Now I Look Bizarre: Lower Belly is Flat and Top Looks Pregnant - NYC

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It's been three years since my full TT with a...

It's been three years since my full TT with a highly regarded cosmetic surgeon. Now the lower part of my stomach from my navel down is flat and above it swells out as if I were pregnant. It's as if all my intestines got pushed up to the upper half of my torso. I am short waisted and the doctor said my muscles were very weak so that the stitches didn't hold on the upper part of my abdomen.
Has anyone had a similar experience or heard of it?

I can't spend a lot more on cosmetic surgery and don't know if this can even be fixed, but I am embarrassed by how I look and can't find any clothing to mask this strange profile. I wonder if I would have been better off with nothing at all (though the lower belly is definitely a big improvement). I am 5'5" and weigh 145 lbs. I do tend to gain on the abdomen and wonder if lipo on upper torso would help. Advice please!

New York Plastic Surgeon

I strongly suspect that this big name doctor had a training surgeon do the work, or that since I'm not a celebrity he just hurried the job. The result is quite poor.

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