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Hello ladies, I have been lurking on and off here...

Hello ladies,

I have been lurking on and off here for quite a while. I have read so many stories on here, it has been really enlightening, i have been wanting a TT for about three years now. Every time i think that i am ready something pops up, like that same year i ended up having a partial hysterectomy because i had so many fibroids that they were pressing on my uterus and also attached to my right ovary so that was the best decision for me but now i regret that because of the hot flashes that keeps me up most night because of the excessive sweating. Do anyone have any suggestions regarding that? i am trying my best not to have to take HRT but i might just have to don't know what else to do....
so this year i am making it my year to do me. My kids are grown(31,25,23 and 17) and just the baby at home. I just made my consultation for February 11th at NYEE to speak with Dr. Abdul. I also inquired if they do fat transfer but i will get more details when i go to see the PS.
I am so excited and scared at the same time, i am hoping to have my surgery done on April 15th. I would like to loose some more weight before surgery, right now i am weighing 190lbs and my height is 5'7.. i am looking into juicing for the next 60 days with breaks inbetween to eat. How is everyone doing?
Any suggestions for weight loss will be welcomed. I have recently stop smoking and it is so hard not to light up but i am taking it one day at a time.
I am so happy that this site is here for us to express our feelings and know that there's others out there that know what we are going through. Hope everyone have a great day. I will upload pictures at another time when i get more comfortable with putting my pics up...

Consultation Outcome

Hello ladies,
I had my consultation this morning at 10am. I arrived about 5 mins early, waited in the office for someone to come in and give me some paperwork to fill out. After filling out the paperwork, had to return to the waiting area for the doctor to come and get me, Dr. Gil Nardini came in after 10 mins..He is very nice looking, very warm and his spirit spoke to mine and instantly i knew that i would want him to do my surgery. We sat and spoke for about 15-25 mins and he asked if i had any questions but all i could think about at that moment to ask him was will the scar be the exact spot that i have my hysterectomy scar. He informed me that he would first have to examine me..dah!!!! lol
So he gave me a gown and a tiny g-string, changed and came back out and his hands were freezing...anyway he examined me and told me i was a good candidate, he would like me to loose 10 lbs but i will be going hard for about 20 instead. Have to return the last week of march probably around the 28th, not sure yet because susanna the office manager ( i guess) will have to call me to confirm for that appointment and also i have a tentative date of April 14th...she also will be calling to let me know if that date is available. He is there until June that will be the end of the rotation, he will be moving on not sure where but will ask when i go back. He also said that he will be taking my pics when i go back. He will do the TT and also aggressive lipo on my flank and from my bra line down, he was also surprise about my previous scar and he stated that i healed really nice and that's good, will be staying overnight in the hospital and then release next day. So, taking a deep breathe and here is some of my pics before..Oh, forgot. My name is Sue, i am 51 (bday was yesterday) and i have 4 daughters, did put in my first post their ages...

Reschedule TT

Hello ladies,

Hope you guys are doing well and those who recently had surgery are recovery. I have not been on here for a long time, was trying to concentrate on dieting and getting my head wrapped around the surgery. Dr. Nardini had initially scheduled me for April but had to reschedule for May 12th,2016 and i found out today that he overbooked himself and i will no longer be able to have surgery with him.
Right now, i will be scheduling my surgery for July, ugh..Dr. Nardini will be leaving the fellowship at the end of this month and someone new will be coming in and the earliest surgery date that they will have will be in July.
I have been on a rollercoaster ride, having to deal with some much emotions and worrying that my head has not been in a good place these past months. I realize that this is a blessing from god, i have so much things to do before i am laid up. I have to get my driver's license, take a mini vacation, get ready for my daughter's high school graduation and the list goes on and on. My husband has been very understandable, encouraging and really supportive of this decision, i could not ask for a nicer spouse. Right now, i am still dieting, and exercising, I am also hopeful that by next month my body will be 10 lbs lighter....I will keep you guys posted,,,

two months to go

Hello ladies,
Hope everyone is doing well. I would like to know what supplies i should start buying now. I have a couple of things already, like bromelain, gauze pads, neosporin. I am planning on starting my juice diet tomorrow that i will continue on until i actually get my surgery date. I need to lose around 30 lbs so that i could be at my ideal weight. I fell off my wagon of not smoking and have started back after having so much stress about the sx that was planned for april and then cancelled. I really think that it was not my time and my daughter recently reminded me that i had said July..she is so funny, i told her that i would have gone to DR but she said no way in hell i was traveling overseas to do surgery when they are so many good doctors right here in the usa.
I am so looking forward to finally getting rid of this unsightly tummy, having to carry it around for the last 18 years, always feeling so depressed whenever i have to dress, i don't walk around naked in front of my husband anymore, i hide under the covers when we have sex. I will start to update every week until i get the date and also post pics of my journey. I want to have this to look back on./ Hope all that had surgery recently is recovering well. Enjoy your sunday ladies.


How many of you have had colonic hydrotherapy prior to sx?

Surgery Tentative Date 7/21/2016

So i have been lurking here, just reading everyone's blog and mentally getting myself ready for this journey that i am about to embark on. Right now, i am simply juicing and trying my best to lose some weight before i go to my pre op. I uploaded one pic of a swimsuit that i must have. Hope all is well with everyone. Have a great wknd!!!

Changing surgery date again

will keep you guys posted right now i still need to lose some more weight before tt...
so i am going to have to reschedule again....not sure when as of yet
Gil Nardini

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