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I'm expecting to do surgery with Dr. Kiran...

I'm expecting to do surgery with Dr. Kiran Polavarapu. I had my consultation with her already in which she seem to be very knowledgable in her field of expertise, but I want to see photos of her work. Did anyone on here do a Brazilian butt lift with her, and if so, do you mind showing off her work? Thank you so much!!.

Okay, I Made my Decision!!!!:::-)))

So. I decided to go with Dr. Alejandro Hernandez. Im set to leave to DR on 05/12/14. I wish i didnt have to go by myself but at least I only have to stay 8 days this time. Wish i had someone to go with me. He said he can do the revision to Dr. Franklin Dejesus fuck up. Hopefully i'll come back with a fatty... wish me luck guys



i cant wait to get this done over!!!!!!!!!

so i decided to go with dr. hernandez instead. i leave on may 14, 2014 to dr and my surgery is may 15, 2014. i've started taking ferrous sulfate 325mg and it contains 65mg of iron, folic acid 400mcg both 2x a day, i also take b12 500mcg which also help build the blood i was told by my primary doctor. so when i get there hopefully my hemoglobimn be above 12 because im going 7 days after my

It's Almost Time!!!!!!

Well ladies it's almost time... I'm very excited. My girlfriend will be going with me for 3days. She's leaving with me and will be there for my surgery on Thursday and will be leaving Saturday night.. I'm so thankful I will not be alone.. Everyone can you keep me in your prayers ???????????? for a safe trip and surgery, a speedy recovery and a banging body that I trust that Dr. Hernandez will deliver...

2 week count down!!!!!!!

Well ladies I be having my surgery in 2wks, providing I'm fit for it. I went to see my cardiologist Tuesday and he gave me the okay. No all I have to do is get my cbc done and see my doctor right after to see wht she says. Once I get their okay when I get to DR they're gonna have me see their doctors again. I just want to hear from my doctor who knows me that I'm fit for this. Other than that I'm so excited to be on my way to having a fatty instead of this flatty... I will post some before and after photos so you guys can see the work..

1 week from today I would be heading to DR!!!!!!!

Ok, ladies who has had lip and BBL done in the past. How much pain were you in? How long did it take for you to go back to work?

Thank You Dr. Hernandez

So I had my surgery on 5/15/14. When I got to DR the day before I went straight to see the doctor. And immediately I liked him. He's realistic. He told me what he could and could not do. And was straight to the point. I was so happy to get my bbl revision with him. Well ladies I am satisfied with the work. I am healing wonderfully and anytime I contact him with a question he answers. The updated photos that I took I need to crop my face out the I'll post. But great doctor everyone.

So far he's been great with answering my questions and his assistant Laura is great too.

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