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I had surgery done on the July 19th 2011 with Dr....

I had surgery done on the July 19th 2011 with Dr. Sam Rizk because I suffered from puffy bags under my eyes which always made me look tired and older (not a good look for a 23 year old)and had a open rhinoplasty to remove the hump off my nose, slightly lift the tip, and narrow the tip of my nose since its very bulbous.

But coming out of surgery idk how I feel about it yet I feel like my nose is still too big for my face then again its too soon to tell, I haven't even had my cast off yet I might just be paranoid lol. Hopefully my nose will go down and get smaller and my eyes even out since I feel like one eye is a little bit more hollow then the other one but like I said its only been a week since surgery so we'll see how it goes.

-Ill keep you guys posted my on recovery and upload post-op pics soon

-I Finally got my cast off and so far I loveeee my...

-I Finally got my cast off and so far I loveeee my new nose its much much better than what it was before. He lifted the tip and shorten my profile slightly and narrowed my nose (since it was too bulbous). My nose is however very swollen especially at the tip so Ill have to wait the next few months before I can determine its final shape but so far so good and for my nose to look even better according to him once the swelling starts to go down well I can't wait. He had to give me a kenalog shot on my tip since I have very thick oily skin to minimize scarring on my nose so it can shrink over time to its new frame.

-As for my lower lids I talked to him about my concern ( my right lower lid is a little bit more hollow then the left one) on my lower lids been slightly uneven but he said thats normal, with any surgery one will find imperfections here and there at the beginning but give it time and it will even out. I hope he's right because it's bothering me. How long should I wait before I should start seeing a difference of my lower lids evening out? what should I do in the meantime? should I ice my left one only so it can even out with the right one? etc.

-I'm going back in 6 weeks for a 2nd follow up appointment

-So far it has been 10 days since my surgery and...

-So far it has been 10 days since my surgery and I'm doing well. When I was changing the tape on my nose I noticed that the swelling on my nose is slowly but surely going down giving it a nice refined look, I'm very pleased on how my nose is processing.

- As for my lower lid blepharoplasty I haven't seen any changes yet which is frustrating me. I've been using the wrong term, my one eye isn't more hollow but instead meant to say is that I feel there's a small indent on the side of my lower lid towards my inner corner of my eye next to my nose. While the other lower lid looks nice and evened out. I'm getting worried he might have taken a little too much fat from one eye compared to the other. But well see how it goes. I just really want both my lids to match up and even out

-It's been 17 days since my surgery and so far...

-It's been 17 days since my surgery and so far the swelling is continuing to go down. For the past 5 to 6 days I was beginning to get depressed because I felt like my tip was becoming a little crooked and couldn't understand why so Ive been doing research and even called the office to ask about it, what I should do and they said I was most likely experiencing uneven swelling which is normal so to give it time and it would eventually even out. Thank god the secretary was right because just until yesterday when I was changing the taping again on my nose I noticed it was looking more evened out. Apparently my nose is going through a weird swelling/healing phase lol.

-As for my lower eyelids they seem to be evening out a little bit although its not 100% there yet.

Its been 4 weeks since my rhinoplasty and I'm...

Its been 4 weeks since my rhinoplasty and I'm having mixed feeling about the results. I feel like my nose is asymmetrical but hopefully its due to the swelling and nothing serious like a shifted bone, etc. Sometimes my nose looks more evened out and other days it looks very uneven and very swollen to me making me feel so depressed.

-Good news is that my lower lids is looking pretty good and has come a long way. Although there not 100% even it looks really good. The left eye (your right) is just a tiny bit more swollen than the right eye (your left) thats all.

-It's been 7 weeks since my surgeries and for my...

-It's been 7 weeks since my surgeries and for my lower lid bleparoplasty so far I'm pretty happy with the results I'm obtaining as time goes by. I look younger and well rested and love how my eye makeup looks amazing now that the bags are gone. There's still a tiny tiny bit of unevenness still (one lower lid is a little bit more fuller than the other one) but the difference is so minimum that it doesn't really bother me I'm just happy it looks way way better than it did at 2-3 weeks post surgery, and I still have more time left to heal.

-As for my rhinoplasty I have my pros and cons. I like how my nose is generally smaller so far compared to before surgery, how my hump is gone and how my tip was slightly lifted. But what i dislike is my frontal view. I feel like my nose looks kind of crooked but idk if its uneven swelling occurring, my thick oily skin trying to readjust itself onto my new nose frame or something more serious like a collapsed piece of cartilage or shifted bone. One side of my nose feels and looks even, smooth and straight while the other side feels and looks uneven and bumpy. The weird/off side to better explain in details on my top right side of the bridge a small hard bump appeared 2 and a half weeks/3 weeks post surgery and hasn't gone away since, not sure what it is. Going down my side of the bridge, half way there's a small dent that appeared and been there for the last several weeks. With the bump and dent this is making my tip appear as if its shifting a little bit to the side instead of staying straight in the middle. My appointment was suppose to be today for my second follow up (finally!!) to get my second round of kenalog shots, check to see if my nose is ok, tell him my concerns and see what he thinks but I got a freaking flat tire in the rain on my way to his office in the city -.-. So I had to reschedule and the soonest date I could get was for the 26th of September arghhh so annoying, I did tell the secretary to please put me on the waiting list in case someone cancels there appointment so I can come in sooner I really want him to check my nose and make sure its ok.

-Hi everyone it's been about 3 months since I've...

-Hi everyone it's been about 3 months since I've had surgery and I still love how my lower eyelids came out. Really have no complaints about it. Still looking younger and well rested. And love how beautiful my eyes look with no bags when I wear makeup

-As for my nose I'm still not happy with it. I have pros and cons about it. I like that it's general smaller from what it use to be and that my hump is gone thank god because I have a dent on the right side (your left) of my nose. This is driving me crazy; because of this dent it's making the front view of my nose look uneven. At the moment the only way my nose looks decent is when I do makeup conturing on my nose to make it appear even. When I went to the doctor several weeks ago for my second follow up appointment he gave me a second round of kenalog shots on my nose to help with the swelling and squeezed my nose really hard (he said it was to push out the swelling). I wish he would of just done the shots and not of squeezed my nose so hard because I think the dent got worse. Anyways I have a third follow up appointment in November so well see how it goes and this time I'll make sure he doesn't squeeze my nose again. If this dent doesn't go away in a year I guess I have to get a minor revision done to even both sides of my nose out. I'll post pics up this week

In the last update I made I did a typo. On the...

In the last update I made I did a typo. On the second line of the second paragraph where I started at (my hump is gone thank god because I have a dent on the right side (your left) of my nose) I meant to write but i have a dent on the right side not because I have a dent on the right side. Hope when you guys read my update that makes more sense lol

-Its been 4 months since surgery and so far I like...

-Its been 4 months since surgery and so far I like how the bags under my eyes are gone, sure I still have dark circles but thats ok its something I had my whole life and wasn't expecting surgery to make that go away just only the bags. At least when i put a little makeup on my eyes they look perfect

-As for my nose I'm not 100% happy with it at the moment. I love the side profile because my hump is gone but dislike the front profile because to me its uneven. Its harder to document in picture but when you see it in person its more noticeable unless I do makeup contouring. I seem to have more fullness on one side of my nose while on the other side I seem to have a depression which to me idk how its gonna even out on its own without a revision. But I still have 8 months to go in recovery before I can give my final opinion and make a decision. My tip seem big like a little ball but I know that it takes a year for the swelling to go down so I'm not concerned about that only the unevenness of the sides of my nose.

Hi everyone it's being a year and 3 months since...

Hi everyone it's being a year and 3 months since my rhinoplasty and I can honestly say I have no regrets. Not going to lie the first 6 months I hated the way my nose looked. But the doctor was right it really does take time for your nose to heal and to see changes. Thank god the change and healing was for the better. So far my nose has gotten slimmer especially the tip and the sides of my nose has even out greatly unlike the first 6 months when it was fat and uneven. I'll post new pics later this week so u guys can see the difference :)

P.s. no complains about my under eyes either. The bags I once had r still gone woohoo.
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Took a year but I finally like my nose haha. Doctor said I still have a little more healing left to do since I have thick oily skin and had an open rhinoplasty

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