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Since I was little I had always been conscience of...

Since I was little I had always been conscience of my nose. I have an identical twin sister who means the world to me. We are attached by the hip, and never apart, and as much as we are alike I was always picky about the fact that my nose was slightly larger then hers. I never thought of myself as unattractive until I would compare my sister and I constantly and the differences in our noses always seemed to bother me. However, the me I saw in the mirror I never had an issue with. It was the me in the pictures I was very judgmental about. I always considered rhinoplasty but I was of course nervous of the final result. I knew what I wanted but I wasn't sure if the result I wanted would be the one I would receive. Not to mention my sister was totally against the idea of course in fear the surgery would go wrong. Also being twins, we wouldn't want to look completely different from one another. But after years of considering I finally decided against my sisters wishes and to go for the surgery.

And I am sad to admit I should have listened to my sister because it was most definitely the biggest regret in my life. The doctor that I had turned to who seemed to have all the media attention, experience, and overall "hype" of a "perfect surgeon" in no way gave me the "perfect" result I was looking for. Not to mention he charged a ridiculous amount for the surgery. He was by far the most expensive surgeon compared to the other surgeons I considered. So not only was I left with a huge hole in my pocket, more importantly my naturally long straight profile, was now curved and overshortned. The tip projecting way more then it needed to be. My nose tip incredibly pinched, and nose bridge shaved down extremely thin, not to mention an indent on the left side of the bridge. And lastly my nostrils were no longer leveled. Just writing this alone brings me to tears just thinking about the result that was a total nightmare.

But I have to admit. Though I was very displeased with the results of my surgery I in no way ended up looking "deformed" or "worked on" in anyway. Thank God lucky for me I didn't, and for that I will always be grateful. Thankfully I was still pretty, but the thing that displeased me was that the result was not what I was looking for and what I specifically wanted! It was as though I told the doctor what I had wanted done. And he decided to do what he thought would be suitable for my face instead. And to make matters worse once I told my surgeon my dislikes and concerns it was as if he did not even care. Or show any interest in helping me find a solution to help better my concerns. He might as well have said "What's done is done. I have your money. Get out of here."

But like most people who consider surgery I made the decision to undergo it in hopes to make me feel better about myself. In hopes for a "upgrade". Instead naturally I felt even more insecure then I ever was before.. I had went down instead of up and had fell in dark spot for a long while.. because even though the surgery still kept me pretty. I felt it took away from my natural prettiness.

Luckily I had my sister's never ending support and love to help me through that rough time. And she never once put me down regarding my stupid decision that I still regret til this day. She always told me things will get better. So I didn't give up hope. I began to look for an option to help me try and get my nose back to what it was.

Now, basically terrified of even thinking or considering of under going a revision surgery...that is when I came across Dr. Eric Joseph's website and learned about a non surgical nose job through Silikon1000 fillers. I browsed through the gallery seeing numerous of patients who had surgery deficiencies just like myself! And ended up with such a fine natural result without even going under the knife! It was like a prayer being answered. After discussing my options with my sister we both decided to give it a try, so I went ahead and made my appointment to visit Dr. Joseph. This time even more then before I had come well prepared, with images of myself before surgery so that Dr. Joseph may take a look at the ideal example, that was the "old" me to see the result I was looking for.

Meeting with Dr. Joseph was the best decision I could have ever made. Since the minute I was in his office he was totally and absolutely devoted to getting my nose back to what I desired it to be. And what I had missed so much about it. I explained my story, I showed him my pictures, as my sister and I cried while continuing to explain the reasons why I considered the surgery in the first place, to the result, and why I was there to see him now.

It was then I felt he was more then just a Doctor to me. But a friend, because he genuinely cares for his patients! And their feelings and he longs to help get the results they want! He helped me feel more then comfortable with his confidence, and assurance that things will be okay. Even agreeing to my request of taking each procedure slowly. Injecting a small amount of Silikon each treatment to help prevent me from the worry of over filling.

Needless to say I went through with the procedure to fix my deficiencies and I am more then happy to admit with each treatment it just keeps getting better!! My profile is no longer as curved, my nostrils are now leveled, my indents are slowly getting filled and my nose is slowly building up it's width and is looking thicker like it originally was before. Other then the pinched, skinny, thin nose, that I ended up with!

Sadly though the fillers couldn't do anything regarding my over shortened and projected tip unless I consider another surgery to bring it down.. However! Now that my profile is no longer curved and is straight it creates the illusion of my nose being longer then smaller. And luckily my tip is in no where near "pig" looking, so I have come to terms that it looks fine as it is now. I rather leave it be then even consider to perform another surgery in "hopes" for a better result.

I absolutely cannot wait for my next appointment to get a step closer to my final result of getting back to the "old" me.

Dr. Joseph still sends me emails, and continues to call and check on me to see "how life is with a little Silikon in my nose." I tell him every time I couldn't be happier with the result. and I couldn't be more thankful to Dr. Eric Joseph. I highly recommend him to anyone who has been through what I have, or is looking for a result they could be happy with. I guarantee you will be happy with the results.

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