Small 49 Year Old Woman Unhappy with Changing Body and Small Bulges / Liposuction Abdomen&flank - New York, NY

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So far so good - 2 weeks today! I'm feeling fine....

So far so good - 2 weeks today! I'm feeling fine. I never needed any pain pills besides a regular tylenol. I found the hardest part was/is wearing the garment. It is tight and annoying. But I'm doing it. The results seem good. I just wanted to fit nicely in my cloths which were starting to pinch me despite my static weight and exercising efforts. I'm 5 feet 1 and 105 pounds. I started to notice a small inner tube around my midsection. I went to 5 plastic surgeons for consults and came back with 2 votes for tummy tuck, 2 for smart lipo and one for traditional lipo. I wasn't having a tummy tuck - I knew that - I'm too small, and it is too much for me to undergo given my life and my needs (I don't think I really needed at TT) Anyway, I ended up with traditional lipo because of all the reviews that I've read comparing the methods as well as my final docs recommendations.

Dr. Swift was very thorough and honest and I...

Dr. Swift was very thorough and honest and I believe gave me the best advice procedure wise. I had choices to make regarding which kind of lipo - or a tummy tuck. Dr. Swift was thorough and responsive in his manner and advice. I also felt (feel) very comfortable with the office manager Stefanie. I'm very happy with the outcome so far (2 weeks).
Photos are already on another general review that I did.

3 weeks

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