41 Yrs - In Need of TT - Harlem Hospital - New York

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Hi .. Not a review, however I have been on Real...

Hi .. Not a review, however I have been on Real Self website since March 2015. I just discovered it. I am desiring to have a Full tummy tuck. I have a 4 year old and 1.5 year old – both boys, delivered via C-section. I am 5’7 and weigh 140. I am trying to drop at least 5lbs. So, I can be in the late 130 range. I am on a low carb diet and drinking more water, and feeling great. It’s just so hard with children and only having my mom and my hubby to help me. So, getting to a gym, is a bit impossible. I have a big fear about being put to sleep, worried about the day I have my surgery.

I was inquiring about certified surgeons names who guide/teaching residents to perform tummy tuck. I am aware about teaching hospitals, but, Need suggestions for doctors?. I plan on august / September.

Still doing doctor consultantion

I have been going on a few consultations . I feel I am getting closer to the one doctor that will carry me to a figure of sofia vergara :o) . I started going to the gym and I will begin taking up intermediate swimming . It's hard gaining back my life with a 4 & 1.5 year old.

Nassau University medical ctr - east meadow

Has anyone been to Nassau University medical Center for a tummy tuck and liposuction? I call , made an appointment in July I was told the Chief doctor to perform surgery is dr. Roger L Simpson. It's says he is 67 years old. Not sure if that's too old .

Has anyone been to this hospital for procedure or knows anything about this doctor , the residents, any type of information will be greatly appreciated. thank you

Should I also have lipo done with my Tummy Tuck?

My mom is driving me nuts. She is on my back about not being asleep for so long. During surgery. She feels I do not need lipo bec. I have a natural curve along my side and back. My question is , how do I know, if I need lipo suction done with my Tummy tuck? It will be less money $, if I just get the Tummy tuck with muscle repair. But, I truly want an hour glass shape. I want to be *snatched*. LOL.

How did you ladies decide if you only wanted a tummy tuck? I also, have hernia repair that's needed.


Thinking of only doing TT , with no lipo

Hey RS family. I attended a party this weekend and some close family members believe. I should only get tummy tuck. No lipo.

I am thinking about going in for only Tt. I dnt want to regret my results if I only get a TT. With no lipo.

My family members told me. I look too thin. I dnt need to loose any more weight. In the back of my head , I'm say. I'm not trying to loose any weight. I didn't know a size 8 was thin looking. I like my size. I loved my body before the children. I love my children too.

Would I get Good results without doing lipo?

Cinco de mayo TummyTuck

Extremely happy, elated and so proud of myself! ????????????????I am 1 week post op. I went in for surgery , cinco de Mayo. 5/5/15.

That is one day I will never forget in my entire life . No
Pain no gain. Im so excited that I made this decision . It was so worth it. I now hope to keep this new body, work on making it better and staying positive and healthy for myself and my family . Of course , I am still swollen and I got my per.........a few days ago. I will post pic.


I'm not sure if my picture is showing upside down. Help !
Dr. Norman Morrison

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