Looking to Straighten After Having Braces 12 Years Ago - New York, NY

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Just went today for the 3D scan. Waiting to hear...

Just went today for the 3D scan. Waiting to hear back in a week and a half if I am a 'candidate' I have minor crowding on the top and bottom and found a promocode through Pinterest for a free consultation (normally $95). I figured I had to try it. I know Invisalign would be around $8,500 and I just didn't feel like I could rationalize that cost because my case would be so minor.

My main goals are to straighten, whiten, and then get my upper right tooth re-bonded to match the color of the rest of my teeth. It has been 8 years since last getting a bonding so it is perfect timing to get it redone.

I am excited and hopeful that I will be a candidate and can proceed with my trays. If I choose the $1,500 treatment plan whitening will be included as well as two sets of retainers, post treatment. I think that is an incredible fair price. I will report back soon once I receive the go ahead to continue treatment, fingers crossed.

Accepted! Waiting on aligners

4 days after my smile center appointment I received an email telling me that I am a candidate and that my treatment plan has been created. The treatment plan was attached to the email.

It will be a 4 month case and they said I should receive my aligners within 21 business days. So far everything has been ahead of schedule so I am hoping that remains the case. I paid the $1,500 upfront and was charged to my card already, so I am hopeful that it is all worth it. The price also includes whitening as well as retainers once I am done with the 4 months of trays. I was under the impression that the payment plan amounts to be the same, if not more, expensive so I hope that is the case as I would have liked to save money if that was at all possible. Regardless, I still think $1,500 is a great price.

More to come!

Aligners have shipped!

My case was accepted on the 9th and I just got the notification today that the aligners have shipped (5/23). I am excited and the process has been painless so far. I think it was hugely beneficial that I was able to go to a smile shop in NYC to have my 3D image taken so I did not have to try and do my impressions myself since that seems to be difficult. I had my 3D scan on 5/2 and now that my aligners have shipped it has been just about a 21 day process which seems pretty expedited to me. I will touch base once I receive the package. Hoping everything fits and is intact!

Week 1 with Aligners

I received my aligners almost a week ago. They sent me the first month's worth as well as Glo Whitening. I was under the impression that I would receive all aligners at once since I paid in full, but apparently not, which is fine with me as they may be hard to keep track of.

I definitely had some tightness the first few days which is a good sign, means they are working. Definitely needed to use the outie tool the first day to get them out since they were so tight but now on Day 6 they feel nice and comfortable. They do seem to get dirty easily so brushing after each meal is definitely important - even though it can get annoying.

So far - all good! I am excited to switch out my aligners for new ones tomorrow, interested to see how tight they will be

On Tray Three

On tray three and things are going well. My plan is 4 months, 3 trays per month, first two stay in for a week each, and then the third tray of the month stays in for 2 weeks. This is my first 2 week long tray and I find it is thicker than the firs two, probably to force more movement and hold everything in place.
I received another shipment of my 'Month 2' trays and I am tempted to switch to those but I am using my willpower to finish the two week period of tray 3, month 1.
While reading other reviews I saw the difficulties people had with the molds - luckily, I was in the NYC area and was able to get the 3D scan from their office space so I did not have to deal with the molds, so my process moved along very quickly. I highly highly recommend going to one of their locations if at all possible to get the 3D scan. It gave an incredibly accurate replica and all of my aligners have fit incredibly well.
NYC Smile Shop

The 'smile shop' is in a WeWork office. I showed up and they took me right on time and I was done in 25 minutes. The 3D scan is non invasive and incredible efficient. You see the scan of your teeth forming right on the screen - it was quite impressive.

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