Regular Microneedling with Subcision or Infini (Again)? Unsure How to Proceed. Advice?

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Hello, I am scheduled for a consultation with Dr....

Hello, I am scheduled for a consultation with Dr. Novick and a possible procedure for my acne scars. I am thinking about doing microneedling with him and possibly subcision, but I haven't had my in-person consultation yet. I did one Infini procedure back in January with another doctor in NJ. This picture is in March after my first procedure. I have seen slight improvements since then. Overall, I'd say that the Infini procedure has improved my scars gradually and slightly, but they are still very prominent and noticeable, especially because I have a small, thin face, and high cheekbones. The scars are mainly on my cheeks, undercutting my cheekbones. When I saw the first doctor for a follow-up, he recommended proceeding with subcision and microneedling with PRP. Another dermatologist I saw in Philly has recommended another Infini. I am seeing Dr. Novick for a third opinion. I am unsure how to proceed. I'm not worried about cost, just want the procedure that will make my scars the most invisible!! What should I do?
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

I meet this doctor on November 4th and am greatly looking forward to hearing what he recommends for me!

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