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I have not done my procedure yet, but would just...

I have not done my procedure yet, but would just like to do a small review and hopefully journey in support of my doctor. Like most I am embarking on this journey to hopefully get a jump start on looking and personally feeling better. Will definitely not bore you with the details. I know in my research I wanted to get straight to the who, what, when's and how's..things of that nature. My Doctor is the lovely Kiran Polavarapu at NYEE. One thing that I always look for in a doctor is not only skill but personality. I been to plenty of surgeons, but booked my first visit with her. She goes into detail about the procedure with you like most but takes the time to hear your concerns and goals of the surgery. She is realistic and not quick to shove you out the door. She is going for the best you and at the same time textbook, you wouldn't want someone taking risk at your expense. I think all surgery can be quite frightening and you could only hope that the person operating on you could respect your fears and reservations. This is what I got from her. I am praying that all will go well, we are never promised tomorrow. But I am glad I met Kiran and I hope this helps someone who is looking for a possible physician. I will, lord willing keep the site updated with my progress .

Post op day 02

Surgery so far was a success. I would like to say that the staff at NYEE were amazing! I told the night nurse that I never seen so many nice people. I didn't remember anything from surgery. Just going down and coming up in recovery. Dr P. Is amazing and she was right there with me, extremely caring. Pain wise I guess it is what's expected. Coughing is the worse but necessary. Besides that just an extremely tight feeling. Sore in some parts but bearable. I have not seen the incision yet but I am sure that it's going to be great being that I'm small with the wrapping

5 day PO- I am doing ok

So far so good. Just to try and keep up. I have taken off the padding and guaze from around my waist. Love what I see so far but I do have a ways to go until full recovery. For those wondering what you need for surgery. I didnt go crazy looking for stuff. Dr ensured me I didnt need to go way out of the way. Latex glives, gauze, halls very useful to me help with the coughing up phlegm, wipes, and apple sauce cups, and tea. I stay away from dairy because it produces too much mucus and spicy food a no no because even though I like it, it messes with my throat and cough. As you can see I dread the cough. I have cetaphil antibacterial soap which I generally use because its gentle.

Post op pictures

So I am going to attempt to put up a few pictures. What you basically will see is that I am flat and there ia a ton of excess skin removed. I am still swollen (thats what happens when your healing. Remember your lymphs get destroyed in the process so the system is rebuilding)

The process...

So I had the drains removed which makes thing so much more comfortable. It was painless and its so funny I dont know how. I anticipated worse but honestly besides cutting the stitches its nothing. I got into the small garment which really felt good around the stomach. I am hippy so getting it on was a project lol with the dr but it makes a difference. Was sooooo impressed with my incision and just how perfect it is. I been eating clean and trying to move around as much as possible. I measure at 30 inches and cant wait to see where I am going down to. Mind you my hips are 43 inches


Just some pictures of my incision and scar. The stomach has great shape. Mind you that there is swelling that comes and goes. I try to stay moving and mobile to avoid stiffness. Try to stand as straight as possible. I massage my stomach in the shower and after. I use castor oil, aquaphor, and cetaphil. They seem to keep me lubricated well so I havent went out and spent money on anything expensive. Everyone s body is different this just work for me. I try to stay away fron salt. The week I had it in the majority of my food I had the most swelling. But for those looking to get this procedure just be realistic with your results and committed to recovery and you will do great Lord willing. Im in a size small garment and probably squeeze into an xs. Just worried about my thighs lol!

Where I came from...

I know that when you are looking at yourself it's like an in the moment thing. I like to look back and see where I came from. I am just amazed. I have been given a second chance at this flat side. I would never trade pregnancy or the beauty of motherhood for anything even the body. I am grateful though for the opportunity to have the surgery.
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

For the record this procedure for me was WELL WORTH IT. I have a ways to go down recovery, but with that being said I am thankful for the Doctor and all the staff who got me through this process. Dr Polavarapu I mean its so hard to put in words. I know a lot of people say nothing but kind words, but she is truly someone you have to interact with and just gain the experience in my opinion. The nerves of having surgery can be quite challenging and you really want someone who is not only personable, but compassionate, honest, truthful, and skilled. She is and beyond just a doll. I am truly and humbly blessed to have gone through this experience with her. I am going to miss her when she leaves and I am fully confident that one day she is going to be beyond elite lol. She is marvelous and I am just thankful for coming across her name and having the faith that she would be the one to help me on this journey.

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