BBL, Lipo in Back, and Tummy Tuck!

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I feel so so sore. I know that the first few days...

I feel so so sore. I know that the first few days are really hard but it will be worth it in the end. My PS surpasses my expectations with my tummy tuck. My fear was that I'll have a huge ugly scar that would be worse than the extra skin. I expressed my concerns with him and he made it a priority to give me exactly what I wanted. He told me in advance where he would cut and drew me 3 options of scar placement. He really takes his time and is seemingly genuine to his patients.

First whole day sitting on the couch... Painful to stand and walk. Lots of back pain and contractions still constant.

Visual updates

From day of surgery and next day home.

Took out staples & stitches today!

Mind is blown! I passed out 2-3x when it was time to remove my staples and staples! It was my own fault but it caught me off guard. I took one pain pill an hour before my appointment but I didn't know why. Hubby told me I needed more but I didn't know it was my last one lol. So the doc took the cotton out of my belly button and.....out I went. Woke me up with ammonia and he "numbed" my drain holes.....out I went again.

Update keeps getting deleted!!! Frustrating!!!!!

Feeling better each day. Not that bad. Round 2 addresses my fluffed bootay! Liposuction wasn't aggressive so my body could handle the TT and BA. I can't stand up but, that's the worst part. Back pain. I use my wheelchair as a walker and sit when I get tired. Pain is manageable but unpleasant when I wake up.

Back Stitches Out

Didn't even know they were there... still swelling so bad it hurts to wake up with my garment on. I acquired a present from my daughter yesterday. The stuffy nose and headache and COUGHING! I almost cried when I sneezed. Wanted to jump out of my skin! Couldn't sleep at all. Wound up sleeping with her so I don't end up with a sick husband and son too. Long night.
On the positive side, I woke up and unzipped myself to see myself transforming. Uh oh! Watch out now! Doc measured me and I've lost 7" so far!!!

Oh no! Had to get my tummy drained!

So there I was... went to my weekly appointment thinking it would be in & out. Well, that wasn't the case yesterday! Had to take a fat needle to my tummy and push out all the fluid. A size smaller faja and was sore and uncomfortable all night long. Feeling better today though.

Here we go again....

More pics from today. Same exact thing from yesterday's fiasco. All except for the belly button thing.... burns when I lean forward. Everything else burns wherever the fluid goes like something is literally burning me. Skin is super sore due to swelling. Feels like needles on incisions.

Tubes going back in....

So, I've been seeing my doc every other day, just about, and he has decided to put the drains back in because of the amount of fluid that keeps building up. I can't really say how I feel about it because I am over getting stuck with 2" needles to search and drain my tummy. I didn't WANT to have drains for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend but, it's just the way the cookie crumbles. I'd rather do this than be really uncomfortable and swollen. I'll update pics when it's done.

Update on the tube

I can't wait until tomorrow morning! Hopefully I get this out of my side. It is so sore and in a really sensitive spot.

No more fluid & out of the wheelchair!!!

The tube came out Thanksgiving morning, bid farewell to the stitches and wheelchair yesterday!! The ones on my lady parts from the original drains were so aggravating when I'd sit! Belly button scares me a little now. I tore a stitch out on accident two days ago with my loofah in the shower lathering my Dove smh. I hoped the doc didn't notice but... it was the bottom one lol.

Gaining lbs for BBL in Feb.

Gaining weight is so easy over the holidays! Hope all this will give me the results I want. The extra weight hurts a little inside adding pressure. I'm up 12 lbs.

BBL P& more aggressive lipo!!

Extremely relieved to have my last surgery done! I was very sore yesterday and out of it. I too have that upper swelling and hope it turns into a nice projection. My waist is small again due to my 20 lb weight gain after BA so I can get the butt & hips I wanted. I think that the weight gain had me more depressed because I was spending all that $ to look good yet, I was getting fat lol. Glad it's done and praying that I keep it!!!

Pic didn't upload

Just got home and taped over the spot that was bleeding.
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

As I said in my other review, Dr. Larry Schlessinger is an amazing craftsman, a gentleman while examining his work or the area of concern. He and his staff ensured all of my questions were answered and really put my worries to rest. He as the eye! He made my body dreams come true!

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