4'11, 27Yrs, 135 Pounds. No Kids/ Fashion Designer

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Hello, Hope all is well. I'm located in NYC and...

Hope all is well.

I'm located in NYC and I'm looking to get my breast done. I have no clue on where to go. I have been doing my research. I would like to get Saline Implants under the Muscle. What I need help with is shape & CCs. Is 350cc or 400cc to big for my frame ???

Please Help !
Again, I'm 4'11 in height, 135 pounds & I'm currently a 32A/34B (small- think lemons) !! No Kids & a Fashion Designer.

Thank you

Consultation Help !!!

I had my Consultation at Doctors Plastic Surgrey with Robert Tornambe M.D & it went great ! What I need help on deciding is My Size (In the photo I have on 400cc) Should i go bigger ? I've also been confused on High Profile, or Mod +?

My Stats: 4'11, 140 Pounds, No Kids (Current Size 34A or Less!)

**Im looking to get Saline Implants Under the Muscle! **

*Please have a look at my photos & leave your comments & or thoughts !!!!

WISH BOOBS !! (Shapes & Sizes)

I look at these photos almost 3 times a week & I'm in LOVE !!! The shapes are amazing & the sizes are on point !! I can't wait to get my B/A !!

I'm confused !!! Help !!

At my Consultation I tried on the 400cc sizer which was great! The doctor also brought out 450 500 & 550 but at the moment I was loving the size I had on 400, but When I got home and did more research I was told you loose 50 to 100cc when you go under the Muscle ! I'm also 4'11 or 5Feet at 145pounds (Curvy) which had me thinking .......a friend of mine is 4'9 at 110 pounds who got 420 (I'm bigger then her) so why would I get less then her!!!

Now I'm thinking of getting 450 to 500cc (yes, I'm getting Saline) Can someone with my same or close to stats help me decide on what to get ?????

**I will also included my "FINAL" wish boobs !! I love the size and the shapes !!!

Thank you

2nd Consultation!! It's a Go !!

This past week I went in for my 2nd Consultation at Doctors Plastic Surgery! I needed to make another trip because I decided to pay the deposit ! Which is only 1,000.

The people there are always professional, nice, always with a smile on there face! Less then 5min I was called in to see my B/A coordinator (love her!) She's honest and so sweet!! I told her I was paying the deposit but that I always wanted to try on some sizes because I was still unsure since my 1st consultation!

I tried on 450, they were great! Next I tried on 475 and there really wasn't any difference, so I decided to go with 500cc (I might even push it to 515 520, but won't make any decision until the day of surgery!!)

So after trying on the sizers, I payed the $1,000 in cash , I also put down another 1,000 (2,000) in total which means I would only owe 1,900 which is pretty damn great !!! (Saline Implants are $3,900)

(Won't know what time of surgery until 2 weeks before the date!)

*Questions or Thoughts ??

My NEW WISH BOOBS !! ????????????????

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