4'11, 27Yrs, 135 Pounds. No Kids/ Fashion Designer

Hello, Hope all is well. I'm located in NYC and...

Hope all is well.

I'm located in NYC and I'm looking to get my breast done. I have no clue on where to go. I have been doing my research. I would like to get Saline Implants under the Muscle. What I need help with is shape & CCs. Is 350cc or 400cc to big for my frame ???

Please Help !
Again, I'm 4'11 in height, 135 pounds & I'm currently a 32A/34B (small- think lemons) !! No Kids & a Fashion Designer.

Thank you

Consultation Help !!!

I had my Consultation at Doctors Plastic Surgrey with Robert Tornambe M.D & it went great ! What I need help on deciding is My Size (In the photo I have on 400cc) Should i go bigger ? I've also been confused on High Profile, or Mod +?

My Stats: 4'11, 140 Pounds, No Kids (Current Size 34A or Less!)

**Im looking to get Saline Implants Under the Muscle! **

*Please have a look at my photos & leave your comments & or thoughts !!!!

WISH BOOBS !! (Shapes & Sizes)

I look at these photos almost 3 times a week & I'm in LOVE !!! The shapes are amazing & the sizes are on point !! I can't wait to get my B/A !!
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