almost 5 mths post tt and glad i did it

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Well finally set surgery date, cant believe it, im...

Well finally set surgery date, cant believe it, im nervous and excited all at the same time. I need to start writing list of what i need and trying to make sure to eat healthier in preparation for my surgery.

Little background info: i am 5 ft7, weigh 170, 1 child via c-section.. need i say more, i am okay with the weight cause of the curves but absolutely not happy with the kangaroo pouch. my clothes fit nicely but i wanna wear a 2 piece without a tee shirt. every summer i buy a new bikini and cant rock it confidently. i have been contemplating on doing surgey for sometime, now nerves and money are up and i am ready. Its a lot to take in, have support of my mom and close friends who know so this makes me feel at ease. i like that i found this site and i am continually recieving inspiration in reading all of the stories makes me feel good knowing that there are so many other women like myself on the same journey. Wishing all happy recoveries and i welcome the support!!!

I am having weird dreams about my surgery, this...

i am having weird dreams about my surgery, this older guy at my job was my surgeon, lol, he was in my house and kept following me around, asking if i was alright, lol, is this normal?...i am about to request a mri or ultrasound on my right leg cause it swells sometimes for reasons unknown and i am concerned about blood clots..have never had one in my life and i am healthy, non smoker and no previous medical issues however it is the hypochondriac in me. I know my doctor is going to be looking at me like im crazy but i don't nerves are ready to take one of these pics down i hate looking at myself bending over but it is also

Its April already, wow, 27 more days to go.....

its April already, wow, 27 more days to go...making my list, will be going shopping soon for my pre-op is april 19th, i think of my surgery everyday..a lot to think about but still excited..

Its been a long time..i did the surgery in...

its been a long time..i did the surgery in september 2012 and i must say that i am very happy. Everything went well but i learned that i am not a surgery girl.. my nerves were definitely getting the best of me post surgery. recovery is a mutha, it takes time, i went back to work about 3 1/2 weeks after surgery but i could have easily used 6 wks. my turning point was wk 5 and 6. i now between 154-156, im trying to get down to 150. just started going back to the gym and eating clean. it would be a shame to gain weight after spending so much money. for all of the ladies contemplating surgery, it is definitely worth it if u are unhappy with how u look and feel. it took me a long time to decide but i have no regrets. please know that it takes the body quite a long time to heal and especially if u combine tt with lipo, so be patient cause im still healing as well...happy healing to those that did it and go for it to those who are still deciding because ur worth it...just added 2 pics which was right after will try to add more recent

Also the scar is low which i am pleased about

also the scar is low which i am pleased about
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