chest went away. Now I am just sore and took a pain med. I feel the pain pump is helping a lot. I just took half of the pain .

How surgery say went.

Just to let every one know how things went the day of my surgery. I arrived at the medical center at 6:00 am. The nurses were getting me ready, got in a gown and was sitting in this comfortable recliner chair. Once the nurse got the IV in that is when it got real!!! I shouldn't have watched the nurse put the IV in because I had a huge scary panic attach, I felt like I was going to pass out and couldn't breath. The nurse gave me oxygen and told me to take deep breaths in my nose out my mouth. I wish I was able to take a Xanax before getting to the Medical Center but was not able to drink water... Once my PS arrived I was glad to see him. He took some before pictures and did his drawings on my body. Then the anesthesiologist came asked me questions. I told him about my panic attack and that I anticipated having one when I woke up after surgery, he said he would give me the proper meds so that wouldn't happen again.

I am glad to have my surgery and feel so comfortable with the 375hp. I won't be able to see them till Monday at my post-opp appointment. My PS said that after he did placed the implant in, I did need a lift.

I was told that when I was in recovery the nurses tried to wake me up 5 times and I was very crabby Lol. I don't remember any of that. My husband stayed in the waiting room the whole time. From 6am till 1:30pm.
Once I got home a ate some food and then took a nap.

My BFF came by and we watched shows and went through some old pictures I had at my parents house. I found one of me in 2002 when I was on vacation. I'll post that pic then compare them once I can see these new babies !! So excited Monday can't get here soon enough!!!

Hope they look just as good as back then...

Another back in the day pic!

In 2002 before kids and breastfeeding deflated them.

Photo grid!

Just downloaded a photo grid app!! So cool!

Quick update.

I feel such relief now that my surgery is over. All that anxiety and stress of choosing the right cc's and praying surgery goes well.. I feel such a weight off my shoulders. I am so thankful for my PS Dr. Ricardo Izquierdo, he did a famonimal job on my BA and lift. Him and his staff were fantastic!! I thank them for handling all my stress and worries with their patients, caring and kind words of advice. His nurse Angie at his Naperville location, Love Her!!! She is awesome! To all you girls out there worrying about surgery just remember your PS is looking out for your best interest. Listen to them!! After all they are to professionals.

375 HP pics

Allergen Natrelle 375hp

Natrelle Cohesive Silicone Filled Breast Implant Matrix - Style 20 - is a smooth round silicone gel-filled implant providing a high profile.

6days after

Great bra.

Bali Comfort revolution sports bra
style #3484

Morning Boob!!

My boob are so sore in the morning! I massage them asap and it helps!! I was wondering when will morning boob goes away?? And is it ok to sleep on them, on your stomach?

I tried sleeping on them last night. I put a firm pillow under my stomach and my head on a pillow which didn't squish my implants as much as if I didn't have that firm pillow by stomach lol. I only did it for a little while then turned over. It was kinda uncomfortable, not that bad but I miss sleeping on my stomach.

Wish I new about this before surgery!

Pic update

I am so happy with my surgery! I have been doing some reading on scar creams and strips and came across this websit for before and after surgery remedies. I wish I would have known about these things before surgery. I hope all you pre-surgery girls do research on recovery from surgery's.
Here is the link:


So I haven't done an update in a while. The picture I posted is a before I had kids and what I wanted to get back to. I feel so good about my new boobs! I went to a family party yesterday and wore a bathing suit for the first time! I felt great!! My incisions have been healing very well. I just haven't posted any pics of them because I have to admit it is one of my insecurities. As time passes and as they heal I feel less insecure. I had a anchor lift on my left breast and a lollipop on my right that connects with the incision he used for putting in the implant. Kinda like a j look! He did what needed to be done. I feel he did a fantastic job. The implants do give me a more round look then what I had. Which I love and looks great on me! As for the way they feel inside, I can't even tell I have implants! Only on the days I work. I work 3 days a week at a very busy hair salon. So on those nights is when I feel a little sore. I still wear my surgery bra every night. I probably don't have to though. My PS says I can go with no bra but I feel that wearing a bra ALL the time, day and night, will protect my investment. I do love the position they are at now and I hope they do not drop too much. All in all I feel great and I will keep up with my updates!

Scar treatments!!

I have looked into many different types of scar treatments. My PS office suggested BioCorneum, which is expensive! It is a silicone-based gel that you rub on top of your incisions. My doctors office let me try it on my forehand and I did like the feel of the silicone. It felt much better than Mederma cream. A bottle of BoiCorneum was $85 so I started looking online at other kinds. My PS said silicon is the best! So I only looked at anything silicon based.

First I tried Scaraway silicone strips. They're VERY comfortable throughout the day. I feel like they do help with the healing process. Not to expensive $20 and you can get it at Target even my grocery store has it. They are large strips so I cut them in half and they still covered my incisions. I do have to admit they are a pain in the butt when you have to change them. You have to remove them when you have to shower. You have to clean them, wait to dry and apply again. Besides having to remove and clean them, I do like them very much.

I also found another product called Prosil, it is silicone in the Chapstick form which looked very neat for easy application. You can not buy in stores though. I went to their website and called them to ask questions. If you call them they will send you a free sample size to try it out!! Yay FREE!!! Which is good because I did not want to have to buy the stick and then feel I didn't like it. Once I received it I did like it. One issue I had with it is when I applied it over my incisions it did hurt a little bit because they are still in the early stages of healing process. Then I noticed throughout the day I did have some irritation at my incisions which I did not get when I had the silicone sheets on. I will definitely use Prosil once my incisions are not sore to the touch.

So then I tried Scaraway Silicone Gel. This is also an easy application! It seemed very comparable to what BioCorneum was like. You have to let it dry before you put on clothes. It dries quite quickly forming a flexible, breathable, waterproof type sheet.
In the description of this product it mentions it will relieve associated itch and pain that you get from your incisions. Which it did!! I feel that the Silicone Sheets do this as well, but the Prosil, I do remember some soreness as the day went on. Although I would definitely call the company and get a free sample.

All in all I think all these products are great! My incisions are healing very.

If anyone has any input on whatever scar treatments they are using I am very curious, so if you could give me your input I would appreciate it thank you!

Pic update with Scaraway strips

So here is an update with the strips on. I am always wearing a sports bra because they feel so comfortable and I like the support they give me. I do not really ever go without a bra because it feels different when I bend over to pick things up. I always find myself taking my hands and holding them against me. I don't know why, I guess it's because that's what I did with my before saggy boobs to stop them from falling out of my bra. LOL I won't have to worry about that anymore.

The one thing I do worry about is if they will be sagging down low again. Although I don't foresee that happening because with getting the lift you get a lot of that excess skin cut away and then you're skin is stitched together putting them up to where they should be.
I guess I just worry about what gravity will do. That is why I feel I will continue to wear a bra all the time.

Does anybody else who has gotten a BL have this concern?

Feel too high big...

So I thought I would do an update. The past couple days I have been bothered with the results. I got 375hp. Idk if it is the fact that I gained a couple pounds ( I felt to skinny) or that the implants have settled more.
I loved them about two weeks ago. Probably because my muscles were still pressing them back. Once they dropped and fluffed is when I started not liking them as much. I can't pinpoint exactly what bothers me. I keep thinking I maybe should have gone with a mod+ profile. I feel like the projection I have which is 4.9 might have been to much. I went with 375hp bwd is 11.7
I was comparing size charts (Allergen Naturelle) based on BWD and think if I went with mod + 304cc with BWD of 11.9 with projection of 4.0 I may feel less top heavy.
Idk if I want a revision and if I do I would probable wait a while for that.
Plus I will have to talk to my PS first at my next post-op appt. June 25th
Most girls feel they wish they went bigger, so that is why I chose the max of what my PS suggested. Well in my case, I feel I went a bit to big. Of course my husband says they look great.. I do like them when I'm naked but once I put clothes on they look to big. Defiantly have to go shirt shopping. I guess maybe over time I will adjust...

Allergen Naturelle size chart

Pic comparison

Loved the upper fullness in the top photo. Maybe I need to start wearing push-up bras... The thing with that is push up bras have padding. That extra material will make me look bigger... Does anyone know of a good push up bra with not to much padding??

Feeling better!!!

So last week was exhausting. I couldn't stop thinking I felt to big. Now that time has passed I feel so much better! I think it has to do with the settling of the implants. I loved them when they were at 2.5 weeks but now I have realized they look more natural now.

Also I have found a new way of picking up toys and such off the floor. I have noticed that when I lean over to pick things up I can feel the weight of the implants move. So instead I just bend at the knees and that way the implants don't move and is a much more comfortable way.

I had my 2 month postop appointment

Just wanted to do an update! I had my 2 month post op appointment yesterday and my doctor said they have settled good and the incisions are healing very well. My incisions have flattened and as time goes by the pink color will go away.
I asked if he could have made them closer for more cleavage. He said no, that the implants are right under my muscles, where they should be and if he made them closer I would have uniboob! So I'm ok with that and how they are. All I need is a bra to push them together and I have those!
Last weekend my sister had a bathing suit top from Target size small. She said she was going to return it it didn't fit her. I liked it alot so I tried it on... AND IT FIT!!! I was so happy that a small top from Target fit. It made me feel that I was not to big! I'm surprised because I have a similar top from Victoria's Secret size medium that doesn't look as good as the Target one!

So the craziest thing happened!

So the craziest thing happened!
Just before my surgery I was working out and eating health. I have a cat, Kit, and he was very health as well. He is my shadow, following me everywhere and even sleeps with me.
Well a couple weeks after my surgery I noticed he was loosing weight. I had my surgery April 17, once I noticed his weight loss I mentioned it to my husband and he said that Kit follows my habits. I know kinda weird.
Now it has been two months and my cat is extremely skinny. So I took him to the vet yesterday and they said it looks like something is wrong with his kidneys. The doctor said he may have cancer. So they did an ultrasound and it came out clear! They did blood tests and came to the results that he has Fatty Kidney Disease.
The doctor asked if there were any changes in the household and I had mention to her that this all started after I had my surgery.
Well she says that my husband is correct that animals do follow their owners habits and with me being so stressed that my cat must have felt all my emotions which led him to not eat. Therefore causing this disease.
I feel so awful that this has happened. The doctor sent out more blood tests to get more detailed results. She gave him some shots, a vitamin b12 shot and others to help stimulate him and give him an appetite. I also changed his food and in about two to three weeks hopefully he will gain his weight back.
I hope he gets better. He is laying next to me as I am writing this and purring!!

I have to stop stressing, which lately I have been very happy with my results. As they are settling in the pocket they are looking more and more natural. The only thing that bothers me about my surgery is that when I'm not wearing a bra I have a gap between my breasts. I did have this with my before natural breasts it just seems more noticeable to me with the implants. My thoughts on this is that with the implants you have a perfectly round object inside and they lay differently than just natural breast tissue. And like I said before if my PS placed them closer I would have uniboob.
I wear bras all the time so it pushes my implants together creating a very nice cleavage so I'm not really worried about it.

Hope all is well with everyone here on RS! I truely believe my cat will get better. I am going to relax and give him extra loving attention and do my best to keep busy and stop stressing about my breasts. After all they do look fabulous!!

Before and after


Massage or not that is the question???

So I am going on three months now and boy have I gone through some changes. It does take time to get used to having implants. I went bra shopping at Soma and was sized 32DD. I bought a couple bras but after a couple hours of wearing them it feels a little tight in the band. So I went back and tried on some 34D bras and felt more comfortable. I also tried 34DD but that was too big. I returned the 32DD and got a 34D the only thing is it presses into the upper pole of my implant leaving a mark. Now I feel like I should go back and get 32DD and just deal with a little bit of tightness in the band. IDK... I did get a bra at VS sized 34C and that fits great and I can wear it all day and feel comfortable. Maybe because it is like a T-shirt for her and that's why it feels so comfortable. Both these bras I'm talking about our multi-wear strip bras.
I never liked bra shopping and I still don't. I love my sport bras as they are the most comfortable because if no underwire. The only thing with those bras is that the strips that go over your shoulder is too thick for some shirts that I wear. I'm thinking I may just have to wait till my implants soften more or try some not so expensive bras.

I was feeling the emotional roller coaster at two months post and now at three months all my swelling has gone down and feel very comfortable in my own skin now!
I am very pleased with the surgery and am loving that I did go with the 375cc. I am no longer going back-and-forth in my head about wishing I went smaller size or with a different profile. Thank god because I was a nervous wreck.. Lol. When I put in shirts I fill them out like I used to before. At 2 months I was feeling I went to big but if I went with a smaller size I probably wouldn't fill out my shirts like I do and would probably have boob greed.

The only difference with natural breasts and implants is they are not as squishy. I do feel my left side is a little bit softer than my right. I forget to do my massages.. If I you're more consistent with massaging does that help them softer faster? Or is it something that just happens over time? I have read different doctors thoughts on this and some say to massage and some saying that massage?
I would really appreciate some feedback if your doctor tells you to massage or not to massage? What do you do and does it help soften the implant?

3 months post & questions

Today is exactly three months with my new boobies! I have to say I do love the size I chose.(375hp) all though I have not wore any of my summer dresses, but I don't think I feel comfortable wearing them yet.
I just started wearing underwire bras, well I have 2 an one is not that comfortable. I do need to go bra shopping. I am not that crazy about Victoria's Secret and Soma. I want something that is comfortable and that is not a sports bra. Please let me know of any suggestions??
I always wear a bra to bed, every since I had my surgery and now it is starting to get annoying . For some reason I feel I should always wear one at bed time. Does anyone else feel this way?? Maybe it's because I'm afraid they will drop to low... Then I think that I am three months post so how much more can they drop?? I am curious to know if you prefer to sleep with a bra or not and more importantly is it recommended?? Any words of advice is welcome.

Got another question????

Ok so I'm 3months post. The past couple days and especial today my breasts were kinda sore. Not painful but if I move them from side to side it feels good. If that makes sense. I guess I can describe it like after you work out and your muscles are sore. I have not worked out yet. Just pushing a stroller/grocery cart and picking up my kids. I don't know if it is because they are still healing??? Doctors say it takes about 6 months to a year to be completely healed so that is what my thinking is.
So my question is:
Has/Does anyone feel sore after 3 month post? Is this normal?

Some pics

Here are some pictures of my bras. In the full body pictures do I look top-heavy?

Some more pics

Pics in a new dress!

Feeling good! What do you think?

Love hate relationship with implants

I am not liking the way I feel. Sometimes I wish I went smaller at least 50cc's. Idk.. I just went under explant reviews and was reading some of the stories and was thinking maybe in 5 years I would like to get mine removed.
I wonder if I would be feeling this way if I had gone smaller. I don't like wearing a DD bra.
But then there are days that I do like them, I don't like to wear tight clothes as much with the implants but now that fall is around the corner I think I will feel my best with wearing sweatshirts and t-shirts and not tank tops.
I loved the way I looked and felt before they dropped and fluffed. I spent 10k to have them so I am not going to do anything for a while. I just secretly don't like them. I have not told anyone because I don't want to hear you shouldn't have don't it or the opposite you look great! I might look good, it's the way I feel sometimes bothers me. I so wish I spent more time with smaller implants when I was trying on the sizers.
I removed my pictures for a couple reasons 1 my husband didn't want them on Internet. And 2 I am starting to not like them. I did feel a little better once I removed them.
I hope I can come to a better place with liking them, but like I said before after all the money I spent I am not going to let that go to waste. I hope my feelings will change. I just don't know anymore.

Been feeling better!

So it has been a while! I have to say I have been afhusting to the implants and have not had HATE days in a while. I do feel they have gone through more changes and for the better. I now feel comfortable it in some of my summer dresses which I didn't when I was 3 months post.
It takes a lot to get used to having implants and I feel that when I get to my one year mark I we'll before confident in wearing tight tops again.
Hope every one is doing well! And for the girls who just had surgery reading this, alwYs keep I mind that everything takes TIME!!!!


Well it has been about 1 1/2 years and had a consultation for downsizing. Right now I have 375 hp and I feel too big. I think I would go to moderate profile and 265cc.
Dr. Ricardo Izouerido

Dr. Ricardo Izquierdo

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